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Posted in: Jackson's public memorial strikes a spiritual note See in context

1 billion, 20% people and 80% of that are pets and furniture.

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Posted in: Putin has 'one foot in old ways,' Obama says See in context

teleprompter said

SO, how is that silly "reset" business working for the naive as ever blame- America-first wing of the Democrat Party?

I didn't see any blame America, last time I checked Bush is not America, or was he? Russia is a power, you can't invade in search of WMD, the best thing is to engage them in diplomacy and find common grounds to work with, and give them assurances, instead of non-sense like the missile-shield in Europe, why agitate Russia, why you can have them as friends instead? What would the missile do? protect from Iran? and Have threats of Russia in addition?

Get over it.

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Posted in: US church creates stir with gay exorcism video See in context

We are in the 21st century, and some people still believe in Genies and demons. Maybe they are searching for the lamp of Aladdin. Way to go religious people.

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Posted in: Television perpetuates outmoded gender stereotypes See in context

In my opinion, Japanese TV is more open-minded that US channels today, the fact there are more feminine (real feminine) characters on the Japanese TV and as some people call it "parading", because Japanese society is not yet flooded by exaggerated sensitivities and censorship as in states . In sum, feminine characteristics can be easily observed in Japan than in the US, perhaps due to the fact, the religious oppression against women is not present in Japan .

Some Americans, unfortunately, taught that everything in the US is better than anyone else, and everyone should take from them. but that's not correct. you need to understand each society has different background, history and therefore different reactions and solutions.

For example, American TV showed a breast hardly can be seen (Janet), it was the end of the world, everyone outraged. in Britain, in Japan, that's not a big deal.

and regarding the subject matter, the TV everywhere should display more respect to women and LGBT and minorities,

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Posted in: Iran declares win for Ahmadinejad in disputed vote See in context

Looks clearly rigged election, everyone predicted close election and there was a lot of people criticizing Ahmedinajad, even some of his previous supporters, and there were several candidates. this is BS. I wonder how much Iranians regret replacing the Shah dictatorship with a theocratic dictatorship. at least the Shah modernized Iran and had close diplomatic relationship with most countries . Now Iran is poorer and isolated. I doubt Iranians chose Ahmedinajad.

Who would vote for such an idiot anyway. Now Iranians have to wait for their Obama . on the other hand everything in hands of the "supreme" leader. so their Obama have to be a new supreme leader and new constitutional council.

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Posted in: What did you think of U.S. President Barack Obama's speech to the Muslim world? See in context

He should read up on some history, and learn that you cannot appease evil. Extreme Islam hates anyone and anything that does not bow down to it. We are all "infidels" to them, and deserve death. How can any serious, intelligent person imagine that a statesman-like speech is going to do any good with such people? I am becoming more and more disappointed and disillusioned with President Obama. Im glad Im not American . .

Nazis are political movement. Muslims are religious group. when people understand that?

Muslim can mean: 1-extreme Muslim. 2-moderate muslim. 3-secular muslim. 4-muslim by participation only. ...etc

There are no one leader or one party represent Muslims.

Muslims have different cultures as well.

Obama spoke to ordinary people, that can help, it can divide between extreme Muslims and moderate Muslims. depriving extremists from recruiting more extremists. Despite US has many military bases in Muslims countries, and been supported by many Muslims countries during the cold war, some people implies that all Muslims against the US or Europe.

I think the policy of classifying everyone as extremist or terrorist or enemy is a stupid policy that help terrorist and make them stronger. why doing that when you can with words rather than bullets achieve the same goal?

beside America is losing nothing if the president talk and nothing happened out of it, but it provides good intention and proves that the US is trying every method, not a warmonger.

If nobody went to Nazi Germany at the time, some would be claiming today, that the allies didn't try to solve things diplomatically.

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Posted in: What did you think of U.S. President Barack Obama's speech to the Muslim world? See in context

It's full of inaccuracies. For example:

Obama: "It was innovation in the Muslim community that developed the order of algebra"

No, the origins of algebra trace back to the ancient Babylonians. They were not Muslim.

Ironically for you, Algebra is an Arabic word, and of course a lot of human development can be traced to older civilizations, you can even trace the invention of computing and calculating to older civilizations. It is not like admitting Muslim and Arabs, and Persians innovated and added up to the science that will make you less, that will just show you are humble and recognize others' achievements.

Indians, Arabs, Persians, Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, Assyrians, Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Europeans and all others, everyone added to the knowledge we have today

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Posted in: Obama calls Buchenwald ultimate rebuke to Holocaust denial See in context

There is nothing wrong of focusing on the holocaust, it can be example of what hate can lead to, and we can learn to avoid any other genocide in the future. If a family got killed in your neighborhood and became an example of cruel crime, we are not going to say, why focus on this crime, we should focus on another crime in X neighborhood.

The holocaust demonstrate how racism, hatred and nationalism utilized to demonize specific group and blaming them for every problem, then punishing them and trying to wipe them out as if it is a solution. It is the same thing used today to demonize Jews and many other groups unfortunately. the lesson is not being learned well.

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Posted in: Obama consults Saudi king on eve of speech in Egypt See in context

People practice how and when to bow to the Queen of England

yes, except that Saudi Arabia as always freaks, and they don't have bowing protocol, because they think it violates religious teaching. as usual. everything normal in the world more likely violates religious teaching in KSA.

So Obama bowing which he said not a bowing, which is unknown if it was or not, was an ironic gaffe. Though not a big deal, but right wingers love to talk more about small issues, like what Michelle is wearing, and how Obama is walking, and that bow just came to complete their conspiracy theories.

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