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Ishiharatakashi comments

Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

One, I am an American (true). Two, I am an English teacher (nope). And three, I don’t speak Japanese or know anything about Japanese culture (the jury might still be out on this one).

1,Historically, big part of western foreigner at Japan are Americans. 2,Many western foreigners work as English teachers. 3.Many western foreigners didnt know Japanese customs.

About 1,there are records. 2,still many western foreigners find a job as teachers.3,many examples. Like no Russians at public bath in Hokkaido(they dive to bath tab with darts), no foreigners at Tsukiji fish market(it is not a tourist attraction), no Tattoo at public bath (even Japanese who is not Yakuza). No handshake and Hug(we Bow), No chip(we dont have that custom), no residence for foreigners (they treat rooms badly, ask any countries residence owners, about Japanese residents. They do not break furniture, or run away without payment). Most of Japanese dont speak English (no need for daily life: Japan is not big tourism state, ex-colonies of west, and academically, many papers are translated and published, enough education system without being oversea student), and many foreigners at Japan DO NOT speak Japanese,! They are just Facts. Your behavior reflect Japanese peoples reaction's. You made your stereotypes by yourself.

If you determine Japan by your experiences, I will tell you by my experiences, many many White Westerns MACK(and more) Japanese school girls(it is illegal to have sexual relationships with minors under 18). Many foreigners who have Japanese partners work as teachers after come to Japan.

Some of the comments made in casual conversation or even in the media about Africans (or anyone black, really),

Ah, joke like "if he close his eyes, i cannot see him in the Night"? just like White Americans explain Asians by lifting eyes up with fingers? Call Asian "Chin Chon Chan?" Like Japan = Samurai Ninja? At least we do not shoot to kill poor African American girl. And we never had slave systems. This is not racism or discrimination, but just differences; skin colors are different, eyes are different, tall, short.... I dont care if you say I have narrow eyes, yellow skins, ugly teeth and smell fishy. That is just fact and difference between you and me. Is it failure to be friend?

And about hate speech, you need to research it more carefully, it is not based on race superiority like KKK. it is political issues with Japan and South Korea and Zainichi (Koreans in Japan, not Japanese Koreans). Personally, I disagree with hate speech, but I understand why it begins.

I dont think Japan need more globalism, look USA, UK, Sweden, what is going on? Day and Night, this is racism, that is racism, he is racist, they are racist, what are you doing?

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