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iPhone4wht32gb comments

Posted in: $6.1 mil awarded to Tennessee man in Japan child custody battle See in context

Whether the mother POISON "their kids" or not, she has a $6.1 price tag she gotta worry about. The bottom-line here is that the kids will suffer the most, unfortunately! And I agree with the other comments suggesting that JAPAN has got to do something about this international treaty about joint custody of such issues.

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Posted in: Look at me See in context


All of the above! And E. Future AV star?

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri signs with Avex, promises to change attitude See in context

That hair make her look like she just got out of bed, lol!!!

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Posted in: Osaka couple arrested for suffocating 3-year-old boy in garbage bag See in context

They both should be punished the way they killed this boy!!!

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Posted in: Concerts by Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda postponed or canceled See in context

Agree with the idea that both of these "so-called" performers should give a free concert or give the proceeds to the EARTHQUAKE/TSUNAMI/RADIATION victims.

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Posted in: 23-yr-old student held for allegedly molesting 4-yr-old girl in Shiga games arcade See in context

I say 2-years in jail and another 2-years supervised probation should be appropriate for the crime he did!

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Posted in: Aya Ueto, EXILE leader Hiro try to dodge press See in context

AAAaaaahhhhh....it's amazing how money & fame can buy LOVE!!! I'm sure at 14, she was probably brainwashed since!

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Posted in: A global goodbye for Hikaru Utada See in context

I'm proud of her realizing what she's been missing as an individual to live an ordinary life. Getting fame early at 15 or 16, everything just happened too much too fast for her. Then got married young and divorced which I think she did it to boost her career. When she says DONE, she should stay done unless this is just a PUBLICITY STUNT?

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Posted in: Japanese website reader app Rikai Browser comes to iPhone See in context

Yes, the iPad version is free. But I need it for my iPhone too :)

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Posted in: Woman held for abandoning baby in toilet in Tokyo apartment block See in context

This woman need to be punished the same way she killed her son, PERIOD!!!

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Posted in: Multitasking, wireless printing come to iPad See in context

Woww this is great!!! Wanna update now but don't wanna loose the jailbreak on my iPhone 4 :( Has anyone tried updating their iPad yet and still able to use any GSM SIM? someone tell it's for my iPad 3G + wi-fi

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Posted in: Blue Shinjuku See in context


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Posted in: 'Harry Potter' casts big spell at global box office See in context

Me too, but I think I'll consider watching the FINALE IN 3D!

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Posted in: Docomo to begin selling Samsung GALAXY Tab on Nov 26 See in context

I've tested it by sorry I still like and keep my iPad much much better!

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Posted in: Once-mighty MySpace deepens Facebook integration See in context

Murdoch with all the money he has, I would spend anything to be as good as Facebook.

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Posted in: Yukina Kinoshita dispenses marriage advice See in context

"When u fight, the man should apologize"

Why should I apologize to her if it's her fault? And girls seem to think it's their way or no way, and we guys just sometimes stupid enough to fall for the CRYINGS :(:(:( well, not me!!! It is very obvious this girl is very "22" years young to make such marriage advise! I've been dating my girl (she's Japanese) for almost a year and when we fight or argue(quite often lately) I'll never say sorry to her first unless it's my fault. Japanese girls seems lack of MATURITY even when they're almost 30.

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