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Posted in: 3-meter tsunami reached nuclear plant after powerful Japan quake See in context

After every failure at nuclear power plants and every potential failure, they still cannot use their experience with the accidents to be able to stop from being negligent with their failures to provide the public with safe and honest readings from tsunami buoys. The blackouts will continue.

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Posted in: Japan lifts operational ban on world's biggest nuclear plant in Niigata Prefecture See in context

Aren't they supposed to hold referendums to get the consent of locals?

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Posted in: Character for tax (税) picked as kanji of 2023 See in context

Yes, let's not forget the increased tax revenues from inflation. There's no way to increase the consumption tax. They forgot about inflation. What's their big idea now?

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Posted in: Diet passes bill to legalize cannabis-derived medicines See in context

The ruling parties in the government will pass anything they want and the common citizen will do nothing about it. If your children smoke that stuff and get convicted, as a parent, you are not likely to see them for at least 7 years. They can work for free to do the will of the ruling parties. Are you telling me that mothers and fathers actually would be in favor of what this is really going to do? Of course not, that's why politicians will never ask or care what they think.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., others vow to triple global nuclear energy by 2050 See in context

There is no sustainable alternative for nuclear power, so that's why it's not a good base power source.

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Posted in: Japan to allow criminal checks beyond 10 years for jobs involving children See in context

Previous poster asks some good questions. Also, it's impossible for a foreigner to have a criminal record if they just came to Japan. Does that mean that somebody with a minor infraction 20 years would be less desirable than someone who' has not had the chance to commit a violation?

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Posted in: Kishida unveils relief package for fishery sector See in context

Suppliers should be required to attach a caught in alps treated waters to assure customers of the scientific safety of Fukushima fish.

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Posted in: Court rejects case opposing restart of Miyagi Prefecture nuclear plant See in context

If we use this kind of logic maybe it will be better to reappropriate defense spending to pay part of our electricity bills. Why should we assume that other governments militaries will be a threat?

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Posted in: Court rejects case opposing restart of Miyagi Prefecture nuclear plant See in context

This is the will of the Court and the government policies. Not getting the will of the people is unforgivable. Getting the will of the people would mean holding a referendum where the reactors will be starting, not just having the commissioner's rubber stamp and say that they speak for the people. Not getting incredible consent of the people is unforgivable.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainee arrested after dead baby found in Hiroshima Prefecture See in context

They have to make an example out of this and the company President should be considered an accomplice or subject to responsibility for this situation. Company presidents must be responsible for due diligence when inspecting health and not only when they're trying to hype up coronavirus and make everyone wear masks.

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Posted in: Japan declares war on hay fever See in context

Id like to encourage the writer to specify what exactly they are planning to do. What are they going to do with the wood? A little more content please.

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Posted in: China sanctions U.S. Congress member for Taiwan visit See in context

Sanctioning the Ronald Reagan library? What a bold the move. Of course I find it as amusing as any other Westerner that Trump could inflame Asians inferiority complex by using reaganesque rhetoric and demeanor, as fraudulent as it was. They're going too far by taking cheap shots at Reagan, lol.

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Posted in: What to know about new research on coffee and heart risks See in context

It's very important to take an hour break at work and not encourage people just to drink a cup of coffee.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to boost child-rearing budget to 4% of GDP See in context

I hope it's just lip service. They already got the military 2% money so it would make sense to talk like he wants to do this. If he could get another 4% on the children's backs, the ones who must defend the ldp's twisted will, it seems like money that could easily be reappropriated if there was a fabricated need.

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Posted in: Cabinet adopts policy of using nuclear reactors beyond 60 years See in context

The onagawa plant is an accident site. Make no mistake about that. They had to replace the whole top of one of the reactors and God knows what else. These plants will never be on time and they will never be under budget so they are a waste not to mention that there's no plan b. What will you do if they can start the reactors? You'll be in the cold, that's what. The government has declared that they cannot maintain a country without these nuclear plants, so it is very clear for any other country what to do in order to set Japan back to the Stone age.

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Posted in: Japan criticizes Russia's 'illegal occupation' of disputed isles See in context

When the Russians took the Northern Territories, they also took half of Sakhalin that was part of Japan. Sakhalin is where all the natural gas that Japan needs is. Why is there never any mention of this motive. Whoever controls the Northern Territories will also control Sakhalin.

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Posted in: Suspect charged with third murder in Christmas Day killing of family of 3 See in context

I I would advise that to prevent this from this and many other bad possible things from happening, that foreigners who married Japanese should really consider being the head of household. It will only make your family stronger and settling for less will hurt you in the long run. For example, the police might not even take a report from a foreigner who is not the head of a household. If you are the foreign head of a household with Japanese citizens, that would mean that not listening to you would be not listening to Japanese in the eyes of the police. I'm not saying that this will prevent all crazy psychopaths from doing things like this but it will get more of a reaction from the police when you give them the tip.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan to hike prices for third time in 10 months See in context

Another one of their new marketing schemes is to charge the same price for take in and take out. I was worried about eating in after I had to take out order in the cashier is shown me that it cost the same price as 10% tax, for real.

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Posted in: Rocky ride: Tesla stock on pace for worst year ever See in context

All the loss is orchestrated to reduce musk's tax burden because he's smart.

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Posted in: Big challenges: Choosing a nuclear career in Japan See in context

All this promotion of reliance on nuclear power sounds like a leaky pipe a dream.

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Posted in: Japan adopts new policy promoting greater use of nuclear energy See in context

Nuclear power generation has created the socio-economic reliance that we need to avoid. We must move in the opposite direction. Conservation of energy is the key to self-reliance and sustainability. The unintended side effects are more than just environmental and human error at Fukushima and Chernobyl. Look what's happening in Ukraine at the power plants there. They are targets in the world is about to go to war, radioactive dirty bombs. Sun flares are also a very serious risk that nobody talks about on here.

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Posted in: Japan adopts new policy promoting greater use of nuclear energy See in context

About SM (NUCLEAR) R's...



With a drop in population, and the efforts people will make to conserve energy because of the price, I really don't see power generation being such a lucrative market in the future. There will be less need for power with less people.

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Posted in: Japan adopts new policy promoting greater use of nuclear energy See in context

The supply of uranium from Russia is not reliable. Some small modular nuclear reactors have designs that manage the nuclear waste problem by just leaving it in the ground, forever. I hope Green technology doesn't mean the green glow from the plutonium.

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Posted in: Court rejects residents' calls to halt Kansai Electric's aging nuclear reactor See in context

Russian uranium

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Posted in: Court rejects residents' calls to halt Kansai Electric's aging nuclear reactor See in context

I thought the new reactors and fuel will need to rush in uranium. That doesn't sound very reliable. I'm sure they wouldn't overlook that would they?

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Posted in: Japan's manpower-light defense strategy a flawed 'paper plan', officers say See in context

If we're going to be talking about going to war, we may as well be talking about arming local communities. I can't understand why nobody has mentioned this and Japanese news, soldiers, etc, never consider it an option. When they get past with the missiles the drones and the ships, Japan must make invaders understand that they are coming to fight the people on terrain that gives the armed defenders an advantage naturally.

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Posted in: Why Japan is boosting its arms capability, defense budget See in context

Can't we learn from the lessons of today? Ukraine has missiles and defense systems, but the real danger is winter. Are you ready for freezing while the politicians shoot missiles? Is the electricity grid similar to the one that's been destroyed in Ukraine? If so, guess what that means. We'll all be out in the cold.

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Posted in: LDP eyes shifting 1% of income tax payments for 'defense tax' See in context

Arm the people, the ones who are facing invasion, I'm sure they'll take care of corruption real quick.

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Posted in: Japan eyes higher corporate, tobacco taxes to fund defense spending See in context

Why don't they tax face cream and pachinko while they're at it

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Posted in: Taxes to be raised to cover additional defense spending: Kishida See in context

Why don't they use the increased revenue from inflation paid on everyday products. It's at least 20%. They need to pull that money out of their sleeves

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