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ironbutterfly98 comments

Posted in: Actress Ai Takabe arrested for cocaine possession See in context

Way to Go! Ai it is no big deal everybody in the entertainment industry used it too, include Politicians, well include us too those who wrote comments of her used it too, don't try to play innocent. everybody is guilty in one way or another. Her agency is part of it when they got caught Oh I'm clean!! trying to save their images.

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Posted in: Man cuts off love rival's penis; flushes it down toilet See in context

cut off his penis and replace it

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Posted in: As A-bomb survivors age, Japanese pass storytelling to young See in context

The American knew the Japanese going to surrender they deliberately went ahead and bombed, the United State's Secretary of State resigned he couldn't agreed with the US President of the bombing of H-bomb on Japan. It was part of Race discrimination.they could bomb Germany too why didn't they?

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl jumps to death from train platform See in context

Victim of BULLY at School, they should have a counselor at school looking for these kind of problems, One life wasted

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Posted in: Youth gets 5-9 years in prison for killing Mie schoolgirl See in context

It's a joke. It's a Minor? intend to rape and rob that's not a minor, life sentence for murdering an innocent girl

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Posted in: Takata refuses to comply with U.S. demand for expanded air bag recall See in context

Takata doesn't need to comply to the US demand, those senators are prejudice and discriminate against Asian, see what happened to Toyota as you can see the parts were made in USA no qualities, the one that was made in Japan has no problems, when GM have problems with the ignition switch they keep their mouth shut and didn't ask the GM's executive to come forward to explain the problems and those GM knew about the problems for years and try to ignore it and when the consumers start complained and certain numbers of drivers or passengers were killed in the car crashed then they start doing the recall as for those Senator the didn't say anything but they fined them for so amount of money which is half what the Toyota paid for the fine. anyway those GM does not made good car how many consumers buy cars from them only the Government, State and City bought it, it is mandatory because it is help them from Bankrupt. the only cars they sell the most is Pickup truck. It is just politic and we know politic has never been fair.

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Posted in: JOC officials 'astonished' by Tomita's theft denial See in context

An innocent person will get scared if suddenly accused and got confused, it happened in Asia, most of the time in crowded place like theater, railway station, airports etc, it happened to me one time at the airport a guy came over and put a bag beside my bag on the floor I asked him what's that? he said I need go to the rest room, well he can carry to restroom it is not that heavy he didn't show up later so I got up and sit a distance away, don't know if he came for the bag or not I already board the plane, it happen to my friend at the theater a guy just drop the bag near his feet while he is waiting for his girlfriend, I asked him did he open the bag he said no they just went in to the movie.

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Posted in: Japan's youth Olympians told to keep low profile in China See in context

Let bygone be bygone, we are all Asians why don't we get along, I'm from Burma in olden days we used to attack Siam now Thailand we burnt down Amarapura which was the capital city of Siam ( Thailand) we never talk about how we killed and torture and plunder and the Thais never talk about it we do get along very well****

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Posted in: Nursing home employee gets 8 years for fatally assaulting resident See in context

Shoouuld be 95 years, Treat her like your grandmother, if you don't have respect for the elders don't work there go get a job

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Posted in: Silent protest held in Tokyo against Gaza bloodshed See in context

If they didn't killed those three Israeli teenagers it will not have started, so look at the point you guys

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