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Posted in: Internet addict almost drowns infant son by mistake See in context

What is the suggestion that the mother is an addict? Had she been cooking instead, would she have been described as a cooking addict?

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Posted in: Yoshinoya to grow rice and vegetables in Fukushima See in context

1 4.3 hectare plot will produce only the tiniest fraction of the ingredients they need.

Publicity stunt?

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Posted in: Pensioner pretends to be deceived by telephone fraud, helps catch criminals See in context

Well done to the woman, but I'm surprised that she wasn't replaced by a female police officer.

Unless the con men knew what she looked like, but given how little they knew about her son, that seems unlikely.

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Posted in: Bookmaker favors Murakami for Nobel prize -- again See in context

Dear god no, a writer whose characters are paper thin facades. Hos books explore nothing, ask no questions, provoke no thoughts.

Not within a million miles of a Nobel prize, please.

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Posted in: Nearly 290,000 people still living in shelters 2 1/2 years after Tohoku disaster See in context

絆 kizuna - kanji of the year in much for kizuna.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to drop criminal charges against Kan, TEPCO execs See in context

For me, the people who should be in the biggest trouble are the people who approved the safety procedures / equipment at the plant.

The aftermath of the disaster showed us that TEPCO were operating a nuclear plant without the slightest plan or clue as to what to do in the event of a tsunami. The didn't have the equipment nor the human expertise to deal with it.

Who, or what body, approved their operation of a nuclear plant despite these horrific shortcomings?

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Posted in: Man on death row dies of illness See in context

I wonder would a person outside of prison have died if they had the same illness to the same extent?

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Posted in: Do you think that Qatar, which is hosting the 2022 World Cup in summer, should move the tournament to winter because of the extreme heat? See in context

Under Blatter, FIFA have a history of awarding world cup tournaments to countries to help 'expand' the game, and therefore the absolutely massive business of football/soccer.

USA in 94, Japan/Korea in 2002 have both helped (re)ignite an interest in the sport and the development of a reasonably healthy and sustainable league (can't say I know too much about Korea to be honest).

The decision to award the WC to Qatar is another example of this, although i'm not sure how successful it will be, especially with the expected weather.

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Posted in: 500 cats & dogs legally killed in Japan each day See in context

We got a cat from one of these animal welfare shelters. It cost about 20,000yen, and that included the cost of neutering.

Had it for about 3 years, then had to give it to my wife's mother when we left Japan. We're back now, but the cat is happy where it is. Rafael Calderon Del Castillo was its name.

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Posted in: A taste of Scotland in Japan: Nikka Whisky See in context

Suntory Taketsuru 17 years old - probably the best whiskey I have ever tasted. Superb.

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Posted in: New immigration laws hinder some married expats returning to UK See in context

Horrible horrible rule from a horribly xenophobic government.

As an Irish person married to a Japanese woman, I'm worried if the Irish government will start to think about making similar immigration rules.

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Posted in: The right brew for you See in context

Nice interview. This guy spoke well.

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Posted in: Two pig farm workers die of methane gas poisoning See in context

Sadly, this kind of accident happens occasionally in farms. Most often when people are 'agitating' the slurry, to prepare it for use as fertiliser. The sudden stirring of the slurry, and breaking the layer of hardened crap (literally) on top means that a serious amount of methane can be released all at once.

As mentioned earlier in the thread, often one gets faint and falls in, another tries to rescue and suffers the same fate.

It happened to an upcoming Irish rugby star and his brother and father last year. 3 members of the same family died,and their sister barely survived.

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Posted in: Mother ordered to pay Y95 mil after bicycle-riding son collides with elderly woman See in context

Ok, I've been thinking about this, and what I'm most annoyed about is the 'you obviously didn't teach the child about road safety" aspect of the judge's ruling. That's unfair, and probably impossible to prove.

But when I think about it, if my six-year old daughter, despite many many warnings not to mess with scissors, used one to cut up her classmate's book, I'd feel like I should pay for the replacement. It's not that I have failed in my duties as a parent by not teaching her about scissors, but...well, I'm her parent, and I'm just responsible in general for that kind of stuff.

Anyhow, as I understand it, the claim was brought at least partly by the insurance company, who alleged 'parental neglect regarding road safety' or something similar to wriggle out of insurance payments.

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Posted in: Mother ordered to pay Y95 mil after bicycle-riding son collides with elderly woman See in context

Although Dog's post (above at 02.36pm) (02.36pm??huh??) indicates that such laws do exist, and are widespread. Interesting.

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Posted in: Mother ordered to pay Y95 mil after bicycle-riding son collides with elderly woman See in context

Sounds like a really idiotic decision, but I'd like to hear what law the judge referred to in making her decision.

Is there a law specifically holding parents responsible for their children's behaviour until a certain age?

Is there a law saying that parents of children are guilty until proven innocent regarding their negligent parenting in cases like these?

It seems the judge applied the logic that 'well he was doing something worng, so that's proof that he couldn't have been taiught properly to do it right", which is ludicrous.

According to Japanese versions, the insurance company has been paying insurance since it happened, but has decided it shouldn't have to.

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Posted in: Who gets your vote for the three most hated companies in the world? See in context

Halliburton, News Corp, McDonalds.

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Posted in: Blue Moon: Brewed for success See in context

I bought a bottle of this a few days ago and it was pretty nice. I drank it straight from the bottle, so didn't get to see the colour though.

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Posted in: 1-yr-old girl left in car for 4 hours while mother plays pachinko See in context

@Disillusioned - perhaps the ploice did their job and checked the child's health. That's how the hell they'd know.

Anyway back to the story, it's good (and sadly unusual) to hear of a child surviving in this kind of story.

However, the fact that the air-con was on indicated that the mother planned to leave the child alone for a long period of time - this needs to be punished.

Don't really get the posts mentioning here age either - some of the parents who've left their child to basically boil to death were older but obviously none the wiser for it.

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Posted in: Ultrasonic foam device ensures Japanese continue to give their beer far too much head See in context

I drink it straight from the can. Who bothers to pour it into a glass at home? I feel so uncultured.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan to sell premium burgers for first time See in context

"Premium burgers. Now with actual meat!"

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Posted in: Rose wins U.S. Open See in context

@ratpack - in this case, it's just a piece taken from AP, so I'm not surprised Matsuyama isn't mentioned, but in general I agree with you. The fanatacism over Ishikawa never ceases to annoy me given his mediocre record outside Japan.

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Posted in: Source of U.S. intel leak outs himself despite probe threat See in context

"Leaks of this nature do irreperable damage to our efforts to keep America safe and put in danger our loyal staff around the world."

could you comment on the specifics of what incidents these leaks have caused?

"Uh......ahh...that's classified."

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Posted in: For those of you with young children, how difficult are you finding it to limit time they spend on computers and how are you dealing with their requests to have cell phones? See in context

Don't have a smartphone, so that's not a problem. Neither child is too interested in the laptop. My daughter's suggestions that she get a phone were crushed by me.

They play with my iPad for 10 max mins at a time, max 3 times a day.

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Posted in: Can a person say something racist but not BE a racist? See in context

“If Tiger said, ‘Let’s serve tacos at dinner with Garcia,’ the world would go crazy,” Gallagher said.

Huh? No it wouldn't.

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Posted in: Do you think airlines are sneaky about fuel surcharges, fees for extra baggage and other charges for various services? See in context

Sneaky? Not really, because the fees are made pretty clear in advance of any purchase.

Greedy? Absolutely.

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Posted in: Restaurant meals pack calorie punch See in context

Does a menu in a fast-food restaurant in America list the number of calories in the meal, like it does in Japan (most of the time at least)?

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Posted in: Five things I like about expat guys See in context

That was painful.

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Posted in: Veteran strap-hanger gives upbeat advice for surviving daily commute See in context

My way of diverting myself from the reality of commuting is to count how many girls there are within touching distance that I'd consider slleping with. Then I increase the range bit by bit and see how much the numbers rise.

Variations include choosing a number before I get on the train and then having to find that number of girls. Sometimes I have to choose some shockers, or if there are a good few hotties, I have to exclude some cuties (can't go above my number).

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