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Posted in: BTS rekindle debate about military service in South Korea See in context

"BTS has done a job that would take more than 1,000 diplomats to do," he said.

I don't know why, but that sounds pretty sad to me.

But either way, I think it would be better for them to all serve their 2 years together, would be a great show of love to their country.

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Posted in: App developed to automatically delete children's nude selfies See in context

I mean, yeah it's an idea but there are already workarounds for pretty much every parental monitoring app out there (Google Family link is still pretty good).

Also, if you take a picture through an app (twitter, line, etc.) you can share it pretty much instantly.

They have commercials, tv spots and even citywide PA announcements about people scamming the elderly. Why not actually shine some light on the dangers instead.

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Posted in: F1 labels Piquet's racist language toward Hamilton 'unacceptable' See in context

 seems like hes using derogatory terms for darker skin individuals

LOL, you know I was thinking the same thing.

Wow. A word in a language Lewis doesn't speak, used in a podcast, with no attempt to understand from a culture perspective, is deemed racist…

Sooo, it's not a racist comment because it's in a different language?

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Posted in: Afghanistan earthquake kills at least 1,000 See in context

Desert Tortoise,

Yeah, but very different region and the depth was only 6-10km. The Tohoku quake was 8.9m but like 30km deep. Also the building pictured above probably doesn't have the same building codes as Japan.

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Posted in: Osaka court rules same-sex marriage ban not unconstitutional See in context

I really don't like the "everyone" should be able to marry who they love thinking.

30yo man and 15yo girl are in love - let'em marry!

Woman loves 2 men - 2 for 1 discount marriage package!

While I support the ban, NO ONE (supporters or not) has offered ANY kind of compromise.

For example, A legal certificate with could deal with legal and medical issues between them.

I just think that there are too many things in "traditional" marriage that same-sex couples are just not fit for.

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Posted in: U.S. naval officer in Japan faces prison over deadly crash See in context

While this is a tragic accident, the man passed out with his wife and kids in the car, basically it was a medical emergency or they just like to run people over as a family. Also after a 1.6 million dollar "restitution" his sentenced should have been suspended.

He later testified to feeling sudden mountain sickness — a finding supported by a neurologist's June 2021 diagnosis — but the judge said such a sensation should have abated as Alkonis drove down the mountain.

Didn't know judges knew more than neurologists.

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Posted in: Game over for English tech jargon as France overhauls rules See in context

Wonder if they call a Bic Mac "Gros Mec"

French slang for Big pimp

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Posted in: Dancing 'old heart-throbs' become TikTok sensation in Japan See in context

his old primary school has closed due to lack of demand.

A local shopping mall has also disappeared

some annual festivals are no longer held in the town.

Hard pass, but have fun fellas.

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Posted in: Proud Marvel super fan, Iman Vellani, stars in 'Ms. Marvel' See in context

Man, Marvel really did finish with "Endgame".

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Posted in: Google urged to stop location tracking to protect privacy of abortion seekers See in context

So we need to protect the abortion seekers and not the lost innocent lives. I see.

Left-wing prosecutors who swear to uphold the laws of the state wouldn't prosecute women breaking the law?

Gave absolutely zero thought to rape and incest victims huh?

Oh, and they'll probably need government assistance too right?

Then the "MY TAX DOLLARS" rants.

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Posted in: Why isn’t Japan as tech savvy as it should be? See in context

People I talk to back home always say things like "You're living in the year 3000 over there" it makes me laugh looking at the average Japanese homepage, the sounds of the 2 fax machines in the office, 1GB Wi-Fi but no hardware in the PCs that support it. Practical thinking and application are just not in the cards here, and any suggestions that go up the ladder ends with an oyaji with a flip phone and a pager or something. I think a lot (ton) of it comes from them being spoon fed what to do, say, study for most of their lives. Haven't really had any chance to stretch those brain muscles.

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Posted in: Fred Savage dropped from 'The Wonder Years' amid allegations See in context

And the black washing continues.

Continues? What are the other examples.

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Posted in: Should you watch end credits at the movies? Japanese celebrity’s comments spark fierce debate See in context

 Plus, the bloopers & gag reels with the other ‘actors’ in his ‘road’ comedies were always fun to watch. 

Yeah, I stay for those bloopers that are playing while the credits are rolling on the other side.

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Posted in: Tokyo cancels Sumida River fireworks festival for 3rd straight year See in context

Work schedules, exams, due-date on taxes, rents, and bills are never canceled, for most any reason.

Probably cause those things actually matter.

Also, if anyone who hasn't actually been to those fireworks, just google some pictures.

FFS, bars are open, events are taking place, basically life is normal.

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Posted in: Tokyo's historic Nakagin Capsule Tower to be demolished See in context

Ego Sum Lux Mundi

I thought it was an unsightly stack of used air-conditioning units at first glance.

lol, Now I can't un-see that.

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Posted in: Biden says he remains focused on Pacific See in context

From my room I can smell the fear and envy that the US has for China..

Id recommend you crack a window or 2, pretty warm today.

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Posted in: World Cup-bound Japan end on flat note with Vietnam draw See in context

I was more surprised that Japan had 73% time of possession, 24 shots and Vietnam only 1. Still wound up a draw.

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Posted in: Tokyo's historic Nakagin Capsule Tower to be demolished See in context

Don't know why but I got a Godzilla/Ultraman movie vibe from this picture.

Would be nice if they replace it with something interesting.

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Posted in: Biden says remark on Putin's power was about 'moral outrage' See in context


Maybe what Biden said wasn't the smartest thing to say, but it wasn't that bad. All Biden said was that Putin must go because he's a war criminal. Both which almost every non-Russian agrees on. What's the big deal?

There isn't one. Apparently some posters on here think that not calling Putin a genius or savvy will "escalate the tensions".

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Posted in: Japan to spend ¥1.45 tril on 4th vaccine shots, other anti-virus measures See in context

The details, including whether to actually administer the additional booster shots and who would be eligible, will be determined later.

Fourth doses of COVID-19 vaccines are recommended in Israel and Britain, with recipients limited to medical staff and individuals at high risk of developing severe symptoms.

I remember way back in the day when people would actually read, good times.

See 4th and just lose it.

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Posted in: Period poverty lowers quality of life; women in 20s hit harder: study See in context

The survey found that period poverty causes emotional stress and forces those facing the situation to make sacrifices in their daily lives.

There is the problem.

Did a google search (have no idea of the cost) for tampons ¥800~¥1,000 for a pack of 32.

If I skipped a ¥100 yen a day I'd save about ¥2000 a month.

However, I do think that these items should be given freely at schools for girls whose families are having a rough time.

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Posted in: Biden to announce new Russia sanctions while in Brussels See in context

Why haven’t we already sanctioned Russia to the maximum before the invasion happened?

So now your saying we should have sanctioned Russia before the invasion that you said was never going to happen?

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Posted in: 'Stop this war': Arnold Schwarzenegger to Putin See in context

I am no fan of Putin, or his decision to invade the Ukraine. However, many of those supporting Ukraine are those - including Arnie - who supported lockdowns, loss of civil liberties, and "stay-home" policies. That in itself is a bit of a worry

It's almost like he has different opinions on totally different situations.

I have a lot of respect for Arnold

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Posted in: Black hair, white shoelaces: Japan's school rules under fire See in context

I knew i'd get downvoted. It seems like this site has lot of angry gaijins who don't like the system of Japan yet still lives in Japan.

There are things I don't like about my hometown, I voice those opinions too.

If you really look at it, there are a lot of problems with the school system in Japan in general.

As far as the actual uniforms, yeah the rules for the clothes should be followed. As far as hairstyles, as long as it's not cut all funky, covering their eyes or dragging on the ground leave it be.

A little common sense would pretty much clear up all of these "issues".

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Posted in: Should you place miso soup on the right or the left? See in context

And what about the West with all its rules about which cutlery to use with which dish?

That may only be for the rich and fancy restaurants.

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Posted in: Biden's China 'pivot' complicated by Russia's war in Ukraine See in context

as he is being threatened by Russia.

In what way?

He has lost Afghanistan last year and he will lose Ukraine sooner later.

Didn't know Biden was at war with the Ukriane. Also Trump started the pullout of Afghanistan in 2020.

everything i read about the Ukraine situation refers to it as a "war".... surely "invasion" would be more accurate....

Well they're fighting back(pretty well actually) so "war" seems accurate also.

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Posted in: Netflix live-action 'One Piece' reveals new cast members See in context

One Piece is a pretty entertaining anime, but as with any "live action" movie I'll just wait for the trailer.

Just me (maybe only me), but I didn't hate Ghost in the Shell.

And do remember that Japan itself has the record for bad anime to live action movies. Hollywood has only done about 10.

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Posted in: Jane Campion sorry over Williams sisters 'guys' remark See in context


Thats the beautiful thing about the left. In time, they ALWAYS eat their own.

Why are all famous and talented people automatically "the left"?

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Posted in: Foreign fighters in Ukraine await weapons in chaos of war See in context

Russia lobs a few missiles and these guys run back across the border.

I thought that these were battle hardened warriors willing to die for Ukraine's freedom.

I mean, they're missiles. What were they supposed to do?

I commend people wanting to volunteer but "have never fired a weapon" & "no military training". They're more likely to other people killed.

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Posted in: Netflix pulls out big Hollywood guns for new production push See in context

To tell the truth(for me anyway) there have been more Netflix original movies the past few years that I would have liked to see in a theater than actual theatrical releases.

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