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Posted in: Mazda, Mitsubishi add 630,000 more cars to Takata airbag recall See in context

This seems to be the well planned end of the Takata Group, so along with every car maker in the world recalling all cars with Takada Air Bag and a current cap rate of just under 1 billion dollars. There is no way the company can survive, unless they get smart really quickly and enter voluntary bankruptcy proceedings. Get their lawyers to sort out the facts from the fiction(how many people have been injured or has died as a result of the faulty air bags?)and begin to deal with the regulators/car markers in a reasonable way. The other air bag makers must also be scared, as they are next on the list, should something go wrong ! Good luck with the courts, but keep up your business as I for one was very happy to have a Takata made bag a couple of years back when I was blind sided by red signal breaker, saved my life.

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Posted in: Mosley fears for F1 teams after Marussia and Caterham collapse See in context

It`s about time Bernie started to listen to some good advice from his advisors. Level the playing field by doling out the cash on an even basis and making sure that each team follows the engineering regulations. We then will see the driving skills, rather then the engineering skills of each team driver.

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Posted in: Japan wins place in 2016 Super Rugby See in context

Excellent, congratulations to Eddy Jones and the rest of the JRFU for doing such a great job in getting a place in the competition. This should be a great boost to the rugby playing community throughout Japan, can't wait to read the details in the near future.

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Posted in: S Korean police storm compound in search for ferry owner See in context

Not a good idea to mess around with the Korean police at the best of times, this is a case of "off with their heads", ala the Queen of Hearts ! Good luck on getting a fair trial !!!!!!

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Posted in: Buying property in Japan can be daunting yet profitable See in context

A well written article by "TC", some of the banks mentioned in the article will offer slightly higher interest rates on second and third property investments and will insist that higher deposits be paid. However returns of 9% to 12% can be had using older properties and shorter term loans. Keep an eye on the other Japanese cities beyond the forever in the headlines Tokyo! Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe all offer good investment opps.

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Posted in: Babysitter held over death of 2-yr-old boy had photos of naked children in computer See in context

Perhaps all involved in this awful case need to be reviewed, the mother and father of these children in particular. As well as the social service/police people who failed to detect this very sick "Baby Sitter". For the remaining child, I hope that he has an angel looking after him! "RIP" his older brother, too young to understand what was happening.

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Posted in: Moyes fired as Manchester United manager See in context

There goes another very rich ex-manager, never the right man for the job. But he`ll have a very nice retirement based on the "see you later" and "shut-up" package! Whatever happens in the way of a new manager, it will be a couple of years, before we see a winning "MU" team returning to the limelight.**

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Posted in: Lost codes spark airport scramble on eve of Obama's arrival See in context

When it comes down to it, there are not too many Asian countries that can boast or even host a meeting at any given time for a President of Obama`s statue. Well done the security guys that have made the right call in taking no chances and changing all the codes. Looking forward to hearing what comes out of his two day visit on the China/Korean front, not to mention the trade agreements yet to be agreed to.

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Posted in: Matsui officially retires as a New York Yankee See in context

A gifted samurai warrior, fare thee well Lord Matsui and well done the Yankies !

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Posted in: Japan's two-party politics in doubt as drubbing of DPJ looms See in context

Alas the DPJ Lords and Ladies are destined to suffer a heavy blow on this coming weekend and with that, theyre abject reign jester-dom will come crashing down amongst what is left of them on Monday the 22nd. No doubt they will have their regrets, as in hindsight what they could have been achieved and didnt will rue many a come back for the Lords/Ladies that were in power. Including the likes of Lord Kan and the bottom dwelling Noda, they will probably never make it onto the top floor ever again.

It will be interesting to listen to one of those fallen Lords represent himself in a new light this week, as he sets forth on his latest journey. Lord (cat) Ozawa has nine lives, but will he live through this next election ? As for the Lords/Ladies of the LDP-NK, we hope that they will use their newly granted power to better the Kingdom of Japan and pull this once dazzling economy back onto the world stage.

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Posted in: Dream Confederations Cup final: Brazil vs Spain See in context

Excellent, this is what we predicted from the opening games, the Knights are fully behind the Spanish Lords and hope to be celebrating with them tomorrow. Very well played the Samurais, if you could only have beaten the Mexicans Lords your flight home would have been less painful, we hope that you learn from the losses ?

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Posted in: Lions edge Australia 23-21 in first test See in context

Terrific match, whatever you say about the Lions Knights, they bring everything to the table. Looking forward to the next jousting session and I hope that the officials get it right next time on scrum and breakdown rulings. Clearly Pollock was out of his depth and Joubert should be put in charge of the next test.

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Posted in: Exiled Uighur leader, in Tokyo, says China used military in Xinjiang See in context

Incredible story and told with a brittle battle worn Uighur voice, this lovely Queen in waiting will unfortunately get no where until they discover oil, rare earth, minerals etc, etc. The Lords of NATO are too busy looking after numerous other battles which concern oil or mineral wealth in one form or the other, good luck fair Lady !!

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Posted in: Japan beats Canada 16-13 in Pacific Nations rugby See in context

A solid Canadian team of Lords gave Japanese Samurais a hard match and for a long period had it won, but for some excellent defending by the Japanese Samurais. The result was a fair one, as Canada to be specific have not been the force that they were in the last World Cup in NZ. Previous to this loss they were soundly beaten by a battle weakened (due to I&B Lions duty) Ireland. Lord Eddy Jones has been a delight to watch as he urges his mentors on to do greater things, maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel ?

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Posted in: Italy rallies from 2-0 down to beat Japan 4-3 in Confederations Cup See in context

A battle lost, but the war is still to be won. The overseas playing Blue Samurais have the confidence to go up against any team, however the Japan based players lack this quality and have been seen to cave in under pressure. We thought that this was one of the main reasons for the big loss to Brazil, thus the more overseas games these players take part in, the better their battle field skills will become and the better the SBs will be. Of course it doesnt help when you are fighting major battles from the off, it would have been a little easier if they had played in the same group as Spain. The Knights still see Spain as being the out right champions, so let`s see how they fare against the gallant Lords of Tahiti ?

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Posted in: Putin, Obama face off over Syria; rebels get Saudi missiles See in context

It would be a very wise move for the grand leaders of the Western Empire to re-read their history books and to study in detail the mistakes that were made and are still being made in the Kindoms of Antioch,Acre, Jerusalem Tripoli. Tens of thousands of lives wasted, fortunes spent on ruinous wars and eventually all for no real gain and later major headaches. Today you have Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Israel all about to turn into a blood bath with the Western Empire once again getting involved with far too few resources (we wont even go into the Afghani mess). So either you go in fully armed with half a million knights including every form of modern support or you stay away, because the war will come west should ye meddle around carelessly. For London, Paris, Rome and New York all host large communities of Saladins family.

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Posted in: Japanese media slam 3-0 loss to Brazil See in context

The knights have not written off the Blue Samurai Lords just yet and feel that there is a win or two left in them after their defeat to the multi time champions of the world. Recent matches have all been played by exhausted players coming from Europe to play and fly away, however with this FC being played over a couple of weeks (lots of team practise time) the BLLs will step up their game and hopefully prove the nay-sayers wrong. In the mean good luck to the Knights of Tahiti and our gold is on the Spanish Knights whom have a full team of proven world beaters.****

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Posted in: Britain's Henry Cavill dons Superman's cape in 'Man of Steel' See in context

Excellent film, Sir Nolan really knows his stuff and has made a tired old tale into another blockbuster cartoon based profit maker for the DC Comic Empire. Just a shame that the Japanese translators take so much time to get the kanji right !!**

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Posted in: Hirose hopes to get Japan over line against Wales See in context

Excellent chance for the brave Knights of Japan to beat a fine, but much depleted team of Welch Knights. Sir Eddie doing a great job of coaching the national CB team, however he might be drinking far too much saki if he things that the lads can step up into the top 10 within the next two years! Looking forward to the jousting over the weekend, Japan to win ??**

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Posted in: Defiant Hashimoto says U.S. troops abused women during occupation See in context

History repeats herself throughout the centuries, in that there has always been camp followers, whom have been paid to carry out a very profitable natural function. Be not naive or afraid, but the oldest or nearly occupation in the wold is what? Please, that ye visit the streets of Clark Base, Okinawa City, Sumvik Road Bankok, Hochiminlo, Newtown Circus, that to this very day offer up a panorama of ex-American occupation places to go for after battle relieve. HK and Korea have similar place to go, as does Tokyo and Osaka. Hashimotto maybe vocal in his well founded defence of what is true, but the Knights and I can only say that we have been there !

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Posted in: Police get tough on cyclists violating traffic laws See in context

We at the round table agree with GoGoGo and 25 Spot, nothing more to be said. Try riding a horse around Tokyo on a wet day and see how the TMP react !

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Posted in: France pounds Islamist strongholds in northern Mali See in context

Gentlemen, this is just the beginning with Central Africa up next, followed by problems in Spanish Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Somalia. So unless the the larger EU and American Lords put together some form of coherent Islamic policy you will see the Egyptians/Arabians supplying men and arms to re-unite all of north Africa under the Islamic flag. Syria is nothing but a divorce waiting to happen, it`s what goes on in Jordan, Lebanon and Israel (our old hunting grounds) that worries us here in Camelot ?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing her child to death in Saitama See in context

A clarion call from the depressed, poorly funded, old and needy, social services involved in all areas of human care need to be reformed here in Japan as soon as is possible. This particular case is no doubt the tip of the iceberg and for the the Mother to kill her own flesh and blood is major slap on the face to all involved. So please wake up social services and get out there to prevent any more such tragedies and if you don`t have enough funding (severely cut by the last government) then go and get it from the new one. The Knights will remain vigilant on this very frightening form of case during this difficult time of year, be neighbourly and make it a point to help those in need!

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Posted in: Abe ready to lift ban on e-campaigning See in context

**Excellent thoughts, let there be social media in the next elections. if Abenomics can get the youth of Japan off their collective bottoms to vote in their droves all the better, as only 59% bothered to turn out for the latest one. Carry on with the good work Abe, Mikitani and crew!

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Posted in: Kameda beats Ruiz to keep WBA bantamweight title See in context

The Knights all admire the fighting style of the young Sir Kameda, he shows absolutely no fear in the face of very aggressive and experienced opponents. One of the the very rare Japanese fighters to take on and beat the Golden Triangle of Mexico, Thailand and the Philippines. Carry on the good work young Sir, we expect to see you to continue holding the WBA Bantamweight title for another couple of seasons!

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Posted in: Bonds, Clemens, Sosa head Hall of Fame ballot See in context

A very tuff call to make, but if they are treated the same way as Lord Pete Rose has been, then these Lords of baseball face a long frustrating wait ahead of them to enter the hallowed arena. To dope or not to dope, brings to mind another era, when Carl Lewis was doing his innocent thing?

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Posted in: Japan posts worst October trade data in three decades See in context

Yuri Otani speaket well, perhaps at 100 to 110 and going to court a la apple over any and all hi-tech infringements will help as well. You can thank Lord Kan for the fossil fuel problems and allied trade deficit.

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Posted in: Ishikawa ends two-year title drought See in context

This young knight had many other thoughts on his mind over the past two years,let`s see how he produces from now on !

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Posted in: Stalker sent 1,000 emails to ex-girlfriend before killing her, police say See in context

Alas today`s policing is not quite as effective as it was, no doubt there are many other cases of this kind ongoing and causing havoc amongst the victims, my heart goes out to the husband. One hopes that this poor lass and her murders horrific deaths will encourage the local constabulary to broaden their outlook on the stalking of both males and females. The knights and I would also like to suggest a return to our more draconian methods of prevention, which requires a quick backhanded slash across the wrist tendons. Tends to stop one from being able to use the more modern forms of communication! Tally-ho......

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Posted in: Noda defies opposition, says election can wait See in context

Methinks that all the Kings horses and all the Kings men from the current government will never put the finances back together again as the current new (latest and greatest) stimulus package is not enough. Lord Noda and his merry band need to double whats on the table and aim it at the right targets, of which the following are mere suggestions : A coherent plan to down size the current nuclear/carbon mess, the development of reasonably priced alternative energy, boosting the population through paying breeding parents hundreds of thousands not tens of thousands of yens per month, better and free Kresch services for those working parents bringing up the little wretches, a new tax system that taxes one and all, competitive financial services, open competitive gambling including Casinos, a Singapore look-a-like tax free business zone, reinstallation of the stocks for those that dont vote, a vote for the gaijins living for over ten years in Japan, a good hard look at what needs to be done with the Tohoku debauch and perhaps most of all, an end to all current squabbling until the job is done i.e. balanced budget, growing population, growing commercial enterprise, gambling halls and drinking dens full of buxom........errr, too much mead Im afraid, but we await your comments Lord Noda here at Camelot .

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