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@Strangerland Sorry thats what I meant to say. For example a zainichi Korean wanting their name in Korean as well as Japanese.

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Posted in: 5 reasons foreigners find it hard to become friends with Japanese people See in context

Japan has its fair share of racism like any country in the world but I think its fair to say, especially due to nihonjinron (discourse on Japanese-ness) philosophy, Japan is a little more ethnocentric at times. That said, these kind of stereotypes are just as bad as those some Japanese hold.

I think the key to any relationship is communication and compromise. Obviously language is the biggest hurdle initially but accepting and respecting cultural differences is just as important if not more. I think not being able to strike a balance culturally can be one the main reasons friendship can end up stagnating.

As mentioned many people feel and or experience not being fully accepted into society but this article fails to really expand on that. To understands this I think it is best to look at the law. Firstly, birth certificates, currently there is no other option other than Japanese or Non-Japanese. There is such thing as dual-nationality (when you reach a certain age must decide which nationality to take on) or state recognition for Japans minorities which plays into the nihonjinron mentality. In addition to this, naming your child a completely Non-Japanese name will bar them for Japanese citizenship. Secondly, naturalization, if you choose to naturalize you wont have to get a visa again and you can give yourself some kanji for your name if you like (a bit weird that one but each to their own) but one thing you would be able in others countries upon doing so is vote, which sadly you will never be able to do. I respect that with a written constitution change is difficult to bring about but I feel anyone who contributes to society, in turn, should also be able to contribute democratic decision. I feel the unbending nature of the current law impose a very them and us image whether or not this influences the greater proportion of society or not, its certainly doesn`t foster multiculturalism.

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