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Posted in: Japan berates China's Xi over Nanjing remarks in Berlin See in context

We were just patient what Chinese and Korean says for long. Because Japanese was thinking "Just sees future, but don't forget any wars don't have any justice. And that's BITOKU (美徳) "We say nothing to others. We just think only own selves points of having to introspection." . We don't like to blame others without seeing not good things in own. And we were known they KNEW we are quiet. But it's time we can't patient anymore about their acts and words. I couldn't patent it anymore since when I saw Korean's acts on YouTube they made the flag in Japanese "Congratulations Japanese got the BIG earthquake, we are happy about it!" in the middle of the game of soccer/football in Japan and Korea. They are too much, because they knew Japanese quiet always. We had the war with all Asian countries. But why only China and Korean still says badly about Japan, even they made stories or make the story beggest than truth. Where is a country who has been a big help to many countries economies and high technology for a long, long time (since after the war) without takes anything from them? And we were saying for long. We apologized many times to them. Where is the country like Japan? We were never stop the help to them, EVEN NOW. That's the Japanese way we like the spirit "INTOKU-陰徳" as "Just help others with don't say we helped!. Because we won't help in getting orders to obtain praise." Even MANY other Asian countries also knew China says lie about the island things too, because they always start to say suddenly "That's our island." Vietnam, Philippines's, and others too! Korean never accepts go to the international court about the island problem, too. Even we are ALWAYS saying "Let's this problem on the international court, and be clear this problem." since so long time ago! How many times and for a long time they made the story? I was shocked BBC still put this page on the web... the thing of result was from Korean studens. But the thing the judgement on international, they made the answer it's not true and dismissed it August 27, 2002. At the time, there were also many normal Japanese in China. And many Japanese come and back to between in China and Japan. Why the only Japanese didn't get the sickness then?? But we like Chinese people. Because we know normal Chinese never care about like these things. We know normal Chinese people are really kind people. Just don't like the Chinese government. They must stop persecuting to other races, immediately. And we want to say also to the Korean government that did you apologize and helped to people about Geochang incident, Ganghwa Ryomin massacre, Go Dai massacre, Tay Vinh massacre, Ha My massacre, Phong Nhat massacre, Hoshirube League incident, MOSTLY Lai Dai Han People? ... I think I am foolish now, but wrote these things because I really wanted to say "we have to see the future and start to walk together for making the peace world, also for the people in the world who died from the stupid war..... And there is never justice in anyone in any country.

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