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Posted in: Why is R&B music more explicit than ever? It’s complicated. See in context

The lyrics in songs by Too Short and 2 Live Crew were a large reason for the "save the children" push by the Tipper Gore-led PMRC which led to those little warning stickers on albums in the 1980s.

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Posted in: Sports fans and concertgoers poised to make noise as COVID crowd restrictions loosen See in context

@Stephan....You may be right....almost everything is a "time will tell" scenario. I do think that one thing that can be done to help the kids out is to take away their smartphones for awhile, so they actually have to look at each other. If their hands are lonesome without the smartphone, give them a book to read.

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Posted in: Sports fans and concertgoers poised to make noise as COVID crowd restrictions loosen See in context


Mass conformity existed long before Covid came around. To an extent some level of conformity is essential for a stable society to exist, but that’s another topic entirely.

The kids will be fine. Gen X ride around in the flatbeds of pickup trucks, licked lead paint off of jungle gyms, and burned off massive amounts of leg skin on those shiny metal slides in the summertime and we turned out about as reasonable as all prior and subsequent generations.

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Posted in: Sports fans and concertgoers poised to make noise as COVID crowd restrictions loosen See in context

@Stephan. I don’t care if people wear their masks or not. That is for the individual to decide for themselves. Passing judgment on an entire group of people based on their decision on facial wear is the problem here. It’s not a swastica or a photo of GG Alin rubbing gross stuff all over his body while you are trying to enjoy a Mos Burger.

There is no reason your life can’t be “normal” if the person next to you is wearing a mask…..unless it is a Jason Voorhies mask, then exercise caution.

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Posted in: Sports fans and concertgoers poised to make noise as COVID crowd restrictions loosen See in context

@Stephan….who is forcing a mask on you? There is no law requiring you to mask up in Japan….never has been. You have created a boogeyman here.

If someone wants to wear a mask due to Covid, hay fever, influenza, immunological issues, hiding a large zit on their face, etc., it is not a decision based on fanaticism. Freaking out on anyone choosing to wear a mask online on a daily basis is fanaticism.

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Posted in: Sports fans and concertgoers poised to make noise as COVID crowd restrictions loosen See in context

Livehouse shows have been going on since at least last summer. Almost no one has a mask on during and definitely not by the end of the show and the fans are anything but quiet.

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Where are you getting these numbers from? World of Meters still, unfortunately, has Japan as number 1 for infections and deaths (in the last 7 days) . Thankfully deaths and number of infections are declining worldwide.


The big news are:

Japan is no longer world no. 1 in weekly infections (US just claimed that title).

US in no longer world no. 1 weekly deaths (China claimed that title).

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Posted in: 10 wounded in drive-by shooting in Florida See in context

"I have never worked an event where this many people were shot at one time, ever,”

Does this mean that at all of the prior events, people get shot, but it has always been limited to less than 10 people?

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Posted in: Japan reports 21,426 new coronavirus cases See in context

Article by a group mainly from the University of Oxford which was published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The article discloses the results of a large analysis on masking and its effect on Covid virus transmission.

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Posted in: Japan reports 21,426 new coronavirus cases See in context

The Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare has a plethora of data updated daily (

and the following includes how many tests were conducted daily


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Mumbai….sure man was made to wear masks (not going into a psychological diatribe here). Our ears are generally arranged so as to drape the flaps of the mask thereover, and thereby hug the mask firmly against the fore part of one’s face.

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@mumbairocks Have you been using a burlap sack as a mask? Haven’t had any problems working out while wearing a mask since this ——show started. Quite a few people used the “Can’t breathe and work out while wearing a mask” excuse to slack off from exercising.

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Posted in: Japan reports 81,535 new coronavirus cases See in context

@Wobot. That's a lot of work to do. There are however a couple of papers showing the world-wide correlation data of vaccine coverage and cases/deaths. The data is from early 2022, though, and does not take into account any of the newer variants, particularly XBB.1.5, for which the vaccines are less effective.

"High coverage percentages of COVID‐19 vaccination were negatively correlated with the reproduction rate of COVID‐19, and ICU patients per million of the local population" (

"...vaccination with 3 doses of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, compared with being unvaccinated and with receipt of 2 doses, was associated with protection against both the Omicron and Delta variants, although higher odds ratios for the association with Omicron infection suggest less protection for Omicron than for Delta" (

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Posted in: Violent protest in downtown Atlanta over killing of activist See in context

So if police are harmed by protesters, you would consider the protest to be a riot and would condemn it? Just want to establish how you define things across the board. especially with regards to a little event that occurred a few years ago in Washington DC.


This loses any relevance once “they” decide to shoot a police officer.

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Posted in: Man says he tried to steal gun from police officer in koban so he could kill himself See in context

Guys seem to go with much more messy and violent means of suicide than women.

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Posted in: Japan reports 125,108 new coronavirus cases See in context

Got a question.

Does anyone actually think that people who are genuinely interested in data such as the number of positive cases, deaths, etc., are also hiding at home underneath the couch and bathing in disinfectant after coming back indoors after even so much as checking the mailbox? Do you actually think that people interested in the numbers aren't going out to clubs and bars and going on with life?

Sorry, that became 2 questions.

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Posted in: City in Mie sued after 9-year-old girl left blind in roller accident See in context

I think it is one of those devices that flattens asphalt or road that has just been laid down. It can be either a cylinder shape and rolled over the freshly laid asphalt material or an electrically or gas powdered thing than is held by a human and pounds on the freshly laid asphalt material to flatten it. Possibly the former in this case.

I think it would be "整地ローラー" in Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan reports 144,077 new coronavirus cases See in context

Why are you trying to draw a conclusion based on one day's-worth of data?

According to World of Meters, if we compare the last 7 days with the prior 7 day period, the number of cases has increased by 46% and the number of deaths has increased by 51% in Japan.

Burning Bush

Things are going down

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Posted in: Toyota pushes zero-emission goals by converting old models See in context

Those are the models that are being converted....funny, they don't look "old" to me.


What are all the attractive women on the stage for?

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Posted in: Japan reports 198,873 new coronavirus cases See in context

@faranglaos Go ahead. Nothing is stopping you from not wearing a mask. Nothing is stopping you from traveling (unless you want to go to China from Japan). Nothing is forcing you to get vaccinated. Nothing is forcing you to comment or read articles about Covid. So why are you so consumed with this when it doesn't matter to you at all?

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Posted in: Japan reports 95,308 new coronavirus cases See in context kind of Haz-mat style masks are these people using if the fragrance of blooming flowers is being filtered out? Did you ask to try on their masks in order to ascertain that they in fact could not smell the fragrance of the blooming flowers due to the masks? Kinda unsanitary, given that the cold air makes people's noses drip and that goo collects in the mask fibers....ew gross, right?


There’s a big park near where I live. Some plum tree flowers are starting to bloom, yet all the people were still masked up and couldn’t appreciate the fragrance despite being in a 100% no risk environment.

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Posted in: Japan reports 190,538 new coronavirus cases See in context


A positive testing arrivee will quarantined and therefore not be a threat to the general population, right? Yeah, but you knew that already.

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Posted in: COVID cases in Japan top 30 mil since start of pandemic See in context

Sven… wrong.

viruses are only about increasing transmission and making copies of themselves. I didn’t use the word “reproduction” as it would clearly confuse you.

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Posted in: COVID cases in Japan top 30 mil since start of pandemic See in context

Can people get it through their heads that

1) You can get Corona more than once.

2) Immunity conveyed by prior exposure/recovery and/or vaccination wanes over time.

3) Some variants can (partially) escape the protection conveyed by prior exposure/recovery and/or vaccination.

4) For many people, their last vaccination (booster) was 8 months ago, so they are ripe for infection (reinfection). This means that the term "Fully vaccinated" is meaningless unless you take into account the time since last vaccination and antibody load.

5) The deleterious mutations you may have in your DNA relating to immunological response are often different than others. This partially explains the plasticity of infection severity.

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Posted in: Japan reports 226,904 new coronavirus cases See in context


Herd immunity will not be obtained due to:

1) immunity through vaccination or exposure/recovery from the virus wanes over time, and,

2) the continuous introduction of new variants which escape the protection provided through vaccination or exposure to and recovery from a previous variant.

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Posted in: Japan reports 89,643 new coronavirus cases See in context

TokyoOldMan.....someday, we all hope you realize that your choices may have consequences for others.

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Posted in: Anger in Russia as 63 troops killed in one of Ukraine war's deadliest strikes See in context

Bronco, seems like the Russian right wing bloggers and net are upset with their own military for housing soldiers in the same building as un-camouflaged military ordinance which was targeted. Russian military commanders are at fault here.

Russian military bloggers said the huge destruction was a result of storing ammunition in the same building as a barracks, despite commanders knowing it was within range of Ukrainian rockets.

> Igor Girkin, a former commander of pro-Russian troops in eastern Ukraine who is now one of the highest profile Russian nationalist military bloggers, said hundreds and been killed or wounded in the blast. Ammunition had been stored at the site and military equipment there was uncamouflaged, he said.

Reported by Reuters carried by MSN (

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Posted in: Will you really catch a cold if you sleep under a Japanese kotatsu table? See in context

Dr. Ichihara should stop saying "There are currently no medical studies on the relation between colds and kotatsu, but I think....." and do the actual medical research if this is what he wants to espouse.

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Posted in: Russian strikes intensify as Ukrainians return for holiday See in context

Do you see what you just did? You claim that both sides make up numbers and there is no reliable information, but you're going to side with one of them based on some undefined "impartial observers".....

One of those "impartial observers" wouldn't happen to include yourself, would it?

Mr Kipling

Look, no country at war admits that a missile hit a tank repair station or storage facility. Not the US, not Russia and not Ukraine. Please use common sense when reading reports quoting war leaders. They have a job to do and that job is NOT to inform us of the real situation. When Russia says it fired 20 missiles and they all hit their targets or when Ukraine says it shot down all 16 missiles fired, the truth is somewhere in-between. The impartial observers usually putting the Russian numbers a little closer to the truth.

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Posted in: Hong Kong asks Japan to reverse 'hasty' COVID flight restrictions See in context

Stephan…..good to know. Thanks, I was under the impression that only the Chinese vaccines were available in HK from the get go.

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