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Posted in: Live-action U.S.-produced Gundam movie coming to Netflix See in context

If you're deep into anime, you should probably stay away from ALL live-action movies. I have really no idea about the story or characters of Gundam, so like any movie I'll just wait for a trailer.

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Posted in: Man robbed of ¥3 mil on Nagoya street See in context

I don't know here people are getting this "you only have to deal in cash" idea. When I bought my house I transferred the down payment from one bank to the bank I got the loan from. What is weird is at the time of signing I had to go downstairs and withdraw the cash and bring it back upstairs so they could separate the fees.

There have been a few cases like this and it seems like an easily avoidable set-up (not much common sense needed) or an inside job (or he just happened to have a big ¥ mark on his bag and was sweating like a fountain)

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Posted in: Thailand reports 965 new COVID-19 cases as biggest holiday begins See in context

I had the chance to experience Songkran when I was in the NAVY. We got there on the morning of the first day with a 3 sentence briefing of the holiday. One of the best surprises ever once we got into town. By far the most fun I've ever had at a festival.

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Posted in: Will Smith slavery film 'Emancipation' ditches Georgia over voting law See in context

I am curious about how the changes in Georgia were apparently carefully calibrated so as to discriminate against certain voters. This is a CNN article that explains the changes pretty well.

Voter challenges:

The law says any Georgian can challenge the voting eligibility of an unlimited number of voters.

Bans mobile units

Fulton County, where roughly 45% of the population is African American, bought RV-sized mobile voting units to encourage early voting and reduce long lines on Election Day.

The law now bans their use.

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl dies after being hit by train See in context

Really just not a good idea to let a 6yo go out by themselves, especially if you know there are train tracks nearby.

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Posted in: Overseas Tokyo Olympic ticket holders may get only partial refunds See in context

First time I'm glad I didn't hit a lottery.

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Posted in: University in Tokyo holds entrance ceremony 1 year late due to pandemic See in context

the entrance ceremony is what activates the learning area of the brain.

Lol, Kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school and university. Someone should put some tape on that activation switch.

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Posted in: Girl sues Tokyo high school that made her drop out for breaking no-dating rule See in context

The lawsuit isn’t about the rule. How many times do people need to be told this?

Did she break some other rule then that caused the "emotional distress"?

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Posted in: Girl sues Tokyo high school that made her drop out for breaking no-dating rule See in context

"Horikoshi’s student handbook expressly prohibits students from dating" I get it, the rule is stupid. What I'm not for is her winning a lawsuit for breaking a rule she knew was in place.

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Posted in: 'Black Panther' TV series in development for Disney+ See in context

Thomas "RDJ's iteration of Ironman" lol, I think that was just RDJ being RDJ in a Ironman suit.

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Posted in: Suga asks people to hold on a little longer as he extends state of emergency See in context

Monty, can you please stop with the "Fear mongering" posts? are there a lot of deaths?: No Are people getting sick?: Yes Can sick people work?: No Can sick people make others sick?: Yes Not fear, logic

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Posted in: Google threatens to make its search engine unavailable in Australia See in context

Well now I know about Duck Duck Go. I'll have to check that out.

 Or better yet, everybody get back to books and get weened off of instant gratification, which comes at the cost of truth.

lol, I'll use it to search for these "books" you speak of

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Posted in: First Kitchen releases its biggest ever All-Star Burger topped with fried chicken See in context

I'll probably give it a shot, but I agree a wider burger is better. Taller does look better for pictures.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, some drink on despite gov't request for bars to close at 8 p.m. See in context

Everyone is tired of this nonsense and having to change how they live their lives for a virus with a 99%+ recovery rate.

Well Im not to keen on having to recover from something in the first place.

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Posted in: Man arrested for soliciting prostitution from high school girl See in context

He must be heavily fined and girl get damages.

Lol, so she doubles her money?

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Posted in: 'Walkable chair' makes standing on the job an easier prospect See in context

I don't know how tight the patent protects this, but expect copycat versions for much less.

And with a cup holder.

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Posted in: Anxiety mounts over another state of emergency in Tokyo, neighboring areas See in context

1.With this new SOE, many businesses will go into bancruptcy and many life existence will be destroyed!

2.just one question-how much will be compensation for these who are affected and are forced stay at home without income,must pay bills and take care about own families?

 3.If not, I ain’t staying home! Can’t afford to.

Really? that bad because resaurants and bar have to close by 8 for a month?

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Posted in: Suga's upcoming decision on state of emergency derided as too little, too late See in context

All of these "Dont let fear and the government control you!!" post are pretty funny.

asked residents to refrain from non-essential, non-urgent outings after 8 p.m.

8 pm....that's it. There's you iron fist lockdown.  

If cases rise, could it become a stricter SOE? Sure,  there's no available vaccine right now,  hospitals are pushed to their limits.

Hopefully we'll get the details early on Thursday.

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Posted in: Theaters look to Bond and Black Widow to spark 2021 moviegoing See in context

I can't lie, there havent been many movies I'd drop ¥1,900 to see in the past few years.

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Posted in: Worry, frustration, uncertainty as state of emergency looms for Tokyo, neighboring prefectures See in context

I'm sure that everyone here understands that this SOE is asking dining establishments to close at 8pm..for a month... for 4 prefectures.

Not schools closing, buisnesses closing, transportation being stopped and the Self defense force patrolling the streets.

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Posted in: 38% of LGBT people sexually harassed or assaulted: survey See in context

Sexual assault in general is a problem in Japan, there is no real support for anyone. The police wont do anything, but dont let the light die out on your bike, they'll be all over you.

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Posted in: Asian-American filmmakers dismayed at Golden Globe rule on 'Minari' See in context

expressed dismay that South Korean drama "Minari" will compete for honors at next year's Golden Globes in the foreign language category

the dialogue is predominantly Korean

Why is this difficult to understand?

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Posted in: Man arrested for keeping mother’s body at home See in context


Doesn't say anything about him collecting her pension

Police said both Toshiko and her son had been receiving welfare benefits.

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Posted in: 89-year-old woman conned out of ¥9.3 million See in context

Is it bad that I dont really feel too sorry for these people, I mean this is the millionth time. There are annoucments around cities, you should have your "son's" phone number. There are so many ways to prevent this.

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Posted in: Fathers' participation in parenting key to larger families: survey See in context


The fathers can participate in the child’s upbringing to the extent that the mother lets them.

Whoever thumbed this down probably doesn't live in Japan or hasn't been here too long.

Maybe a "Why" section in that survey could have given more insight.

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Posted in: Japanese firms start to reconsider asking for resumes to specify gender See in context

"Getting rid of the gender section on applications will help prevent discrimination,"

Pretty usless statment, you always come face-to-face during an interview.

Gender should have nothing to do with my job," said Hori, "I am neither male nor female."


Hori asks to "work as a man"

Well that's confusing.

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Posted in: Clash of consoles: New PlayStation and Xbox enter $150 billion games arena - fight! See in context

Would love to have gotten a pre-order for a PS5 but thinking about it, I'm okay waiting. No real must-have games yet and its not even a full TB.

Also if game pricing is the same as it was for PS4, I would never use the Japanese store because it's overpriced. 8000 yen vs. $60 USD is laughable.

That is very true, thats why I download most of my games, way easier and cheaper to just buy psn cards. Oh and next-gen is base priced at $70 so we'll have to see how that pricing goes too.

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Posted in: All Blacks beat Wallabies 27-7 in front of sold-out crowd See in context

Australian hooker Brandon Paenga-Amosa was denied a try

snicker...sorry I'm American.

I'd never known anything about ruby until about 5 years ago, but man its a great sport to watch.

Good to see crowds back  but it still makes me a little uneasy, over 49K in one place.

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Posted in: LGBT groups in Japan launch petition seeking equality law See in context

If only there was something like "Power of attorney" in Japan that would ......

oh wait, there is.

If you have time google "japantimes power of attorney"

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Posted in: As sports embraces activism, what should Tokyo Olympics permit? See in context

The Olympics will be one protest followed by a counter protest followed by a counter counter protest..

That is exactly what will happen, bringing all of this together on a world stage would be a disaster. While I do support the protests happening in America, it's IN America.

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