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Posted in: Kishida aims to lead session on China, Indo-Pacific at Italy G7 summit See in context

OKuniyoshiToday 08:42 pm JST

While you are at it, how about bringing up for discussion the Israeli/Palestinian issues too?? to get some credibility????

It's on the agenda for discussion. It says so in the article.

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Posted in: Hong Kong cancels passports of six 'lawless' democracy activists See in context

JJEToday 08:14 pm JST

Beijing has not breached the agreement and is in full compliance.

Not according to the co-signatory, which states that Beijing is in "a state of ongoing non-compliance."


Anything else is a media beat up.

I'd believe the co-signatory's assessment, as reported by a wealth of free press outlets, over you.

But you can believe it's all a "media beat up" if you want.

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Posted in: Kishida aims to lead session on China, Indo-Pacific at Italy G7 summit See in context

Mr GoodmanToday 07:38 pm JST

Please stop spreading false narratives Isabel.

The words of the duly elected government of Taiwan are not a "false narrative." In fact, they carry a lot more weight than the words of the unelected Xi.

Other countries (leaving aside the CCP's client states like Laos and Pakistan) merely pay lip service to the CCP's fantasy in order to keep the peace. Xi has threatened to invade if Taiwan declares "formal" independence, so everyone just plays along with the "status quo."

In all respects that really matter, Taiwan is an independent country. Just as its duly elected government says.

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Posted in: Hong Kong cancels passports of six 'lawless' democracy activists See in context

quercetumToday 06:32 pm JST

Where in the agreement between China and the UK does it restrict China's sovereignty and freedom to implement national security laws?

Trying this same line again, are you? Cute.

You already know all the below, and are just cheerleading for the CCP as usual, but for the benefit of anyone who doesn't:

The agreement doesn't restrict China's sovereignty, and the protesters never tried to do that. They just wanted, and still want, what was guaranteed to them by the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

A previous national security law was proposed (per Article 23) back in 2003, but the public opposed it as it was dead wrong. If the public oppose it, it should not pass. And that was the case back then.

This new "law" [sic] was only "passed" [sic] once Beijing's stooges had dissolved/imprisoned the opposition. It is therefore invalid, as Beijing broke the Sino-British Joint Declaration in enacting it.

Where does it say civil liberties include rioting and the destruction of public and private property and the beating of law enforcement officers?

Where does it say these officers can break the law in the first place by meting out extra-judicial beatings, imprisonment, torture, and sexual assault, and colluding with organized crime gangs? The violence that occurred during the protests was a direct result of CCP brutality: if you do bad things to people, they will react.

The blame lies entirely with Xi, Carrie Lam, John Lee, and all the other CCP thugs.

It's simply treason under the disguise of freedom and democracy.

No, it simply isn't.

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Posted in: Hong Kong cancels passports of six 'lawless' democracy activists See in context

JJEToday 05:29 pm JST

The purpose of Basic Law, and by extension the "One Country, Two Systems" formula, is to integrate HK into the structure of mainland China

And this formula is supposed to run until 2047 - but Xi trashed it. Now, it's merely One Country, One System, so China is in violation of the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Hence, the protests.

Another very common misconception is that somehow the former colonialist power has special rights. They don't.

And which "special rights" are these exactly? Be specific.

As a signatory to the Sino-British Joint Declaration, the UK has, like China, certain rights and obligations. These are as stated in the Declaration, which the CCP signed off on.

The UK has kept its promises; the CCP hasn't. That's the issue.

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Posted in: Kishida aims to lead session on China, Indo-Pacific at Italy G7 summit See in context

Taiwan, which Beijing regards as a renegade province to be reunified with the mainland

...in Beijing's totalitarian fantasy land.

The rest of the world, including the Taiwanese government, regard it as an independent country:


“Taiwan is already an independent sovereign country” so there is “no plan or need” to declare independence

In the South China Sea, Beijing's coast guard ships have also recently used water cannons against Philippine vessels near disputed shoals.

No, not disputed shoals. The UNCLOS tribunal ruled conclusively in the Philippines' favor. China has zero claim to them, and its actions are illegal.


as Beijing has been urged to rectify business practices that are considered unfair by rival nations.

"Urging" will do nothing. Just decouple from China.

As for Ukraine, all eyes are on whether the G7 can reach a conclusion on the potential utilization of profits from Russian assets frozen as part of economic sanctions to assist Kyiv.

Get it done now. It should've been done immediately.

The G7 members, meanwhile, have been struggling to deal with the conflict between Israel and Hamas

Two state solution still the only way.

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Posted in: Hong Kong cancels passports of six 'lawless' democracy activists See in context

Mr KiplingToday 04:39 pm JST

The 1971 immigration act was introduced specifically to stop Hong Kong residents from moving to the UK.

The BNO visa is there specifically to help Hong Kong residents escape the totalitarian dystopia that their homeland has become under Xi.


The world has changed a lot in those 50+ years.

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Posted in: Hong Kong cancels passports of six 'lawless' democracy activists See in context

JJEToday 04:17 pm JST

A few simple but understandable misconceptions here - let's clear them up

"Important to keep in mind" that Xi has utterly trashed the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which runs until 2047.

None of the other stuff you wrote matters.

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Posted in: Hong Kong cancels passports of six 'lawless' democracy activists See in context

"They continue to blatantly engage in activities that endanger national security

No, they continue to advocate for the freedoms that were legally guaranteed to them by the Sino-British Joint Declaration. Before Xi wiped his backside with it.

UAfanToday 01:14 pm JST

there is a valid law and they knew what they are doing?

No, a false "law" forced upon the people of Hong Kong by Beijing, in defiance of the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Xi and his stooges like John Lee should ask themselves why these people and many others have been forced to escape. Perhaps a totalitarian dystopia where everyone must blindly obey the Emperor is not as appealing as they think it is.

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Posted in: S Korea says it fired warning shots after N Korea border crossing See in context

JJEToday 03:25 pm JST

Actually it was SK that started this with a series of provocations

If you ignore all North Korea's many and varied provocations, that is.

Including, if you want to go way back, invading South Korea in 1950. The war still isn't actually over.

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Posted in: U.S. needs Japan's help to boost military production, ambassador says See in context

AntiquesavingToday 10:22 am JST

Yes the USA has a nack at being at war without being at war!

As I say, "despite what the pro-CCP/Kremlin hordes assert."

Yes like all the dictators and authoritarian governments the USA has put in place and supported for decades!

The US' past actions have absolutely no bearing on current aggression by China and Russia.

The threat must be dealt with, and that is exactly what the US, Japan, and the rest of the free world are doing.

Funny, the USA had no problem with pro USA dictators in all the above and more!

Again, past actions have no bearing on the current situation. The US has made some terrible missteps in its foreign policy -- I'd certainly agree with that -- but it's irrelevant to the points that Emanuel is making here.

Mr GoodmanToday 11:18 am JST

Japan makes great stuff however Japan as a major weapons manufacturer puts itself national security at risk.

Japan not being a major weapons manufacturer puts national security at risk.

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Posted in: U.S. needs Japan's help to boost military production, ambassador says See in context

deanzaZZRToday 06:15 am JST

The red line is if Japan agrees to produce offensive weapons like artillery shells for the USA war machine.

Per OssanAmerica's comment, this statement is untrue.

There is nothing in Japan's constitution that would prohibit this. Japan does have export rules preventing the supply of weapons to countries at war, but the US is not at war, despite what the pro-CCP/Kremlin hordes assert.

kurisupisuToday 06:25 am JST

In other words, Rahm Emanuel is suggesting that Japan start expanding industries to allow more people to be maimed and killed?

No, to stop those people that are maiming and killing/would maim and kill others.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad people in the world, and only a fool leaves themself unprepared for such people.

Ramsey's KitchenToday 08:30 am JST

Everybody should be making more efforts to talk and bring peace

Unfortunately, talks with dictators don't work. Didn't work with Hitler, didn't work with Mussolini, and won't work with Putin, Xi and the like.

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Posted in: Macron denounces 'pacifists' and 'spirit of defeat' on Ukraine See in context

Quo PrimumToday 12:55 pm JST

So the D-Day anniversary is being turned into a fundraiser and a pep rally for one of the most corrupt governments in the world.

No, Russia wasn't invited.

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Posted in: Macron denounces 'pacifists' and 'spirit of defeat' on Ukraine See in context

I'm glad that Macron has finally realized what the rest of us have known for a long time: Putin must be stopped militarily, as he will not stop any other way. Macron was far too timid at the start of the war, and figures like Scholz are still far too timid.

The UK and the Baltics have the correct stance: full support for Ukraine, and zero trust of Putin.

JJEToday 10:57 am JST

For the uninitiated: Russia's state-owned MIC has ramped up production to unprecedented levels (and is still cranking up further as you read this).

Yes, Russia's economy being on a war footing, spending around 9% (6% in the official, lie-ridden numbers) of its GDP on weaponry, is ruining its economy very nicely and turning Russia into the new North Korea.

Pretty soon you'll be weakened enough for your no-limits buddy Xi to swoop in and steal your Far East. Hope you enjoy his "special military operation" when it happens.

And this contrast is precisely why Ukraine is doomed.

And Putin's megalomania is precisely why Russia is doomed.

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Posted in: Chinese armed vessels patrol waters around disputed islands, angering Japan See in context

Just carry on doing what you're doing, Emperor Xi: you're simply pushing other countries away from you, and ensuring that they strengthen their defenses, form alliances with each other, and decouple their economies from China even more.

Xi is ruining China far more effectively than the CIA ever could dream.

Makoto ShimizuToday 09:08 am JST

It is a terrific opportunity to Japan and China demonstrate that they are creative and peace lovers and negotiate to share these islands

"Peace lovers" do not appease an aggressive, law-breaking, totalitarian state. Peace lovers know from history where that leads.

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Posted in: 43% of respondents in a survey by Panasonic Corp say they'll cut back on using air conditioners this summer due to soaring energy prices. What do you think about this? See in context

I'm fine with the electricity bill, but use the air conditioning only when necessary (as I do with all power) for environmental reasons.

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Posted in: Palau president, visiting Tokyo, says he expects China to try to meddle in election See in context

Yes, it's unfortunately a certainty, and only a very small part of China's influence operations and illegality.

We know from the former leader of Micronesia what kind of nefarious acts China commits in the region (and the world):


No-one should trust China under the CCP. Ever.

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Posted in: Putin says no talks with Japan unless it alters stance on Ukraine See in context

Putin says no talks with Japan

That's fine, Vlad. We'll talk to your successor after you're imprisoned for war crimes.

"Everything that has been done has been done by Japan," Putin said

"Stealing the islands was done by Russia, and is the root cause of this," the real world said.

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Posted in: In Japan, energy security fears put nuclear power back in favor See in context

Hideomi KuzeToday 05:00 pm JST

Who want to expand nuclear power in Japan are major power corporations or economy circle who think nothing besides immediate profit, local beneficiaries who tamed with subsidy, ruling party LDP who are tamed with contribution from corporations, and Japanese far-rightists who support LDP.

Or those who want stable, base power. Or those who want reasonable energy prices. Or those who want to move away from fossil fuels, and realize that 100% renewables is unfeasible. Or those who want greater energy security. And many more besides.

But, Japan's nuclear regulation agency already lost independency

No, it didn't.

Moreover, now nuclear plant became a kinds of military target since Russian invaded Ukraine, Japan's most nuclear plants are located on seacoast where near China or North Korea, it's other security risk.

This is the same for every single country that uses nuclear power. The world is not about to stop using nuclear power because Russia, China, and North Korea are rogue states.

The problem here is Russia/China/North Korea, not Japan.

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Posted in: Japan completes 6th round of Fukushima treated water discharge See in context

nandakandamandaToday 11:07 am JST

The first is 'no abnormal tritium'. OK, fine, but did they check for anything else? Leaving that out reduces the effectiveness of the message for me

Radionuclides other than tritium are removed/reduced to safe levels by ALPS, and TEPCO/IAEA check the quality of the water before release, so it's really tritium that's the issue.

Following release, I believe they check for various elements at the marine monitoring stations but I haven't looked for the full list. The below site mentions two isotopes of Cesium in addition to Tritium, so that at least is checked by several organizations.


The second is 'the south side of the outlet'. Which way does the current flow? If it is from south to north, then I would be more interested in their figures from the north side of the outlet pipe.

Per the above, and the below site, there are multiple monitoring points at various distances and directions:


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Posted in: Japan completes 6th round of Fukushima treated water discharge See in context

sakurasukiToday 06:59 am JST

tainted water

Here we go again. The pro-CCP hordes sure love repeating the same debunked nonsense in an effort to win those magical social credit points.

For at least the twentieth -- though, undoubtedly, not the last -- time, the IAEA has stated that the release will have a negligible effect.


And the tritium levels in the water are seven times lower than the World Health Organization’s guidelines for drinking water.


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Posted in: In Japan, energy security fears put nuclear power back in favor See in context

sakurasukiToday 07:10 am JST

Those old reactor when it will be replaced? Wait for another Fukushima again?

The Fukushima accident was nothing to do with old reactors, which can be safe if they're properly maintained. It was a management failure. Both technical standards and regulation are now much better.

kurisupisuToday 07:48 am JST

Where is the spent fuel to be stored for thousands of years?

Some of it will be stored at Rokkasho in Aomori. The government is doing surveys for new disposal sites and there are three places (two in Hokkaido; one in Saga) currently in the running, though it's unclear what the outcome will be.


nikToday 08:09 am JST

there was no need to spoil diplomatic relations with neighbors.

Yes, there was absolutely no need for China's purely political ban on Japanese seafood, which has zero basis in science. But that's China for you - it spoils relations with just about every country on the planet.

any earthquake and radiation leakage is inevitable.

No, it isn't.

dbsaiyaToday 08:46 am JST

So once again, the government is trying to sell back to the people the need for nukes for the economy.

If you, or anyone else, can put together a better plan (or convince the people of Japan to pay far higher energy bills due to the lack of nuclear), I'm sure the government would love to hear it. My guess is that you/others can't, and that the current plans for resumption of nuclear power are the best option for resource-poor Japan.

Even countries that have a high percentage of renewables still often use nuclear and thermal, as they provide stable, base power (whereas renewable output fluctuates). Without this, a country will suffer regular power cuts.

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Posted in: Security tight in China and Hong Kong on Tiananmen crackdown anniversary See in context

It's truly amazing that people continue to defend the Tiananmen Massacre, and authoritarian regimes in general. But they do, including the usual suspects on JT.

Of course, these people have zero altruism or humanity, but they also do not appear to realize that they could be the regime's next target. In an autocracy, even if you're right at the top, no-one is ever safe. Just ask Qin Gang, Li Shangfu, Meng Hongwei, etc., or the many Russian officials that clumsily fall out of windows or drink radioactive tea.

You'd think that, even for people with zero altruism or humanity, they'd be able to understand this risk to themselves. But it sadly also appears that they have zero capacity for logical thought. I guess that's what being a mindless authoritarian automaton reduces you to... and is exactly what such regimes want.

Sad, but true.

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Posted in: Security tight in China and Hong Kong on Tiananmen crackdown anniversary See in context

JJEToday 03:16 pm JST

US embassy cables sent on that night revealed a very different picture.

1) "On the night" information would not have captured the full horror of what happened (and what continues to happen)

2) The cables -- even if the content were 100% accurate -- describe attacks by the CCP on the people "outside" of the square. This does not absolve the CCP, but directly attributes the attacks to it

3) If nothing of note happened at that time, why does the CCP go to such lengths to cover it up, even 35 years later?

A very distorted episode indicative of the media bias towards China.

A horrific episode indicative of the brutality of the CCP.

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Posted in: Security tight in China and Hong Kong on Tiananmen crackdown anniversary See in context

Some of the CCP's methods may have changed (where possible, it now prefers "laws" [sic] to tanks), but the purpose is the same: oppression.

Shame on them all. They have no place in our world.

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Posted in: U.S. defense chief refocuses attention on China security risks See in context

quercetumToday 04:45 pm JST

Some beautiful copy-pasting from the CCP propaganda playbook here. What do you get for being a Social Credit Platinum Member, by the way?

Don't worry there will not be war.

Of course, deny the threat until the CCP is ready to strike. An old trick. You'll be waiting a while, though, given that the PLA is riddled with corruption and has zero combat experience.

File this one under "We won't militarize the South China Sea" with all the rest of the CCP lies.

There is nothing wrong with being a bully.

Sums up the CCP's attitude very well. Much more accurate than the hilarious "China's peaceful rise."

Fail. Fail. Fail.

All the things you mention are still very much active and in the public consciousness. You just don't know about them as you only read Xinhua and watch CCTV.

The US just can't come up with any policies to contain China.

Don't worry: Xi is doing a great job of ruining China all on his own.

Lowest FDI in 30 years, collapsing property sector, massive unemployment, international opprobrium due to the CCP's policies both internal (repression) and external (SCS aggression, support for Russian war machine etc.), countries leaving BRI/BRICS/CEEC, global recognition of debt-trap diplomacy, tariffs and investigations due to product dumping, decoupling, tech restrictions, bans on slave labor imports like Xinjiang cotton, population lying flat/letting it lie, demographic collapse due to the CCP's one child policy, etc. etc. etc.

Xi has been so disastrous for China he's like the US's best double-agent.

Meanwhile, record numbers of Hong Kongers have left, and Chinese are risking their lives to make it to the US. You don't see anyone (apart from North Koreans) risking their life to get into China, do you?


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Posted in: Military drill tempo picks up in Asia, but China still lags U.S. and allies, report says See in context

WoodyLeeToday 07:48 pm JST

When was the last time China invaded and destroyed a nation in modern history??

You don't need to "destroy" something to be a threat.

And, in terms of "invading," China is invading the waters of the Philippines/Vietnam/Malaysia (at least), and the territory of India right now. It's also threatening Japan's Senkakus, and still occupying Tibet.

Mr GoodmanToday 07:51 pm JST

And where are all the drills and preparedness strategies for all the innocent civilians ?

Being held in the areas most threatened by China, as one would expect.


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Posted in: Biden OKs Ukraine to use U.S.-supplied arms to strike inside Russia near Kharkiv area See in context

UAfanToday 09:41 am JST

update your info.sooner-better.

I get my info from the real world, not Putin's fantasy world.

Perhaps you should try it some time.

Ramsey's KitchenToday 09:42 am JST

Yeah, because it happens to be a fact bruh.

Only in Putin's fantasy world.

Ramsey's KitchenToday 11:22 am JST

Ukraine is Russia,s backyard not America,s.

It's wholly irrelevant "where" Ukraine is: the fact is that it is a sovereign country that has been illegally invaded by Russia.

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Posted in: Biden OKs Ukraine to use U.S.-supplied arms to strike inside Russia near Kharkiv area See in context

Should have happened a long time ago. It's total lunacy to allow Russia to attack Ukraine, then return across the border for a time-out whenever it wants to regroup.

   YrralToday 06:55 am JST

   it will.mean more unwarranted escalation

A typical Kremlin propaganda line.

Russia has already "escalated" the situation to illegal invasion, murder, rape, torture, and child abduction. It can't be "escalated" much more than that.

   BertieWoosterToday 08:50 am JST

   Why doesn't the U.S.A. just openly declare war on Russia?

   That's what they are doing by proxy.

There's that word again: "proxy." It's a real comfort blanket to the pro-Kremlin mob.

The US didn't start this war (sorry, "special military operation") - Putin did. Russia and its online minions crying "proxy war" because it's being smacked back in the face for something that it itself started is laughable.

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Posted in: Hong Kong court convicts 14 pro-democracy activists in city's biggest national security case See in context

quercetumToday 06:58 pm JST

Go cry a Yangtze River about it. So China broke some rules.

And proved to the world, yet again, that it does not give a damn about the people it purportedly represents.

At least you agree that the CCP is in the wrong here.

The question is what is the UK doing about it?

The question is why should the UK need to do anything? Doesn't the CCP understand what it signed up to?

The question is why the CCP continues to oppress "its" people, and deny them political representation?

And the question is why do people like you cheerlead for such a patently unfair system?

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