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Isao Hoshi comments

Posted in: Darvish denies relationship with Kato-pan See in context

So what? Whomever he dates, that's his business. If he is happy, that's all counts, folks!

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Posted in: China plans 80 books on Japan war trials See in context

China brings 80 books of the Worldd War II regarding the Senkaku Islands dispute. So what? Then why don't they sue Japan with the International Court of Justice? I will tell you why. Because China is such a cowward country, yet they know they would lose the sue in the international arena. They are just making a noise and testing the world community how much they could brainwash the world. That's what the Communist China is all about!

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Posted in: China plans 80 books on Japan war trials See in context

So, why not Chinese Government sues Japan with the International Court of Justice? The Chinese government has never indicated or planned a law suit against Japan at the International Court. The readers must think of the reasons!

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Posted in: China says tensions with Japan likely to hurt trade See in context

The Senkaku Islands dispute is far more meaningful than you all think. There exists enormous resources around the islands, that's why China claims it, but unfortunately China had never established ownership of the islands internationally. The bottom line is that in 1972, when the US returned Okinawa Islands to Japan, the treaty included the Senkaku Islands as the Japanese territory, which was the last internationally recognizable document and fact. My recommendation is that China should file a complaint against Japan with the International Court. That would resolve the dispute without doubt. However, China wouldn't do it because they know they lose without ground of their claim. However, China has told its people its sovereignty past many years, therefore they cannot change the story any more.

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