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Posted in: New immigration laws hinder some married expats returning to UK See in context

Oh my gosh I’m genuinely shocked by this! How can this be a thing?! This is just so sad, and highlights exactly the problems and stress of visas! And I can relate to this first hand because my husband had to get a marriage visa, so obviously I was in a slightly similar situation! I can’t even begin to explain how stressed to the max I was at first so everyone who's going through a similar stress has my complete and total sympathy! To be honest in the end we just went through a specialised company place (this was them if anyone was interested: https://www.visaandmigration.com/service/uk-marriage-or-spouse-visa/11.html ). It turned out ok for us because we went through other people, but that was only because we felt so overwhelmed in the first place! Honestly something does need to be done to make the process better, too many people have such an unnecessarily hard time. There has to be a better way, and this article proves it!

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Posted in: Daiso’s super-easy, super-cheap sushi maker lets you make sushi rolls without rolling anything See in context

Ahhh this is perfect! I literally think I'm going to have to get this!! My little one has really gotten into sushi (thank god it’s something that’s not chicken nuggets) so I’ve promised her that we’ll start having it for dinner (only problem being I know very little about sushi and I literally have no idea at all how you go about making iti haha). So this would be a fantastic tool! On a side note - in terms of the rice do you need to add anything else? I’ve been going around the internet and printing out various guides I can find (I’m trying to build up a collection haha) and anyway this one says that you need to add vinegar, salt and sugar to make sushi rice  (http://rofuto.co.uk/news/how-to-make-sushi-at-home-guide/ ). Are there different ways to make it then or different versions of the rice? If so which would you recommend? X

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