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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

This is the norm so releasing was their plan all along. They could have evaporated it already otherwise. Do you think they'll test every batch of water like they test every fish?

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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

It's about time officials finally lightened up a bit. If more people are having their lives ruined in such a way, I'm surprised the article didn't refer to this as a human rights issue.

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Posted in: Quasi-emergency COVID-19 measures begin in Osaka, Hyogo, Miyagi prefectures See in context

Quasi state of emergency in Miyagi? Is that because of the chicken hawk substandard governor? Maybe mr murai is not man enough to wield the authority for a full state of emergency.

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Posted in: Female monarchs to be debated as Japan looks to secure imperial line See in context

Female monarch is an oxymoron in Japan.

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Posted in: M6.9 quake hits northeastern Japan See in context

Because of the earthquake which caused the tsunami in 2011, there are holes and cracks and what he used to be a containment vessels. I hope these recent earthquakes didn't make it worse.

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Posted in: Japan's malls and restaurants brace for Olympics without foreign visitors See in context

The construction companies got their money and then some after increasing the price of the bids. Not All is Lost, there are still mountains to pave. The only people that lose are the common people and their service establishments. Hopefully the insurance companies will take a hit too.

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Posted in: Japan wants food import curbs imposed after Fukushima crisis lifted See in context

Science can't be trusted sometimes. Especially, when ratios are used. Ammounts of strontium and plutonium are not tested in many cases. Ratios are used from tests that had low results of plutonium be and strontium. It's obvious they are not checking all the fish.

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Posted in: Japan to stage Tokyo Olympics without overseas spectators See in context

No spectators because the public is sceptical? We are sceptical about fukushima dai ichi, more. I guess this is their way of saying the vaccines are not very effective. Is t the virus supposed to mutate out of existence like influenza did?

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Posted in: U.N. finds no adverse health effects from Fukushima disaster See in context

One becheral equals one disinigration per second in your body. Measuring microsieverts and miliseiverts outside our bodies does not measure relevant effects on our bodies.

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Posted in: U.N. finds no adverse health effects from Fukushima disaster See in context

Internal exposure to radiation was not taken I to account thus it's not accurate to judge harm to humans and other animals.

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Posted in: Woman dies from brain hemorrhage days after receiving coronavirus vaccine, but link uncertain See in context

Brain inflammation is associated with the virus which could cause such a problem. In other words, good luck trying to get the 44 million yen if such a thing happens to one of your family members.

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Posted in: COVID vaccine for elderly to be distributed based on population proportion See in context

I understand elderly are more vulnerable in the short term, but considering the article and how places in the countryside with few infections would be given priority because people are old doesn't seem to prioritize actual vulnerability. Obviously, people in Tokyo who are old are the actual most vulnerable. It could be based on other factors that are not disclosed. For example, people in the countryside have lots of land assets and their sudden death could be problematic for a lot of reasons. Some of what virus rex said made sense, but I'm not sure if one were to compare virus distribution with old age distribution.

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Posted in: COVID vaccine for elderly to be distributed based on population proportion See in context

Just asking, you've gotta catch up with the times, there are new mutations every time I check the news. I had trouble with the mic, but my point is, by vaccinating the young who should do the chores, working, riding trains, etc, they could cover the most vulnerable to catching the disease thus increasing the effective USE of said vaccine. The article is about effective USE, but I'm trying to understand why elderly should have first priority.

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Posted in: COVID vaccine for elderly to be distributed based on population proportion See in context

Assuming the vaccines are effective, which I do not, it would make more sense to vaccinate the workforce because they are the ones who go out every day. workers in the house or the ones who would bring it home to the elderly. Workers who are younger the ones who would suffer for a long time from the effects of an infection. Workers are the ones who would put strain on the medical system in the future to pay for open damage. How is it more effective use to give the old people the vaccines who can stay at home because they don't have to work?

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Posted in: Vaccinating children: Is COVID-19 herd immunity possible without them? See in context

If suppose the vaccines were effective, it wouldn't take much science to figure out that the young are the only ones it should be vaccinated. If a young person where to get sick they'd have to live with the damages for a long time,where as, an old person would die soon and not have to suffer or be a burden on the state for long. Duh

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Posted in: Over 100 injured, trains halted after M7.3 quake strikes northeastern Japan See in context

I'm glad that there are no irregularities at the nuke plants beyond what's already being released otherwise there might be a mess exodus of panic. I'm sure there are no controlled releases.

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Posted in: EU approves first shipment of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to Japan See in context

It's plausible that they're trying to sell these vaccines before everybody finds out how ineffective they are. The AstraZeneca vaccine is not effective and we'll see about the Pfizer, but it doesn't look good. it appears the virus is a runaway train that's left to the vaccines at the train station. How could this happen? I thought viruses were supposed to mutate themselves into a harmless state. How could they be changing and getting so much worse? Could it be that the vaccines are allowing the stronger and more dangerous traits to prevail? Nobody knows? When are they going to come clean with us about this virus?

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Posted in: Suga apologizes after LDP execs visit hostess bars during state of emergency See in context

could you imagine going out and drinking with those guys. maybe I could talk to the girls for them.

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Posted in: New coronavirus cases in Tokyo soar to 2,447; nationwide tally 7,570 See in context

Is the virus mutating out of control because of the current leaky vaccines that may need to be changed with each mutation (we don't know)? Is it possible? Coronavirus says, "holding my beer."

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Posted in: Japan to lose trillions of yen in consumption with virus emergency See in context

How did they get these estimates of loss? From what I understand, only restaurants and drink bars will be closing. People will be eating at home and drinking at home. They still have to spend the money to do that at home and it produces tax revenue, not to mention the effects of price gouging and panic shopping.

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Posted in: What we do and don't know about new COVID mutations See in context


That was a valiant effort, but you keep differentiating between humans and animals. Humans are actually a kind of animal you know. I'll think about what you said. I respect your opinion and you do have some interesting points, sometimes. In all honesty, I hope my suspicions are not right in this particular case.

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Posted in: What we do and don't know about new COVID mutations See in context

Here's one more. There are really tons of articles on this. leaking vaccines for the reason why you have to take a different vaccine every year unlike a perfect vaccine like polio which doesn't require so many vaccinations because of mutations.

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Posted in: What we do and don't know about new COVID mutations See in context

This is the first thing that came up in the Google search and there's mountains of evidence. Give it a try.

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Posted in: What we do and don't know about new COVID mutations See in context

Oh and virusrex, when I say leaky, I'm referring to the vaccines ineffectiveness that allows the stronger attributes of the virus to live and get stronger.

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Posted in: What we do and don't know about new COVID mutations See in context


I'm not convinced that leaky don't vaccines make viruses stronger, aka more virulent. Even mentioning leaky vaccines got the topic knocked off the front page. It's something that we really don't know, but we do know that it causes mutation different than what would have occurred without human therapeutic intervention. Please be sure to differentiate between the different kinds of vaccines because doing that makes people believe that they're all perfect and effective.

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Posted in: What we do and don't know about new COVID mutations See in context

It would be more appropriate to define on what we dont know about leaky vaccines as opposed to perfect vaccines. The flu vaccine is also a leaky vaccine. Ive heard that leaky vaccines make viruses stronger by way of mutation and stronger ability to be contagious thus possibly making viruses more deadly, especially for people who dont get leaky vaccines. Making generalizations about vaccines as a whole and not acknowledging the division of issues involving vaccine types is misleading and worrisome.

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Posted in: Tsunami-hit Onagawa nuclear reactor gets OK to restart See in context

If you ask any of the locals, they will tell you how against this they are. If you ask the mayor or the governor, they mysteriously think it's okay. How could this be?

It's because the Mayors and prefectural assemblyman are all on the government payroll. There is a disconnect from the will of the people. Local officials are merely yes men to rubber stamp government plans. Its sad and a failure.

The government and corporations have set the goal post where they want them. Of course it's okay.

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Posted in: Mothers of child abuse victims often isolated: gov't panel See in context

Absolutely meaningless claims. Why would murder suicide be excluded? Also, a simple probe into the dv police reports would likely reveal more inconvenient news about the character of these confrontations. This report merits allowing father's to take custody of the children. I wonder how many of the children's father's battled for custody. Try factoring that in.

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Posted in: White House blocks tougher FDA guidelines on vaccine approval See in context

Why would president Trump r anyone not want to wait a measly 2 months to have the vaccine certified with the appearance of credibility? I suspect alterior motives because there is so much that is unknown about the virus not to mention the vaccine. Maybe Trump just doesn't want to worry us. Is it ever okay for us to worry like adults?

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Posted in: Japan reveals 3 sea-based alternatives for scrapped Aegis Ashore plan See in context

If there is a need to defend ourselves that merits bureaucrats wheeling and dealing missiles and rockets, it seems reasonable that we should be supplied with weapons (guns!) to protect our families in the real world.

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