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Posted in: Supreme Court rules gov't liable for asbestos poisoning See in context

I lost my grandpa due to asbestos and my grandma got nothing at all from the govt. This was back in the early 90's and there wasn't that much proof that asbestos had some pretty bad long term affects for construction workers. My old man and uncles also has some minor issues... not much we can do honestly.

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Posted in: M5.6 quake jolts Kanto region; no tsunami alert See in context

A long shake there, but everyone at the office just kept working like it was a breeze of wind. Nothing really to make you get up and leave the office.

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Posted in: Interpol seeks clues to Thai 'baby factory' See in context

On a positive side... he would help out with the population.

He really does have the money required to fund that small army...

A bit creepy IMO

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Posted in: Aides try to temper Abe's security agenda as popularity declines See in context

Abe also invokes Japan’s ancient traditions as a rationale for his economic policies - using a fuzzy concept known as “Mizuho no Kuni Capitalism”.

The phrase, which translates as “Capitalism in a Land of Abundant Rice”, harks back to Japan’s traditional rice farming culture. It seeks to differentiate that cooperative approach from what is viewed as Western profit-grabbing greed.

Really? That's great to hear... so when are tariffs on rice and other agriculture products going to be lifted then? Because those insanely high tariffs are looking a little bit like something those Western profit-grabbers would do...

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Posted in: Train groper escapes along tracks at Ebisu station in Tokyo See in context

Nice source there jumpultimatestars!

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Posted in: Teen murder suspect committed 'unforgivable' act, says father See in context

"The paper said the girl’s mother died of cancer last year, and she began living on her own after her father remarried about three months ago.

She had only attended class a handful of times since then, the Yomiuri said.

Violent crime is still relatively rare in Japan, but several high-profile cases involving young people have heightened public concern."

There is much more to this story than will be told, this girl has had a rough life... The dad pretty much threw her to the curb.

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Posted in: Supreme Court rules DNA test results cannot revoke paternal status of child's father See in context

Daniel Neagari,

I get you points, but for the father whose wife CHEATED ON HIM and had kids... you don't think that is a good enough reason to revoke your paternal rights? He was mislead and lied to.

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Posted in: ANA pilot posts insulting remarks on JAL Facebook page See in context

He posted on the JAL FaceBook page (using his FB account obviously), which makes it look like he is trash talking his competitor. But by all means he is right... JAL is enjoying a bailout, so they should stop complaining.

If he would have said it on his time line, or if someone that wasn't in the flight industry did the same thing, it wouldn't make the news.

No he shouldn't be punished... how couls they punish him BTW?

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Posted in: Japan urges compromise with U.S. to spur TPP trade pact See in context

Just add the same tariff for automobiles as they do with agriculture. Fair deal then.

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Posted in: Health ministry reviews pension system See in context

It is a Ponzi scheme branded by the government... it will fail with the population decrease.

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Posted in: Racist in the West, cool in Japan See in context

Here come the PC police... sound the horns!

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Posted in: Toke gesture See in context

A lot safer than alcohol... And yes, let a guy that is stressed and thinking about suicide smoke a bit, it will help with their problems.

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Posted in: Kinki University to change pervy English name See in context

Farmboy, ""I'm Kinki born and Kinki bred, and I'll be Kinki til I'm dead."

Epic my man... epic.

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Posted in: Kanagawa policewomen get tips on manners, makeup See in context

How about more training on how to do their job? No, lets focus on makeup and conversation skills... lets get out of the 50's Japan.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for murdering grandparents See in context

stabby saitama summer is almost in session...

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Posted in: Google overtakes Apple as world's top brand: survey See in context

@LostinNagoya... no, you are comparing a mini cooper to a Bentley. You don't see Bentley owners envying a tiny, little thing that looks like a block and only does a fraction of what it can do ;P

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Posted in: Abe says Japan will stick to peaceful path but security policy must change See in context


Not for quite a long time. With Japan provoking China as much as they are, America is required to step up to the plate for Japan should China do anything funny. Even though Japan has a pretty good Navy and Air Force, they still lack real experience and they still have much to learn.

The govt knows that their military still isn't up to par with their neighbors and the US getting out of Japan would not be the best move to do right now. Maybe 10 years from now when the Japanese soldiers are squared away, the US can withdrawal. But Abe would still need to amend the constitution to even get this in motion.

Basically, if the Japanese people want the US soldiers out of Japan, they would have to let Abe amend the constitution to allow an "offensive" military, get the Japanese soldiers primed and ready to go, then make a very expensive deal to get US soldiers out of Japan.

I would like to see numbers on how many people DO NOT approve of the constitution amendment AND who want the US soldiers to leave. Most likely, it will be majority favor for US soldiers to leave AND for no changes to the constitution... which is opposite of what it should be for change to be made.

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Posted in: Weak exports, not tax hike, could stall Japan's recovery See in context

Printing money was not the way to go...

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Posted in: Nintendo says no to virtual equality in life game See in context

Come on Nintendo... should be pretty obvious now that you have to be open and fair to the LGBT community. I am quite sure this was discussed during the development.


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Posted in: Tax hike takes toll on auto sales See in context

@ JeffLee... If by stimulus you mean print more money... no, hell no. They just need to let companies fail and others to come in and pick up the work. Too many zombie companies and not enough aggressive business. When things start to fail, mentalities will change and other innovative companies will pick up the slack.

There are other ways to make the best out of tax money that are much more productive than raising consumption tax... but politicians wont take these avenues. Same for other major countries (read USA) who don't do things a$$ backwards.

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Posted in: Osaka court clears nightclub owner of violating dancing regulations See in context

@Zushirezi: Spot on. quite silly how the Uyoku can roll down the street with loud speakers, natsu matsuri goes on for most of the night with people boozing and doing cultural dances, but on the beach you cant have a small radio and you cant have designated places for loud musing and dancing (AKA clubs).

I worked in the club scene for quite a while and it sucks having to tell people not to dance... When people dance and listen to music... it is sort of natural to dance. The funny thing is, it is mostly the Japanese patrons who do all the dancing. Not a bad thing at all!!!! Everyone needs to let loose and have a good time.

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Posted in: Akie Abe joins gay parade See in context

"sexual minorities"... a bit non-PC right? It should be, "the LGBT Community".

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Posted in: Visitors flock to China memorial to Japanese official's assassin See in context

Well... they still visit Yasukuni shrine. Eye for an eye I would say... but still not good to have a memorial for an assassin. Wouldn't taking the high road be better?

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Posted in: Ministry says it's OK for 'baby cars' to hog space on public transport See in context

They should be doing more to help the moms with this rather than complain about it... all the old guys sleeping in the silver seats... pointless.

Some moms however, have a 3 or 4 year old in a stroller when they should be walking by that time. That or when a group of moms get on the train and just talk when their kids are screaming their heads off. I know kids can get out of control, as do my sons, but it is the parents responsibility to try to calm them down.

About he strollers from overseas... deal with it. So much more convenient than a dinky little stroller that has no elbow room for the kid. If that lil tot isn't comfortable, they scream and cry.

Stuff like this really shows how difficult it is to raise and have kids in Japan. Not to mention, people complaining about how loud the daycare centers are... ya... kids are loud cause they are having fun, let them!

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan hold rare 'comfort women' talks See in context

spot on sooner41.

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Posted in: Japan's population shrinks as elderly make up 25% See in context

That's fantastic. Japan alone could bail out any bankrupt entity in the entire world using such proposed practices.

What could possibly go wrong?

@fxgai, I love the sarcasm! Lets just print money and feel happy! Let the common Tanaka print money too, all will be paid for and we call can blow it on pachinko and LV bags.

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Posted in: Only 1 in 7 Japanese scientists are women: study See in context

@combinibento, spot on... plus a few extra jobs that @bilderberg_2015 and @bfg4987 mentioned.

@mataka, LOL. But she did say that she hopes there is room for an inexperienced scientist like herself in one of the previous JT articles... but for now. She best get back in some field and learn that copy and pasting doesn't work that well in foreign studies (and in Japan for the most part...).

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Posted in: Study: Samsung phone durable, but iPhone has edge See in context

Android (regardless of brand) > iPhone Rather than going of "fancy cases" and "good materials" in the iPhone... what can it do that an Android can't? If you mention the quality of a function, back it up with some facts.

Seriously, make a list and don't mention how pretty it is or any ifanboy stuffs. Short list it will be... if you can even list something.

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Posted in: Samsung looks to life beyond the smartphone See in context

SamuraiBlueAPR. 14, 2014 - 10:07AM JST So Samsung is in search of something that they can copycat again. LoL

you mean that out of date iPhone right? Samsung phones are so much more better than an iphone... start listing what is better vs a Samsung phone. Hint, it will be a very short list.

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Posted in: Yamaguchi-gumi launches website with song, anti-drugs message See in context

The same guys that are the main line to getting drugs in Japan are going against it... smart PR move.

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