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Posted in: JASRAC wants to collect royalty fees for music recorded during weddings See in context

JASRAC has also sought to collect fees from children's music schools, not only for public performances, but for the practicing of the songs during rehearsals. Many Japanese artists (including Utada Hikaru) have stated that the importance of getting children interested in music should outweigh the intellectual property right.

They also went after some guy who performed 800 - 1000 year old songs, despite there never having been a copyright issued on those songs. In addition, JASRAC has also sued to demand payment from barbershops, etc., which play music on a radio or other broadcast device while customers are in the store.

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Posted in: Japan aims to cut number of dementia patients in 70s by 10% over decade See in context


The latest research on dementia show that it is either a foul-up in the cerebral spinal fluid cleaning system allowing misfolded protein aggregates to accumulate or an immune response to pathogens getting into the brain which is basically the immune system saying "I'm going to take care of this immediate problem, but you're gonna pay for it later".

There appear to be multiple types of dementia, classified by which protein is causing the problem. Two weeks ago, a paper detailed a different protein (TDP-43) than that which is associated with traditional Alzheimer's caused essentially the same symptoms (the newly discovered case is referred to as LATE dementia). Since it is a different protein and is estimated to be present in about 30% of dementia cases, it would explain why Alzheimer's drugs do not work on all dementia patients.

Diet is critical for numerous aspects of health, but the link with late-life has yet to be conclusively shown. Might be there.

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Posted in: Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike; ignites social media See in context

Funny how conservatives want to protect the unborn child's life until it is born, then it's "Kid, gotta cut all assistance for children born into poverty....good luck and you're on your own."

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Posted in: Record 3,500 people involved in cannabis cases in Japan in 2018 See in context

Last time a stoner told me about not being able to pay their water bill was......yeah...never.

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Posted in: Frugal consumers, higher costs take fizz out of Japan's food stocks See in context

From last summer, Walmart was looking to dump Seiyu....and get into India and China.....not sure whether the ink is dry on the divorce papers, yet.

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Posted in: NHK to reduce subscription fees See in context

When the NHK oyaji comes by smile like you are so excited and slowly say "Nihongo o tabemasen"....repeat it numerous times until he leaves.

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Posted in: Japanese artist sues association over goldfish-filled phone box See in context

Do the mean copyright, right. Patents on works of art themselves are a no go from the start.

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Posted in: Tsukiji fish market's outer shopping area solicits new name See in context


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Posted in: Body found in gutted house next to fire-hit train station in west Japan See in context

Now that I look at what I a comment section the word "indeed" could be taken to be sarcastic. And you are correct, it wasn't on this post, but (as we all know) this ain't the only place to get news.

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Posted in: Body found in gutted house next to fire-hit train station in west Japan See in context

J-news reports that the missing person is indeed male....

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Posted in: 1st shipment of this year's Beaujolais Nouveau arrives in Japan See in context

No one really thinks that Beaujolais Nouveau wine is anything special. It's just an excuse to have a party or three. Nuthin' wrong with that.

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Posted in: New Zealand to hold marijuana referendum under new leader Ardern See in context

Wait, they said they are holding a reefer-endum? Sorry.

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Posted in: U.S.-born singer Chris Hart obtains Japanese citizenship See in context

For Americans living abroad at least 330 days of the year, the first $100,000 or so of income is tax-free. Anything on top of that is taxed by the US government also. It's called the Foreign Income Exclusion (I think form F2555). Been filing it every year since I've been far, the IRS hasn't come for me....and I promise to release my tax forms sometime in the future.

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Posted in: 50 crows found dead in Tokyo park See in context

If it was disease, they wouldn't have found all the dead birds in the same 40m area. We all know that diseases are spread by contact and that it takes time for the initial symptoms to show up. Crows disperse and have wide ranges. Had this been some sort of avian virus, etc., then you'd be finding dead crows all over the place and not a patch of dead birds. If it turns out to be electromagnetic radiation from UFO chem trails....then I'll eat crow...

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Posted in: California hamburger restaurant chain Umami Burger to open 1st Tokyo store on Friday See in context

Had an Umami burger a few years ago. It's a good burger....kinda hard to really screw up a burger. Need more fries accompanying the burger, and the concept of a waiter coming to your table and describing the type and source of the toppings at what is ostensibly a burger place is kinda surreal (at least once).

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Posted in: Doctors: Radiation not biggest impact on Fukushima residents' health See in context

The raw number of cases (185) is a misleading statistic in this case. The search for thyroid cases in the Fukushima area has expanded since the disaster, so more cases would be detected earlier than if they simply tallied the number of cases from youngsters showing up presenting symptoms of thyroid cancer over a longer time span. This needs to be compared to the prevalence in the population (i.e., number of persons per 100,000 who present with symptoms) before the disaster, as it scales for the increase in numbers of people screened. Maybe I missed it, but the article only states one number (185), so making any conclusions based on that alone really doesn't mean anything more than they found 185 kids with thyroid cancer.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki headed for second divorce See in context

hope she had a pre-nup, Cali divides marital assets in HALF.

That's only for a commingled account or assets. If it is an account or asset (assets are trickier to prove sole possession of) held solely by one person, the other is not automatically entitled to that. They are entitled, should the divorce put one into a state of financial hardship, money/support to an amount that is derived from the net worth of all accounts/assets of the spouse seen as the more well-to-do person in the relationship.

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Posted in: Japan issues measles warning after infected fan attends Bieber concert See in context

I got the MMR shot as a kid and came down with measles as an adult. The symptoms are worse as an adult, and the chance of death is greater for adults than children. Ended up being pretty much bedridden for two weeks, and the one positive was that I was too sick to smoke cigs and ended up giving them up completely without much accompanying stress. The more important question to ask is if you had to choose between attending a Justin Bieber concert vs. contracting measles as an adult....

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Posted in: Phelps wins Olympic gold medals No. 20 and 21; Sakai gets silver in butterfly See in context

In his next race, all of Phelps' competition will be on jet skis. They'll still lose.

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Posted in: One dead, one injured after 3 firefighters jump off bridge while drunk See in context

"Hey, hold my beer a sec...."

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Posted in: Opera 'Aida' at Tokyo Dome canceled See in context

AKBfan: Not my favourite opera but stil a good show. Sounds like the Senkakus got a starring role.....


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Posted in: Five things I like about expat guys See in context

Yeah there are equivalents, but we're all old and hard of hearing now...Waves of feedback at the Cuckoo's Nest, Al's Bar, Linda's Doll Hut, Anti-Club, and Club Lingerie still echo.

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Posted in: China calls Japan-U.S. island drill off California provocative See in context

Is China going to claim soverign rights over the islands off of California, next?

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Posted in: Have you ever bought, copied or downloaded unauthorized music, TV shows or movies? See in context

Seems like some people don't realize that the manner in which music is created has changed, and perhaps the old style of distribution has also begun changing. That and a supersaturated market of music (which doesn't seem all that innovative since the early 1990s, when punk and rap were "new") also factor in sales dropping. iTunes also contributes to the decline, by offerring "the one song I really want from that album"

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Posted in: Chinese site hawking Kim Jong-Il T-shirts See in context

There are already tons of Kim Jung Il related t-shirts, hoodies, etc., available online....for example, at I particularly like the "We Be Illin" shirt, but the ones on the Chinese site are cheaper. No, I'm not shilling for either website.

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Posted in: Ousted Olympus CEO Woodford to return to Japan next Wed See in context

Nothing bad is going to happen to Woodford in Japan. This case has drawn way too much international attention. As much as people would love to imagine that he is walking around with a target sign painted on his back, if anything detrimental were happen to him, it would kill any chance of Olympus surviving, and show the world an incredibly frightening version of "how Japan does business". The govenment (Noda) has stated that this scadal has shaken confidence in Japanese corporations operating on the international stage, so Woodford is hands off. He'll appear on the news enterring the country at Narita, meet the police, give a few interviews (maybe), eat, do some shopping, and buy some omiyage (perhaps from Casio or Nikon).

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Posted in: Triumphant ladies See in context

I call dibs on girls carrying metallic canes.

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Posted in: Apple announces death of Steve Jobs at 56 See in context

The Wikileaks HIV thing is an old rumor. The company that "did the test" wasn't even around until 2 years after the date indicated on "test results".

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Posted in: TEPCO knew of tsunami threat: nuclear agency See in context

Sadly, people will rant about "TEPCO execs should be jailed, fined, etc.", but nothing will happen. Hey, we got a celebrity-yakuza scandal and a super-strong yen damagaing business to divert our attention already.

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Posted in: Punk Rock Confidential to host annual daylong slamfest See in context

Meh....punk rock has been dead since the early 80s.

1 Sign of aging.

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