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Posted in: Gunman opens fire at Oregon college; at least 9 killed, 7 wounded See in context

Don't like guns don't buy one. Don't want want to live in a country that allows people tye basic human right if self preservation don't live in The USA. Of the people at the school who got shot had access to a firearm there wouldn't be 10!dead and 20 injured there would be 1 or 2 dead and injured. What is a law going to do?? Pretty sure there is a law against killing people.... Think banning guns will solve the problem??? Pretty sure there is a law banning drugs in the USA yet I would have no problem going out and finding them if I wanted them. So basically what you want to do is take guns away from good people and leave them defenseless. Thanks but no thanks. If there are 6 million illegal immigrants at minimum in the USA how in the hell do you expect to keep guns out? They can even keep people out.

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Posted in: Man cuts off love rival's penis; flushes it down toilet See in context

Hmm. Well in Edo Jidai he would have been justified to kill the guy so long as he killed his wife too...

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Posted in: Nagasaki atomic bomb left man scarred for life See in context

Surprised he has lived so long. That doesn't fit the narrative you usually hear. Humans aren't as frail as some say I guess. Well let's hope nuclear weapons are never used again. Maybe The U.S. And international community should come down on Iran a little harder.

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Posted in: Male nipples become tools of 'sexual harassment' during summer, complain Japanese women See in context

I feel that most people hear think this is about walking around shirtless... Read the article. It's about seeing nipples through a shirt. Good grief get over yourselves. I highly doubt anyone will complain slid Japanese woman start ditching their bras and wear thinner shirts especially if it's a white shirt and a rainy day

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Posted in: Boston museum cancels 'Kimono Wednesdays' after racism protests See in context

It's racist because the Korean and Chinese protesters hate Japanese so they don't want to see a spread of Japanese culture

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Posted in: Japanese grandfather gets life in prison in Indonesia drug case See in context

I didn't see much sympathy in the comments there @katsu78

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Posted in: Tokyo opens bidding for sports to be added to 2020 Olympics See in context


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Posted in: Number of children in Japan falls to new low See in context

I'll come back and bring my 2 kids if Japan makes it worth my time. It's too expensive to own a home or feed a famiily there

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Posted in: Actress’ incredible swing in new Toyota commercial has people talking See in context

Lol nice commercial! She had a very interesting trying stance to say the least

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Posted in: Tokyo ward 1st in Japan to recognize same sex marriage See in context

Homosexuality Is Not Normal By Ben Cerruti

Moderator: The URL will suffice after you have posted your views on the topic.

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Posted in: Where have all the 'gyaru' gone? See in context

Lol send them to the states. They seem to be follow 5-7 years behind japanese fashion here

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Posted in: Campaigning begins for 960 local elections See in context

Why can't they just buy TV commercials instead of annoying everyone everywhere!?

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Posted in: Abe's U.S. trip set for April 26-May 3 See in context

Will there be any public appearances?! The wife and Inwould like to see him and show our support!

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Posted in: Biker assaulted by iron bar-wielding Nara innkeeper See in context

Statistically safest country... Lol Sure unless your a female

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Posted in: Biker assaulted by iron bar-wielding Nara innkeeper See in context

Bosozoku are another reason I'm glad I no longer live in a country which doesn't allow its citizens to arm themselves.

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Posted in: Biker assaulted by iron bar-wielding Nara innkeeper See in context

This inn keeper is my Freakimg hero!! Had run ins with these idiots during my 7 years in Japan. I have waited in the street for the jerks to return at 3 am a few times. They always seemed to know just how many times they could drive by before it would annoy me to the point of violence... I stopped a few in the middle of the street and told them to shut up or else, they did until they turned the next corner and I was no longer in sight. If all Japanese what this guy did to maybe a less violent extent, it would stop. Stop wailing around with your head in the sand with the excuse the bosozoku are Abunai !!! And stand up to them. Then it would stop!

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Posted in: Rest stop in Shiga mistakenly sells poisonous mushrooms See in context

Remember when "poisoness " mushrooms were legal to buy and sell in Japan? Granted they were illegal to eat.. And I'm sure everyone who knows what I'm talking about obeyed that law. But yeah.. I miss the good ole days.. Like what 12 years ago

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Posted in: Defense minister puzzled by abnormal number of flights by Russian military aircraft See in context

So how is the world enjoying the US staying out of things for awhile?

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Posted in: China mulls days to remember defeat of Japan, Nanjing Massacre See in context

Pretty sure Japan's defeat in WWII had very little to do with Chinese resistance....

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Posted in: Snow hits Kanto again; over 100 flights grounded See in context

Waaa we just got 65cm in My town****

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Posted in: Deciding whether or not to help a crying child is complicated in Japan See in context

I really wish this attitude of not getting involved would change. I watch a van skid out on the ice go across the road i. Front of me hit the bank and roll over. It was in Japan I was driving though I wasn't completely certain of the stTus of my internTional permit being valid i immediately stopped and rushed to the van. There was only the driver inside. She was shaken but not hurt . About 10 other cars minimum saw the accident and just drove off. My Japanese being very basic made me apprehensive about dealing with the situation but luckily the drive spoke very good English. I had to climb on top of the van now laying on the drivers side and open the door and pull the driver out. As her car was running and smoking. I climbed in and shut off the engine. All of this would have been easier with some help fr the passerbys that and the fact that 2 other cars nearly slammed into the van as well because noone got out to even stop traffic. Then druver was great fuk and wanted to give me a gift but I didn't want one as I did not act as I did for reward. And I didn't want to stick around for the cops as my driving permit was in question.

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Posted in: Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife See in context

I just don't understand how it isn't unbearably embarassing for my wife when we visit Hspsb and my 7 yo, who was born in Japan, daughter doesn't speak any Japanese. We stayed this past august for 2 weeks and she quickly started picking Japanese up. But since returning home my wife still hasn't tried to teach her. She tells me I should teach her. Before we went in our trip I was the one teaching my Daughter as my wife wouldn't for some reason. Unfortunately my Japanese really isn't good enough to be teaching more than basic needs and greeting. I really want her to know more than that. I thought of sending her to her grandparents in a Japan during summers off of school but she needs at least survival Japanese abilities before I am comfortable doing this as my patent in laws basically speak 0 English.

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Posted in: Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife See in context

Am I the only one who has the problem that their Japanese wife won't or at least isnt teaching out kids Japanese? We are living in the US but if I were still in Japan I would be teaching them English...?

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

Do what I did take your kids back home if you don't like it. Or the each them how to break a few small noses and they won't have to worry about the name calling

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

Oops typo. Not depicting white negatively,but rather something to aspire too

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

Nope. And pretty sure I do have a lot bigger nose than Japanese folks. Racism this is not. This is not depicting whites as something to aspire too if anything this should be offensive to Japanese people not those of European ancestory. Let's change the image of Japan back to being more Japanese I say.

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

Lol I love that commercial! That's funny. So stop looking for reason to scream racists! Jeesh! Not like you guys complain or evencare about western depictions of Japanese. Sure u all laugh at the asian a in driver jokes...

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Posted in: 4 die after choking on 'mochi;' at least 10 hospitalized See in context

OMG!! They should ban mochi!!

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Posted in: U.S. slaps sanctions on 4 senior members of yakuza gang See in context

Hmm wonder why Japan hasn't done this...?

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Posted in: Woman jumps off building in Shinjuku, landing on man below See in context

@Thunderbird2 I'm sorry but that is true in many countries but not Japan. It is a systemic problem in Japanese culture. The act of suicide is not deemed dishonorable or a sin as in many other cultures, quite the contrary it has a history of being applauded. Could I jump from a window no because I love my life no matter how hard life gets. And I would never put my family through finding my brains splattered all over the street or the front of a train. I understand bullied people who want to commit violence in their bullies ( I don't condone it but understand it) but committing violence on myself because of bullies is just as foriegn an idea to me as kissing may be to a space alien. Suicide is a problem in Japan and needs to have a very negative stigma attached to it so middle schoolers stop killing themselves because they didn't make it into the high school they wanted. Mental illness in general in Japan needs addressed seriously because of Japanese societal attitude towards mental health related issues this may contribute to why people kill themselves rather than seeking help.

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