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Posted in: Journalist freed from Syria returns to Japan to relief, rice balls and criticism See in context

This story should be cause for celebration. A pity to see so much negativity. If no reporters and photographers were prepared to go to dangerous war zones, the world would have much less insight into what is happening there. Maybe he has some personal issues he is working through by doing this work as well, but I applaud his bravery. I do feel for his wife and parents of course. But come on people, lighten up and be happy for the guy and his loved ones. As for a ransom, well, that's another matter and a difficult one to know the best solution. War is an ugly business at best, and if a ransom was paid, that won't be the worst thing that happens in Syria this week.

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Posted in: Man gets 3 1/2 years in jail for assaulting truck driver after tailgating him on expressway See in context

Sad to see this road rage rubbish happening in Japan. We have too much of it in Australia, and it's good to see the Japanese system being prepared to deal strongly with offenders.

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Posted in: On your way See in context

Great to see the younger members of the imperial family out and doing things... such a pity that the girls must lose their status on marriage, the family can ill afford such losses really.

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Posted in: S Korea begins naval event without Japan after Rising Sun flag row See in context

The 'rising sun' flag is much older than Japan's imperialist period to which Korea refers; it goes back to at least the Edo period and the sun symbol was used in various contexts even before this. Simply because it was also in use during the imperialist period does not make it irrevocably connected with that imperialism. To be honest, as a British-born person and a professional historian, there are many aspects of Britain's imperial history which are quite shameful but no-one suggests that the symbols of the former empire still in use in modern Britain should be discarded. This is just another beat-up by Korea.

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Posted in: IMF chief urges revamp of Japan's economic policy, more women in workforce See in context

Side issue question from an economic illiterate: why would they want to raise inflation above 2%? Simply to try to attract investment / raise interest rates? Or is there more at work there? (My impression was always that governments attempted to get inflation as low as possible... apparently not).

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Posted in: Elaborate throne for next emperor arrives in Tokyo See in context

Gee, honestly, I can't believe all the mocking and derision... this is part of Japan's cultural heritage, whether it suits your personal stylistic taste is hardly relevant. Thank you to Japan Today for covering an interesting insight into a detail of imperial ritual, and I think the mockers only devalue themselves as being unable to appreciate long standing cultural phenomena.

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Posted in: Japanese carrier joins drills with British warship heading to contested South China Sea See in context

Japan and Britain have so much in common as island maritime nations off the shore of a continent with which they have experienced a lot of conflict over many centuries and from which they feel somewhat alienated; it is only natural that they should work together.

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Posted in: Japanese carrier joins drills with British warship heading to contested South China Sea See in context

Good to see Britain and Japan reaffirming a friendship that goes back well over 100 years as regards naval cooperation, and which among other things helped give rise to the unique Japanese affection for curry! :)

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Posted in: X Japan leader Yoshiki says he will never stop trying to crack U.S. market See in context

Unfortunately too many American music fans are parochial and don't look beyond what's thrown at them by local media. There are exceptions, but sadly not enough to achieve what Yoshiki yearns for. In my book, the lack of acceptance in the US is almost an accolade in itself - but of course, there's no $$ in that kind of accolade.

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Posted in: Soldier's nephew in Japan receives second WWII souvenir flag See in context

It's good to see US veterans organizations who are willing to let the past be the past and reach out to a former enemy but current close ally in this way. All props to those vet leaders responsible!

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Posted in: Uproar as politican praises White Australia policy, urges Muslim ban See in context

My first comment is to categorically oppose the views of this Anning and his ilk as regards narrowing the focus of immigration. It is unbelievable that he attempts to claim never to have heard the phrase 'final solution' in connection with Nazi Germany - to the point that I actually don't believe him, and if he's by any chance speaking the truth then his ignorance, as a member of any parliament, should disqualify him anyway.

However, I am concerned about the rise of bigotry of various kinds, especially when inspired by religious views, and this includes a range of right wing Christian groups, but also swathes of other religions including Islam. As soon as a group starts singling out other groups for marginalisation, their right to a voice in a modern democracy needs to be questioned. Many of these groups oppose each other, but also seek to exclude LGBTI people and other minorities which they see as living against their religiously inspired lifestyles.

In my opinion there needs to be a debate about how to assess the socially exclusive vs inclusive views of prospective migrants, regardless of their membership of any particular religious or ethnic group. Those who are opposed to social diversity should not be allowed entry as migrants.

How you practically progress that is of course another question.

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Posted in: Relatives commemorate victims on 33rd anniversary of 1985 JAL jet crash See in context

@SaikoPhysco - The point is not that Boeing were proven to be guilty of anything, it is that they would not participate in normal procedures to discover who was responsible and allow justice to take its course. That is why they may be described as arrogant... or worse. Thankfully I mostly fly on Airbus products these days :P

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Posted in: Working at Osaka shrimp company has only one rule: Don’t do any work that you don’t want to do See in context

@thepersoniamnow - Not so much lost on me as that my own comment made no comment on or connection to yours whatever. It was a simple request for information. That being so, I was both bemused and amused that someone (your good self, perhaps?) had thought it worthy of downvoting :P

@wtfjapan - Yup, that's a problem worldwide to be honest... how do you ever really know? I guess I was intending simply that their shrimps may have been 'purportedly' sourced from PNG :P

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Posted in: Working at Osaka shrimp company has only one rule: Don’t do any work that you don’t want to do See in context

Hehe, I never cease to wonder about some commenters here... how does wondering about the name of the company attract a negative vote? :P Seriously now...

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Posted in: Japan's road system needs to be redesigned to make it safer for cyclists See in context

My own experience of cyclists in Japan has generally been ok... they usually seem to blend with pedestrians quite safely, with the occasional exception. I think the state of Japan's road transport infrastructure in general will make it very difficult to modify except in a few token areas.

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Posted in: Working at Osaka shrimp company has only one rule: Don’t do any work that you don’t want to do See in context

Interested in the reason for the name of the innovative company. I wonder if their shrimps are sourced from Papua New Guinea, or whether the founder just had visited there and liked the place (perhaps after wartime service there, such as the mangaka Shigeru Mizuki) ?

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Posted in: Chip labor: Robots replace waiters in Chinese restaurant See in context

Loved the layered meanings of the headline... 'chip' labor... very clever! :) Just one question someone may be able to answer though - I thought that Japan usually used UK spelling for English, rather than US spelling? Am I wrong, is it just whatever the writer feels like or... what?

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Posted in: 1,400 guns, 1,200 swords from WWII era found buried at Tokyo elementary school See in context

I am intrigued by the mention of cannonballs... really, cannonballs in WWII?

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Posted in: Couple films own suicide jumping in front of train in Sapporo, streams it online See in context

Naebo is practically central Sapporo. There is both a hospital and a mental clinic nearby. A pity that they did not seek help from one of those facilities. One certainly sympathizes with all those adversely affected by their thoughtless way of ending their lives, especially the train driver. The act of suicide of course has historically been viewed a little differently in Japan than many other places, but it is the method and the impact on others which especially horrifies us.

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Posted in: Hot fuss: 2 years out, fears linger over Tokyo's toasty Olympics See in context

It's not Japan's fault that the Olympics will be held at this stupid time of year, it's all about how much money the IOC hopes to wring out of media interests who insist that is the time THEY will make the most money out of it. In other words, the games and the athletes are low down the pecking order. Japan would have been happy to hold the games in October as in 1964, but they had no say in the timing.

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Posted in: Japanese idol singers selling personal phone calls to fans who want to skip the singing See in context

Hehe, a 30 second phone call is nothing...

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Posted in: Man arrested after skeletonized remains found in car See in context

Good grief, I love Japan but it sure throws up a few extreme cases of lives seriously messed up. Speaking of throwing up, excuse me while I do!

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Posted in: TV ‘talent’ Becky dating minor league baseball coach See in context

Hehe, always amused by those who come in to such articles to protest how unimportant they find the subject matter. There are many articles in this and many other online contexts that I couldn't care less about, and hence I don't even give them first click.

In this lady's case, I happen to quite like her light hearted approach to life, and the fact that as a hafu she was achieving quite well is perhaps to be celebrated. The fact that I also quite liked the music of Kawatani and his band then made me a little sad when I could no longer stomach the sight of him because, to be honest, I was annoyed by the way his career revived rapidly in 2017 while hers has continued to languish. The double standard still present in the Japanese entertainment world is sad.

In summary, I hope this works out for her.

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Posted in: Japanese novelist Murakami to host radio show See in context

Love this guy's personal story, from running a jazz bar to getting inspiration to write while attending a baseball game through to a successful writing career. I still haven't read his whole output, I treat myself periodically between other stuff, but always enjoy his quirky output. Hopefully JT will give us a few insights into his program.

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Posted in: Takata whistleblower says air bag warning was 'ethical duty' See in context

A very revealing and interesting expose on this whole episode right here:

Includes Mark Lillie's initial reaction. Interesting to see that the guy who seems to have been most responsible for the debacle only left Takata in 2015 and is now using the US Fifth Amendment to justify keeping his lips sealed. And all this seems to have happened within the North American arm of Takata... not a word about what the Japanese HQ did about it.

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Posted in: Education minister visits 'sexy yoga' studio by official car See in context

Hehe, guess which is the most commented article today? Such fun! :)

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Posted in: Miss Hooters Japan Contest See in context

Hmmmmm, pretty and all that though I can't say that generally Japanese girls are known for their 'hooters', hehe... so I kinda wonder if this Americanization of Japanese womanhood is such a great thing. Still, for those who enjoy it, why not LOL :P

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Posted in: Facebook confirms it collects data beyond users See in context

Simple solution if you're that worried: don't use the internet! Me, I couldn't care less what ads are thrown at me, if I'm not interested I'm not interested. And occasionally I am interested and actually buy something. Very occasionally.

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Posted in: 88-year-old becomes oldest person to earn doctoral degree in Japan See in context

@gogogo - "...has been researching for more than 30 years the cultural aspects of cloth during ancient Japan's Jomon Period"... I guess we can deduce anthropology / cultural history as her field of study :P

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer to hold memorial concert for 55-year-old fan who died alone and had no funeral See in context

I am frequently so saddened by the callous unfeeling nature of many comments on JT that I rarely read comments any more; so I expected to find the same here, but instead it's great to see some positive appreciation of a sweet gesture, whatever one may think of the broader issue of idol culture. What this girl did is something that you just know the guy himself would have appreciated, and makes the very sad end to his life just a little less depressing. Heck, he's made headlines he never would have made otherwise!

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