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Posted in: Woman jumps off building in Shinjuku, landing on man below See in context

Suicide is not deserving of sympathy or empathy. It is deserving of scorn and endless ridicule. It is time Japan stop tolerating this kind of selfish act. This is not Edojidai they are not samurai and the are not committing sepuku. But if you want to kill yourself a knife in your stomach will not injure anyone else physically. Suicide is a losers way out. And its time the Japanese start emphasizing it. A permanent solution to a temporary problem. So I hope this woman suffers and the poor man recovers 100%.

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Posted in: Man shot after being mistaken for a deer in Shizuoka See in context

First off, any hunter worth a grain of dirt does not shoot blindly at anything. Hence, this hunter isn't wort a grain of dirt. Next the idea of hunting being a depraved activity is immature at best and more than likely totally ignorant in this case. Hunters kill their prey much more humanely than the way the animals in your local grocery store meet their demise and the animals hunted don't spend their entire life in a 6x6 box or smaller. Then the issue of age comes up. Both my grandfather and grandmother hunted well into their 80's, my grandfather taking his last deer at 83 before he passed. My father now 70 still hunts and I'm sure he will continue as long as he is able to get out in the woods. By the way none of them have ever shot anyone. Next a shotgun while safer for hunting in populated areas due to the fact the projectile doesn't fly as far is not nearly as effective at ensuring a quick and painless death as a rifle. Many people hunt to feed their families more than for "sport" at least in my country. In Japan hunting is done mainly for population control as there aren't any large predators to do this naturally. Now yes a lot of these animals are wasted usually only the back straps "tender loins" are harvested as they are the favored part to eat by japanese . Personally I cat stand to see this waste some family could surely benefit from the rest of the carcass.but when you consider that there are no bag limits in Japan because of the small amount of hunters I understand why the hunters only take the best part of the deer still I think the rest of the body should be donated but apparently this is against Japanese law. in closing this hunter should definitely never be allowed to hunt again due to the neglect any responsibility he showed but not identifying his target he was in the wrong and should definitely a face some sort of stiff punishment. but for those of you timing just because you love animals maybe you should do some more researchon how the food the grocery store gets there.

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Posted in: Abe warns China on use of force as jets scrambled See in context

Someone asked if The Chinese bombers were flying in international waters why is Japan scrambling jets? Let me try to explain so you understand. If there is a mob of twenty people with weapons in the street marching directly towards your house, even though they have every right to be in the street as it's not yours it's everyone's , do you 1. Do nothing. 2. Lock your doors and load you rifle and keep a close eye in them . ? I would chose 2 if you don't I feel sorry for your family.

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Posted in: Lifelong sex? Men say yes; women not so sure See in context

Ten years 2 kids still sexing. And recently 9 times out of ten she has initiated it. You just gotta make sure she enjoys its more than you at least half the time. Dont be lazy lovers guys and it'll keep coming :)

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Posted in: Broadcasters ban Panasonic 'smart' TV commercial See in context

So essentially the Broadcasters have called their viewers stupid...

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Posted in: Japan has never had smooth ties with China: Aso See in context

Lets not forget more ancient history. The whole fact that for a few thousand years China thought itself the center of the universe and made all the other Asian countries pay tribute to them at least once a year bringing extravagant gifts and spending untold amounts of money just to get to China all I order to keep China from attacking them. Kinda like what the Mafia did to shop owners just on a global scale. But one country in Asia refused to pay tribute. Anyone know who that was? Japan that's right. And since the refused the Chinese sent an armada across the sea to attack Japan not once but twice! And not once but twice a typhoon kicked up and destroyed the Chinese fleet. That's where the Kamikaze term or "divine wind" term originated. So yeah the 1900's showed a lot of Japanese aggression but for centuries before that it was the Chinese who were the aggressors. And maybe just maybe that's why the Japanese were so brutal when they did attack China. They knew they were out manned out supplied and out gunned but if they could create such a great sense of fear in the Chinese through their brutality maybe they could control the populace once the defeated the military. And it seemed to work. I don't condone it just saying it worked.

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Posted in: Would-be robber wielding toy gun chased down by local man in Hachioji See in context

Happy to hear someone actually did something! Yes it was potentially foolish to do what he did, but the likelihood of the gun being real was a quite small percent and if it had been real the likely hood of it having been loaded would have been an even smaller percent. Kudos to the citizen!

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Why should Obama get involved in the dispute anymore than he already had? The best thing for the US would be to have a stronger Japananese military capable of defending itself so the already stretched thin US military could redeploy some of the 50,000 troops elsewhere in more needed locations. Instead of protecting Japan from the bullies around it. Japan really needs to get over their defeatist culture. That culture is what has given rise to these uncontrollable teens in Japan running amuck in a country that had a "there's nothing I can do about it" attitude. Pride for Japan seems to be looked on as a negative trait. Patriotism is almost a dirty eord in Japan. I was shocked by this coming from a flag waiving " we are the best" culture like the US that Obama is trying hard to destroy. No they shouldn't forget the past. They need to revise their history classes and actually teach why the other Asain countries have such disdain for Japan ie the rape of Nanking. With hopes that they won't do it again. But the past is in the past. And it's time for the Japanese to take pride in their country and themselves again.

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I reckon they need to get the cop from Osaka to sit on his back and crush him the POS.

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Have any of you Monday night quarterbacks ever tried to restrain a crazy person? I somehow seriously doubt it. If she had pulled that crap in the States she would have been lucky to only get hit with a taser. 100 kg isn't that big you people have been in Japan way too long. Now if he was kneeling on her back with both legs that might be negligent. But it depends on how much she was resisting. 1 knee in the back is common practice in the real world. You have know idea just how strong crazy can make a person. I've seen a 93 year old with dementia in a hospital who uses a walker take down 3 healthy adults then sprint ( yes sprint not run) down a hospital hallway without her walker. You do not mess around with crazy people, they will hurt or even kill you. And isn't a bit immature to be name calling this officer because of his weight? For all you know he's 6'3" and built like a tank. Now I am the last person to defend the Japanese Police. I find them completely worthless hiding from bozozuku in their Kobans. I'm happy to hear they actually responded to the neighbors call. People die its part of life if you don't want to go early dont be crazy.

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