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Big fan of Mazda! After owning 6 different Toyotas, 1972 to 2001 models, we now own two Mazdas and it's definitely a step up in quality and a sense of a marque that is something to 'enjoy' rather than just drive. Our main criticism would be a fairly boring range of colour schemes, hehe.

Interesting to browse the museum site. Nothing very new there, but a nice presentation. Interesting to see that the museum completely fails to mention the management crisis of the late 70s / early 80s which is now a classic in company management which turned around their brand, in contrast to so much of what happened in Detroit. They obviously see it as a negative because the last Matsuda family member to run the show was basically incompetent, but it actually shows the company's success as a whole. Should be included.

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Does it have much nutritional value, or is it just a stomach filler? I have never needed to use it myself - I feel grateful. But if it's true that it can save the poor in hard times, it's probably a good thing.

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Posted in: Troops to enforce Sydney lockdown as Brisbane extends virus curbs See in context

A lot of commenters here watch way too much overdramatized rubbish on streaming services. The Aussie military is a world-class force which is led by guys who know their country's laws and constitution and which follows in the time-honoured traditions which have evolved over centuries in the UK and countries which have derived their political and military traditions from the UK. This is no tool of despots such as we see in so many other nations worldwide, and I don't expect people who have no sense of the history and culture of the Australian military to be able to appreciate the stupidity of the alarmism expressed by so many. Australia is in no danger of becoming a military dictatorship.

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Jim Today  01:28 pm JST

Man, I'd hate to marry a Japanese "idol". Imagine all the things she had to err "do" to get to that position.

Got to agree with you on this one! They probably have been around the block with hundreds from talent seekers to producers!

Japan is not Korea. While there are undoubtedly instances of young hopefuls in the entertainment business being exploited by more powerful managers and promoters (as is also the case in the US, what do you think Harvey W is in jail for?) this is not as much a phenomenon in Japan as wide-eyed critics like you fondly imagine. Korea is sadly another story.

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Posted in: Ex-AKB48 star Oshima, Japanese actor Hayashi to marry See in context

She is one of the success stories out of the 48 group stable - coming along with a great list of successful drama roles. Good to see her personal life coming along successfully too.

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vic.M Today  10:02 am JST

Even on You tube now, the truth is coming out.

That is the funniest thing I have seen in days - YouTube as an authority which can be relied on for the truth :P

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proxy Today  12:34 am JST

What is the goal of the government in Australia?

Vaccinate 80% of the population and then open up to the world and live with it?

It's pretty much that one. And if our beloved PM had not arrogantly declared that vaccination was "not a race" but realized that actually, it IS a race, we could have been nearer that goal.

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Good to see that most Aussies with an interest in Japan (enough to subscribe here) are also level headed folk with a long term view of Australia's strengths. Not too many of the loony fringe here, apart from non-Aussies who think they know what's best for a country they barely understand.

Most of Australia has state governments who are unafraid to do what's needed, apart from the fools running NSW who thought they were smarter than the virus... for a while, until it became pretty tricky to get the genie back in the bottle, which may never happen.

Sure, we would not have been in this position if the national government hadn't tried to penny pinch on vaccines, so it will now be a few more months before there's any chance we can relax very much.

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cleo... all I will say in response is the old cliche, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Not a Japanese proverb but then, Murakami is primarily appreciated outside the borders of Japan :)

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Good observations, zichi! Thanks!

Perhaps one further thought about their relative pricings at auction might be that Warhol's work is older and has therefore had longer to appreciate in value. Warhol's output is now complete and there will be no more, so anyone wanting to own one must compete in that finite market. Murakami is still working and there will hopefully be more to come.

But I do appreciate all our thoughts very much. You obviously know what you are talking about!

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I am happy to see that there are some people able to appreciate art in all its variety. Like it or not, Murakami is a world renowned artist in the league of Andy Warhol, for example. Of course, critics of this work probably don't like artistic soup cans either, haha.

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Haha, been following Takashi Murakami since the Superflat days. Love all the critics here. Art comes in many guises, you don't have to like it, but the guy is a creative genius.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy commander in Asia welcomes Japan-Australia military pact See in context

Hehe, the US actually feeling a bit left out by Japan's first security agreement in which they are not involved? Good to see them talking about resurrecting the First Fleet instead of withdrawing to Fortress America :)

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Thanks for the positive supporting comments. It seems the downvoters are just silently downvoting, without any ability to give intelligent reasons. I have my suspicions, to be honest, but best not state them here for fear of a ban. Anyway, good to see other appreciative people commenting! :) Enjoy the kagura!

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So funny - why are people downvoting comments about factual cultural stuff like this? Very odd... I'm genuinely curious. Maybe they are Bible bashers who object to anything religious other than their own? Who knows...

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Posted in: Kagura performances go online to thrill audiences worldwide See in context

So I'm hoping someone can enlighten me - my limited experience of kagura has been those done mainly by miko at various shrines such as Fushimi Inari Taisha, and I was under the impression that these were quite widespread in major centres around Japan. These Hiroshima ken kaguras seem to be something different, and maybe unique?

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Posted in: South Australia announces 6-day state-wide lockdown to stifle new virus outbreak See in context

Peter Collignon is not someone I would bother to listen to. There are much more worthwhile epidemiologists in Australia.

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Posted in: Court upholds state border closings in Australia See in context

Nice to see two litigation-crazed demagogues taken down in one week :)

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Posted in: Japan to create database to prevent sexual predators from babysitting See in context

There is scope for this to be made much more proactive. Australia has a system of 'Working with Children' registration, and anyone wanting to work with children in any capacity has to obtain such a registration. That is withdrawn if the holder is ever convicted of various relevant offences. Of course, any such system can never prevent the first offence, but having a national registration makes it easy for everyone.

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Posted in: The underground 'Parthenon' protecting Tokyo from floods See in context

You can tour through it a bit on Google Maps in StreetView:

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Posted in: Naomi Watanabe slays Lady Gaga in 'Rain On Me' parody video See in context

So much hate and ridicule... so sad as a commentary on the readers of Japan Today. Where are the usual more positive and open minded commenters today? :(

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Forget fancy stuff like this and just get international airmail back happening - honestly, other major economies are managing it, even the US with all their experience of Covid-19... I usually have top admiration for Japan Post, but after months now with no service, their leaders clearly have no imagination in addressing the issue which must be costing Japanese business billions.

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Posted in: 82-year old Hiroshima woman fends off bear attack by punching it and knocking it down See in context

She shouldn’t have been wandering around in the bears territory anyway. She’s extremely lucky she got a lucky shot in.

@Vince Black - Ummmm... she was in her own back yard :P

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Posted in: Australia's second-biggest city to make mask-wearing compulsory See in context

The Andrews government of Victoria is embarrassing in its ineptitude in managing this mask issue. One would have hoped that alongside all the vehement denials that Aussies needed masks, they would be working away to ensure that when masks did eventually become necessary, there would be a coherent roll-out of information and actual supplies of masks. They have had months. And they have done nothing, it turns out. And now they are caught flat footed and with their pants down with a fumbling, blundering make-shift on-the-run policy. Let this be a lesson to the governments of the other states where masks have not yet become advisable and that they make good use of the last few weeks they have before the virus is rampant in every state. Which it will be. Will any of the other states manage a more pro-active and better resourced policy? It will be interesting to see.

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I have friends and family with expensive homes on the West Coast, and virtually every year they have to worry about wildfires wiping out their neighborhood, not to mention earthquakes and some landslides.

Your friends are experiencing those phenomena on the West Coast of where?

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Visited here a couple of years ago, inspired by the description in the World War II era autobiography of pioneering female media personality Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. The valley was a place of adventure for children from her alternative-style elementary school. As I walked through, I could sense why. It is also (I believe) one of the few valleys of this type in the Tokyo area.

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Didn't feel a thing in Australia :P

Mostly, I hope everyone is safe! I have many friends across Japan, and I always fear for them when I hear of earthquakes... and of course typhoons.

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Australia (and probably other southern hemisphere nations) don't align with the September academic year commencement. We start at the end of January after our main summer break which begins with Xmas. We certainly don't suffer any real issues with our education export programs (currently devastated however by the virus shutdowns). There is negligible reason for Japan to feel any pressure to change their school year unless they want to for their own reasons. Not everything in the world revolves around the US and Europe.

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He seems to have overall been as happy as a rich man can be. Let him be. RIP.

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Posted in: Diamond Princess leaves Japan for Malaysia See in context

I have never been attracted to cruises, and would never have gone on one even prior to this virus outbreak. So I am definitely not an apologist for the cruise industry, and in fact I regard the practices of many cruise companies as reprehensible on all kinds of issues.

That said, I find it interesting to consider the risks of cruising. While over 700 caught the virus (and some died), in fact almost 3,000 apparently remained healthy - the vast majority. This suggests that despite the highly infectious nature of this virus, more people don't catch it than do. I had a relative in New York who had it (survived well, and didn't even need medical treatment, though he was pretty unwell for a week or so)... but neither of his two flat mates caught it.

So despite the suffering and death for many, even in a highly prejudiced setting such as a cruise or a small apartment, with some basic hygiene practices, most people won't catch a virus which is circulating. Sadly, I think the future of cruising long term is guaranteed - though I reiterate that those sharks will never get a cent of my money :)

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