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Posted in: American man married to same-sex Japanese partner sues gov't for long-term visa See in context


You can apply for permanent after 10 years. Working visas can also be extended to 3 years.

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Posted in: Apple reveals triple-camera iPhone; $5 monthly streaming TV undercuts Disney See in context

Apple makes great quality phones, but they really cant DO antyhing. What are the features that warrent the price? (This is an actual question)

I have a Galaxy Note 8,(yeah it was expesive too 12万) but its an actual tool, I use the pen to translate text(if the font isnt crazy it works on games too), make gifs , instant note-taking , a lot of screenshot options ,Split screen, an SD card, can project my phone to a tv wirelessly, customization, widgets.

A few things I can say I'm jealous about with apple:

Updates are across the board

They release sooner, (I'll have to wait a while to even check out the Note 10)

They have a TON of accessories.

I'd really like to see what the dual camera recording is like on the 11.

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Posted in: American man married to same-sex Japanese partner sues gov't for long-term visa See in context

"If they're separated because he has to leave Japan, it's a violation of their right to have a family life. But then if his Japanese husband has to leave Japan so they can live together, it's a violation of his right as a Japanese citizen to live in Japan," Suzuki said.

This just doesn't make sense to me.

Why can't he just get and keep a job.

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Posted in: Teen bullying victim who died in apparent suicide blames school in journal See in context

The saddest thing is all that will come from this is a few more anti-bullying posters in the hallways.

Melissa Shimosato,

Your comment is (very sadly) true. 

As far as the schools, there is nothing they can really do to kids, they dont get left back a grade(because it would separate them from their peers), any other crimes their parents have to pay for. Kids are pretty much untouchable. If anyone knows anything I dont I'm all ears.

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Posted in: Samsung to launch foldable smartphone after major delay See in context

I'd like to get my hands on it and check it out(not a chance of buying it), most phone nowadays do more than people really even need but I am a sucker for new gadgets.

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Posted in: Samsung to launch foldable smartphone in September See in context


My thoughts exactly, but when that bandwagon gets to rollin'.

I'm looking forward to trying one out, just for the experience. (2k for a phone is not happening tho)

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Posted in: Marvel's next films will bring diversity, onscreen and off See in context

Ok, I admit it. Im really looking forward to Blade. I just hope it's not an origin story. Also, Black Widow should be good.

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Posted in: Passengers on Southwest flight get Nintendo Switch See in context


Gamers are getting robbed in JP. It's like a $20 difference!

but Japanese customers will pay, no questions asked. Gotta keep up with the Suzuki's....shoganai na~

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics 1 year out: Scandal, high costs but unrivaled demand See in context

For me, most (maybe all) of the events I want to see are better suited to watch on TV. No time lag this time around. Wouldn't want to out in the crowds in Japanese summer anyway. Will probably be heading out to the bars in the evenings tho, should be a great time.

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Posted in: Japan hopes Trump-Kim meeting spurs nuclear, abduction talks See in context

Hoping Trump will do something for you? Good luck with that.

But certain people's sheer hatred for Trump will utterly prevent them from objectively recognizing that reality.

"Certain" makes it sound like a few people, more like 80~90% of the world.

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Posted in: Trump launches re-election campaign, presenting himself as outsider and victim See in context


I absolutely love how Trump ignores stupid questions.

You know the question was basically "Did you read the report that you are making false statements about?"

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Posted in: Trump launches re-election campaign, presenting himself as outsider and victim See in context

I just don't really understand how anyone person with at least a fraction of common sense could be a Trump supporter. There's really no need to list all the things wrong with HIM. If you can watch any interview he has done and feel proud, I

 As far as parties go, America is leaning to one side or the other waaaay to much. There are republicans and democrats who actually care about America. But it's more "interesting" to just negate the other side's proposals because they're on the blue or red team. And this donkey has been feuling that dumpster fire for way too long.

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Posted in: England and Japan to meet in rematch of 2015 Women's World Cup semifinal See in context

I cant really call myself a soccer fan, but World Cup always puts me on the couch. Too bad the match times are so late(super early). The Japan England game is at 04:00.

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Posted in: 'Avengers' dominates MTV awards as Larsen honors stunt doubles See in context

The MTV Movie and TV Awards are voted by the general public

That's one thing I do like about them, just regular people's votes.

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Posted in: YouTuber gets 2 years in jail for assaulting, confining wife See in context

If being called a baldy or stupid is gonna tick him off, it's a good thing hes not a youtuber..

Pretty sure it was finding out that it was his wife that ticked him off.

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Posted in: YouTube updates hate speech guidelines to prohibit videos See in context

Will YouTube also crack down on channels that promote black separatism?


Hate speech should be reported and taken down, uploaders banned. But with how much people whine and cry about every little comment or opinion, YouTube will be very busy. Stand up comics might have it rough.

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' comedian Ryota Yamasato marries actress Yu Aoi See in context

 “The Real World and Road Rules”

Ah man, that brought me back.

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Posted in: YouTuber gets 2 years in jail for assaulting, confining wife See in context


Your comment sounds kinda like victim blaming. Violence against people, especially women is wrong.

It's not "victim blaming. He just stated the truth.

Maybe he was doing this for a little extra pocket money and she just did it for spite, yeah he shouldnt have done what he did but you should understand how he felt.

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Posted in: Japan's #KuToo movement giving women a leg-up in the workplace See in context

Well, It's quite well-known to dress up for an interview.

I still don't get why people can't figure out how to buy/wear shoes. Dress/buisness shoes suck for everyone. but a few things from the 100 yen shop or a little DIY and I can wear business shoes all day. Also, how about changing shoes when you get near the place, like, there are other options.

As far as in the workplace, it kinda does depend on your job. Like the woman working at the funeral parlor, I would expect business shoes and heels.

But please note that "Cool Biz" was started by Japanese Ministry of the Environment in 2005. So until it's "official", find workarounds.

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Posted in: Democrats demand full Mueller report; Trump says OK with him See in context

Look, I'm not a trump fan by any means. But the investigation is done, didnt find anything criminal. Let it go.

instead of trying to get him impeached try and come up with an actual plan for Americans. I hate this back and forth with people pushing one agenda or the other. no one is actually looking out for the people. I really hope for an independant canidate who sees the best ideas from Democrats and Republicans. America is so divided right now.

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Posted in: Gay Taiwanese man granted special permission to remain in Japan See in context


I dont know how this decision is Japan "making progress". He knew it was illegal and since 1993.


I was thinking the same thing, I wonder why she can't find work?

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Posted in: Japan urged to stop requiring transgender sterilization See in context

The word sterilization  does make it sound harsh, but if I'm reading it right. "I you want to be called a woman, you shouldn't have a penis" kinda makes sense to me.

Bugle Boy,

Gender is not a fashion accessory.

I agree and it is causing social problems too, sports, locker rooms and restrooms.

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Posted in: High-heel requirement for Japanese women at work sparks online movement See in context

Even as a man, I hate leather business shoes. But a few items from the 100 yen shop and, problem solved. A little thinking can save a lot of pain.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs plan to legally ban parents from physically punishing children See in context


Your post reflects your name, made me smile and feel kinda old at the same time lol.

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Posted in: Apple refreshes iPad lineup, with larger entry-level model See in context

I cant lie, I usually check out the ipads when I hit up the Electronics stores out here. the screens look great and there seem to be (never really played with IOS in depth) a few really slick apps and games that google doesn't have yet.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs plan to legally ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

Ganbare Japan,

Excellent decision by the Abe Cabinet. If you even have to raise one finger to a child, you are an abuser. No excuses.

Wow, I

I get there are people who dont spank their kids, that's fine, but people who cant tell the difference between disipline and abuse just sound crazy to me.

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Posted in: Two 12-year-old girls jump to their deaths; note hints at bullying See in context

Bullying is part of japanese culture i guess, most variety tv shows are constantly calling people stupid, creepy, fat, ugly. Some of these "talents" make their name on being talked down too. Japan will Never get to the root of a serious problem. They'll make some "no bullying" posters to hang on the school walls, pat themselves on the back and go on with their day. Sad story, R.I.P

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Posted in: Captain Marvel, a superhero with girl power to spare See in context

I haven't seen the movie yet, but the trailers really dont grab me enough to shell out 1,800 yen. To tell the truth I knew pretty much zero about who Captian Marvel was. But she'll be a major factor in one of MY must see movies this year, Endgame.

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Posted in: Japan to ban physical punishment of children by parents See in context

My question is whether you think the kids can tell the difference between which times they are being hit are the times when violence is ok, and which times it is not ok. What do you think, can they tell?

I'm trying to see this question from your point, but I cant if the level of a lil smack on the hand, head or butt to you is considered Violence.

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Posted in: Japan to ban physical punishment of children by parents See in context

And are children mentally developed enough to differentiate between what you define as violence, and them being acted towards violently, to be able to understand that violence is ok in some situations and not in others?

What? Thought we were clear what "Violence" means.

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