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Posted in: Wing tips of 2 JAL planes come into contact at Haneda airport See in context

So basically they were doing the old Corona-era elbow bump greeting.

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Posted in: Sunday is Mother's Day. What are your fondest memories of your mother? See in context

That's kind of a messed up question for some people. I was lucky, mom was great and if it a movie was made about the parent-child issues we had, it would be a a cure for insomnia.

That being said, I half went to the comments expecting someone to have stated, "The best memory I have of my mom is her cheap pine box rolling down the conveyor belt into the crematorium furnace."

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Posted in: 1 in 5 people aged 65 or older in Japan predicted to have dementia by 2060 See in context

There are several different types of dementia each with separate underlying causes: classic Alzheimer’s and LATE in which different genes are at fault.

There is also research into dementia caused by a delayed cost of prior immune response in the brain, as the brain doesn’t have the same immunity-response to infection by a parasite or virus that the rest of the body has.

Alcohol and drugs also appear to exacerbate the above and/or cause cognitive issues on their own.

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Posted in: 4 law officers serving warrant killed, 4 wounded in shootout at North Carolina home See in context

You knew when you posted this that several officers died and others were injured, but you chose to celebrate the felon's death at the expense of other's lives.....don't try to backpedal.


Anyway, he's gone and that is a good thing for everyone, so finally some bit of good news.

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Posted in: New national standards for Japanese-language schools to start April See in context

Nets which are cast need not always be broad.


This only connects with people who know about the song. Which I highly doubt for someone who grew up in a Chinese language setting!

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Posted in: New national standards for Japanese-language schools to start April See in context

@ Laguna

Maybe it’s my age or the industrial strength hay fever meds (they’re prescribed….No they’re not), but I pictured your YMCA Japanese language teachers dressed up like a police officer, fireman, Native American, military guy, etc…..

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Posted in: What did you do in your down time before cell phones were common (if you are old enough to remember)? See in context

Waited forever for a single picture to download using Persian Kitty

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Posted in: Taylor Swift reaches LA in journey from Tokyo to Super Bowl See in context

Glad she made it on time. I'm all for us proles using paper straws, so the elite can trot around on their private jets.

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Posted in: Japan team plans pig kidney transplant for fetus with severe disease See in context


your comment is both hilarious and sad at the same time.

It is so easy to go online nowadays and get basic information regarding using gmo’s for transplants.


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Posted in: 2023 marks Japan's hottest year on record; 1.29 C higher than average See in context

Zibala said that it’s a random year twice….well, I guess that settles it folks. Thanx for “doing all that great resurch”.

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Posted in: 2023 marks Japan's hottest year on record; 1.29 C higher than average See in context

Some people seem to want to blame natural processes (volcanoes, El Nino, etc) for observable climate changes and not include human activities as a factor influencing these changes, as if to say that since this is not the result of our behavior, we don't need to take any steps or make any sacrifices to compensate for the changes that are happening.

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Posted in: What is the most unusual Christmas present you have ever received? See in context

Was it from Dr. Fister and Associates?


Discount coupon for a colonoscopy.

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Posted in: 53-year-old woman arrested for assaulting husband See in context

I’ll admit it. 90% of the time I’ve gotten the “so want to push you off a bridge right now” look from my wife, it’s been in response to something Peter Griffin-ish I’ve said or done. Not saying that the wife in the above story was justified in her actions, but let’s hear her out.

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Posted in: Japanese associate professor 1 of 3 killed in U.S. college shooting See in context

Oh, ok, nothing to worry about; the US is comfortably in it's normal range of yearly mass shootings. Was worried for a minute that things were out of control.


U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday mourned the victims of the shooting at an event in Las Vegas and said, "This is not normal and we can't let it become normal."

Um, it's pretty normal, Joe. According to the gun violence archive, this is approximately the 631st mass shooting (four or more shot or killed excluding the shooter) this year.

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Posted in: Transgender man gets new register with court-approved gender change See in context

The existence of XX or XY only refers to a set of chromosomes which will eventually directly and indirectly control numerous genes thereon and on other chromosomes to express themselves at different levels during the many stages of development of an individual. There is so much variation in those genes and how and where and when they do and do not work independently, and that's where the variation in all characteristics, including identity are produced.

XX can not become XY. 

XY can not become XX. 

THAT'S science!

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Posted in: Novo to launch anti-obesity drug Wegovy in Asia with February Japan roll-out See in context

The new obesity drugs tend to suppress one's desire to eat. Many find they don't want to eat heavy meals while using Wegovy and Ozempic.

Larr Flint

Finally I will be able to eat McDonald's and be fit at the same time!

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Posted in: Trump compares himself to Mandela and rails against Biden after filing for New Hampshire primary See in context

A few comments from Trump while in New Hampshire. Someone want to translate this into something that shouldn't make us all worry about Trump's mental state

1) Upon realizing a spelling similarity, “You know how you spell us, right? U.S. I just picked that up. Has anyone ever thought of that before? I'm reading and said us. You know, when you think about it, us, equals U.S. If we think of something genius, they will never say it.”

2) Talking to Republican's, ""You don't have to vote, don't worry about voting. The voting, we got plenty of votes."

3) Upon being asked about Sidney Powel and whether his conversations with her would or wouldn't be covered by client-attorney privilege, "No. We did nothing wrong. This is all Biden… I was never indicted. You practically never heard the word."

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Posted in: Man apparently jumps to his death from Roppongi Hills building See in context


yeah, jumping in and of itself is relatively harmless. It’s sticking the landing from 240m that’s the tricky part.

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Posted in: Swarms of tourists causing crisis for Mount Fuji See in context


Tourists = mosquitoes, locusts, or bees???

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Posted in: In Japan, a third of today's 18-year-old women may not have children: study See in context

Adapting to the stress of desk work implies a response to selection. But, not sure whether there is a negative genetic correlation between fecundity and tolerance to surviving desk work.


The drop in testosterone could also be genetic drift as weaker men are able to survive doing desk work.

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Posted in: In Japan, a third of today's 18-year-old women may not have children: study See in context

FFS, Great that you haven't changed. I have nothing to apologise for. I asked you for a citation and you provided one that didn't back up your claim. Boom.

I provided one that indicates the general decline in testosterone is not a new trend. That study indicates a decline from 1920 to 1960 and other studies indicate further declines since then, as well as the expected effects due to decreases in testosterone levels, such as lower sperm counts and decreases in musculoskeletal strength.

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Posted in: In Japan, a third of today's 18-year-old women may not have children: study See in context

Your own citation states "According to research, men’s testosterone levels have dropped at least 20% in the last 20 years with more and more younger men suffering the effects of low testosterone." Still waiting for the 50% citation.

Danish study (Rigshospitalet Clinic for Growth and Reproduction) showed a 14% drop in men born in the 1960s compared to men born in the 1920s.


Here’s one though from the last decades which back up everything I state almost daily n this site regarding excercise and nutrition


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Posted in: In Japan, a third of today's 18-year-old women may not have children: study See in context



They lack testosterone, it’s fallen by 50% since the 70’s you see.

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Posted in: With Trump absent, Republican rivals trade attacks at first 2024 debate See in context

Blacklabel's blub is what passes for "Republican logic" today.

Clearly having other countries view the US positively and as being reliable is in the interests of the US.....duh.


but the non Americans don’t care about Americans. they want a president that defers to their own country’s interests.

a president that gives them free stuff and defers to their problems as priority over what Americans want. Like Biden.

so a popular US president in “the world” is quite bad for the USA.


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Posted in: Trump surrender to overshadow Republican debate See in context

And the same is true for all of your predictions of Trump retaking the throne, all of which have proven to be absolutely nothing but noise.


No, so lock him up and then you can brag, until then, you have absolutely nothing but noise.

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Posted in: Trump surrender to overshadow Republican debate See in context

Bass and a few of his cohorts have made predictions that Trump would be reinstalled as President after the 2020 election throughout various means, as well as prognosticating other Q-Anon dreams which have not come true. Sounding a lot like religious sycophants screaming "the world will end on __" followed by silence or excuses when it doesn't.

Good thing is that Bass is consistent and betting the opposite of what he deems will happen is money in the bank.


You said on this site there was no way the DOJ would ever indict him. You said he would never stand trial. You said he’d never be convicted. You didn’t specify a jurisdiction. You said none of these things would happen.

Now you admit that he has been indicted and will stand trial because objective reality is slapping you in the face.

Furthermore, you leave open the possibility of conviction where you ruled it out before.

Bad news for you, these charges carry a mandatory prison sentence. If convicted (he will be), he is going to prison. No pardon. No dodging.

Are you unaware that your previous comments are easily confirmed?

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Posted in: Trump surrender to overshadow Republican debate See in context

Don't just say a word. Make your case showing conclusively that Biden has done things which disqualify him from running for POTUS. This is what the cases against Trump are going to demonstrate. So, provide evidence to support your whataboutism deflection.


Quite the back track from “He’ll never be indicted/tried/convicted.”

None, zero back tracking, the Dems do what they feel they need to do, they can’t run on their policies, so this is the best thing they can come up with.

And their morals and judgment as well


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Posted in: Japan panel OKs Alzheimer's drug See in context

According to Biogen, Lecanemab appears to delay the progression of Alzheimer's by 2.5 - 3.1 years.

One problem is that there are other senile dementias, such as LATE, caused by defects in different genes (producing different faulty proteins) and Lecanemab would have absolutely no effect on these senile dementias.

However, Alzheimer's accounts for between 50-75% of senile dementia cases, so hopefully some patients and their families can get some relief.

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Posted in: Japan researchers creating guidelines for animal-human transplants See in context

*laws of physics" not "nature".... my bad

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Posted in: Japan researchers creating guidelines for animal-human transplants See in context


Extremely unnatural and against the laws of nature-opposed!

"Laws of nature"..."The natural state of things"

No such stases have ever existed permanently. Any system or population reaches a state of meta-stability and eventually becomes knocked to a new state by energetic influx/outflux or mutation/selection pressures, respectively.

There are laws of nature and as we get smarter (hopefully), those will even become more bendable.

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