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Posted in: Thai man jailed in Bangkok for 1993 murder of Japanese woman in Tokyo See in context

18 years for murdering someone minus 9 years for confessing, so to sum it up, he got a lenient tax-free 9 years only.

What about the penalty for evading authority on the run for all those years?

Would he confess if he had not been caught in the first place?

If he evaded 5 more months, he is a free man..... what an awesomely fair judicial system??

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Posted in: Woman hit and killed by train while trying to help elderly man who fell on tracks See in context

Where is the "Emergency Stop" button?

Why nobody pressed "Emergency Stop" button when someone fell unto the track?

Looks like JR will sue the elderly man who fell down for disrupting and stopping the rail operation for loss revenue ..... but will the family of this good brave lady sue JR for the negligence causing her death please!!!

My heart goes to you, brave lady, your soul will RIP luv, <3!!!!

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Posted in: TEPCO to receive Y500 bil financing by year-end See in context


500 billion yen could be a good consideration for use to start a few new green energy companies across the nation than buying/bailing out a company that was bankrupting the whole nation and killing the world environment.

Power nuclear energy plant shouldn't be allowed to be built in the first place, idiots!!!!

TEPCO CEO is using "OYMPIC 2020" clean-up as his hidden agenda for baiting more funds from the national coffer...

God bless Japan!!!!

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Posted in: Abe says Japan has no choice but to hike sales tax See in context



Abe, you have done very well since you took the helm so far with the weakening in yen.......

but this sale tax hike will be the start of a "Policy all gone wrong!" ......

This policy will drag you down if you decided to push the green button.

There are many ways to reduce National debts.

“If Japan failed to take action now, it would lose its trust with the world.” Taking action by increasing local sale tax is a NO NO, you want to win the world but gamble with your domestic sentiment? Sale tax affect the entire nations of your own type........Think carefully before you become "History" like Michael Jackson!

Reduce wasteful govt spending, increase corporate tax, are examples to solving National debts, not by increasing sale tax affecting the poor struggling locals...... period!

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Posted in: Man caught driving wrong way on expressway said he was going back the way he came See in context

in this case, either

1) he should be reversing his car backward instead......!!! or

2) he should be back to driving learners school......!!!

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Posted in: Two sisters found dead in washing machine in China See in context

Very strange and totally unacceptable explanation.......

even though the girls managed to climb onto the w/machine but some1 from the outside has to close the lid or cover and start the machine...... 2 years and 4 years old? with their total combined weight easily more than 15kg without water, how could the machine start to operate?

too many questions unanswered and definitely foul play was in the air!!!!!!

Poor children of merciless and inhuman acts

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Posted in: Woman causes disturbance at airport; body of daughter found in home See in context

A developed nation with seriously malfunction systems...... what a sad state of uncheck and denial by relevant authorities.

How can a school going girl not attending school for so long period? How could a corpse die for so long and unknown to neighbours (can't they smell anything at all?) How can we have so many unanswered questions???????

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Posted in: BOJ's Kiuchi warns of rising overseas risks to Japan's economic recovery See in context

Using external factor as an excuse for Japan slowdown is lame. Look internally first, drop the sale tax hike but increase Corporate tax, not the other way round, PERIOD!

If you tell the Governor of BOJ to do this, then recovery is on the way!

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Posted in: Gov't plans to offer more than Y1.4 tril in corporate tax cuts See in context

This is what we called "All Hell Breaks Lose", an attempt to test the public sentiment. The recent policies being introduced recently have all gone wrong......

The policies should be the other way round, "Corporate tax should be increased while sales tax should be reduced", idiots!

Increasing sales tax will severely affect the whole nation in general especially the laymen and every households on the streets while reducing Corporate tax will benefit selective few, morons!

The economic advisor who came up with this idea of hiking in sale tax and reducing corporate tax as an excuse to combat the effect should be shot or sentenced to maximum penalty in prison...... he is trying to drive Japan economy further.

This is what we call "The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer" PERIOD!!!!

The Governor of BOJ should be terminated and dismissed - a bankrupt of economic ideas.

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Posted in: Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr stars in Japanese detergent commercial See in context

I don't want to see Victoria Secret but Miranda Secret please!!! hehehe

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Posted in: Going round in circles: Japan considers introducing roundabouts See in context

Roundabout is very effective in traffic control and has been in existence long long time ago....... is this roundabout for trains? that would be something extremely new, roundabout along a railway line......

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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

China never stop to amaze the world about their cocky stands or remarks on her neighbour...... they seems to think becoz they are mighty and powerful, they can say, do, warn, threat, bla bla bla the way they like it becoz the rests of the world are scared of them......

My middle finger to you China!

Olympic is a sport for everyone, u should show self-respect by congratulating your neighbour for winning the Olympic 2020 but instead chose to make cocky remarks by stirring hates .....

if u are so cocky, why not just boycott Olympic 2020 instead and see if the world can move on without Mighty and Arrogant China!

Its either you

"Shut up and Live with it" or

"Cock up and Boycott the Games"

what say u?

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Posted in: Historic church and institutional child abuse inquiry opens in Australia See in context

The main problem in Australia is not so much about the Church or the Christians being related to child pornography.

It is more of Australian paedophiles who are addicted to child pornography or gay themselves are being admitted to missionary works that is damaging the reputation of the churches!

If you are a decent God servants, then be godly in your missionary works, not the evil works, morons!

On a side note, I had 2 beautiful dogs in my house and I got to travel overseas for 3 weeks, so I was told that there was a lady who was a missionary worker of a church who was willing to do dog-sitting on part-time basis so she can earn some extra cash for her missionary works. The deal was she will visit and walk my 2 dogs at least once a day.

Sound like a good deal for a good deed, advanced cash was paid in full but worked never fulfilled. Upon returned, my neighbours complained, received notices from council rangers in mailbox, dog-poos and pees everywhere in the house and was told by my neighbours, they only saw her visiting my dogs 3 times in 3 weeks.

My biggest question mark? How can she be allowed to work as a missionary worker when she did not even possess the basic principle of love for nature in the first place? So, talking about Priests in Australia? Are we actually dealing with god and nature loving people or paedophile crumbs or descendants of ex-convicts? You pick a wild guess!

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Posted in: The top 8 fast food chains in Japan See in context

A guy walked into a Fast food restaurant and ordered his meal, the staff took his order and requested him to find a seat while the food is being prepared....

This guy found a nice seat at the corner of the restaurant waiting patiently and after 20 minutes, he still didn't get his meals....so he went to the counter and asked when will his meal be served, the lady responded, "Please wait a moment sir, we are still preparing, won't be long".....

Wasn't very happy, he turned around and pointed to an advertisement on the wall and asked the staff to read it out loud, "please read it out loud what does this mean"

So the lady read loudly "FAST Food Restaurant!!!"

Then the man replied "Where is my FAST food then?"

Got it? Enjoy your FAST food, every1!

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Posted in: Court case renews debate on U.S. 'Open Internet' rules See in context

Its a pain when you downloaded a particular software, it will then block other rival softwares from your computer. Some even recognised those rivals software as harmful or malicious to your computer simply because they wanted to block it in the first place.......

Those services provider should let customers decide what to be blocked or unblocked.

Internet should be open if we want a free market! Simple as that.

That is why Bill Gate is the richest person on earth because of all these happening....the strategy of a "Once a good inventor in the past but an evil entrepreneur of this future"!

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Posted in: As Japan property rebounds, investors court more risk, push out of Tokyo See in context

Well, some said Japan property market has been stagnant for too long and is long overdue for a rebound. However others said the property market had overheated 20 years ago, that's why it has been stagnant for that long.

With population of Japan on the fast declining rate, there is plenty of supply more than demand!

With Olympic 2020, there is potential for property rebounding but for how long? another 5-7 years to gain from now? What happens after 2020?

Well, the good old saying "when there is risk, there is opportunity" or should we reverse the expression "when there is opportunity, there is risk too"

Its a mixture of both ...... put on your thinking cap and think out of the box for those who dare!

Good luck in your property investment!

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Posted in: Woman stabbed to death in Kyoto Pref park See in context

I have always thought Japan is a safe place to stroll or walk around without having a second thought about this type of crime... its a pity how people can attack and kill some1 in cold blooded act in decent country like Japan...... how sad!

I could be wrong to think Japan is a safe place to walk or move around, blind me!!!!

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Posted in: 'Black companies' exploiting foreign trainees See in context

Working legally in Japan either as locals or expat, you are already (indirectly) forced to work from 8am till 10pm or even later on daily basis. What could it be when you are considered illegal workers or foreign low-waged workers?

“My trainees want to do lots of overtime but I say, ‘Don’t force yourselves.’ I give them one day off a month.” - Wow, he is so proud to announce that and so kind to give 1 day off a month! This guy should be voted the best employer of the month!

In Australia, legally speaking, no one is allowed to work more than 60 hours in a week without a rest day. In other words, one is allowed to work 10hrs a day for 6 days, then he/she gets 1 day off...... not 1 day for 1 month of hard-labour underpaid work, idiots!

This Yakuza guy should be locked up for exploiting foreign workers.

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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

That's the main problem when politicians always mix up non-politic related issues with politics to gain milestones.

Olympic is sport, not politics!!! periods!

China and Korea should positively show supports and congratulate Japan for bringing Olympic to Asia, idiotic comments are not necessary nor welcome!

China, can you STFU for once and learn to respect thy neighbour??????? what a tyrant!


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Posted in: China military tells U.S. not to encourage Japan over isles See in context

yea, China trying to lobby or warned US not to support Japan....... big bully!!!! what a BS statement, sign of greediness and BIG Bully "I am Big, u do as what I tell u to do"

Maybe the whole world belongs to China! bollocks!

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Posted in: Olympic light-up See in context

is the owner of this building going to light this up everyday for the next 7 years from today?

That would be nice I guess!

Congratz Japan, you deserve to host the BIG GAMES!!!

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea to cooperate on 2018, 2020 Games See in context

It is strange how a group of Koreans demonstrated and protested Japan to be awarded the Olympic but now they wanted to share a piece of the cake after Tokyo won the world best ever event!

Anyway, it is a highly positive move by the Japanese Official. I sincerely hope not only Japan and Korea but all countries should cooperate together regardless their differences. Sadly, this is never always the case in many instances as some countries always so ego and wanted to show their superiority over another.

Sports should be kept separated from Politics in the first place. Keep up with the positive move and continue with the good path!

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Posted in: TEPCO posts message in English on Fukushima crisis See in context

Nuclear Power Plant should never be allowed to be built in the first place.

It is sad to know that Japan is located right on top of earthquake faults and no matter how advanced our technology can be, we can never beat or overcome the power of nature.

Crisis like this unfortunately happens when man is trying to be mightier than God... hope this be the lesson for many generations to come so no country will ever want to build anymore nuclear power plants....... the costs to restore lives outweighs any fundamental excuses to build a nuclear power plant.....

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Posted in: Survey shows dating experience of average Japanese school kids See in context

Ahhhhh so they called it "Puppy Love" or "Love at First sight".

I wonder how many couples in this chat will share if their current love partner is still the same FIRST ever love they had since childhood days.

Well, whatever it will be, it is still better to "MAKE LOVES" than to "MAKE WARS"

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Posted in: TOKYO AWARDED 2020 OLYMPICS See in context


You deserve this BIG GAME coz you have proven now and then that you can manage BIG EVENTS like this without fail over time and again!

My hat goes to everyone of you in Japan!

I can't wait to be there in Tokyo for this Olympic already!

Cheeeeeeers for the gooooooooood work! Keep it up!

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Posted in: Tokyo, Istanbul, Madrid make final 45-minute pitches ahead of 2020 vote See in context

yayayayaaya its TOKYO!

those who voted earlier against my comments, sorry mates..... you lost and Tokyo won!

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Posted in: Tokyo, Istanbul, Madrid make final 45-minute pitches ahead of 2020 vote See in context

Tokyo is too crowded?

Everywhere is crowded, China has the highest population in the world and Beijing was given the Olympic.

It is not so much about crowd, to be precise the bigger the crowd the better for attendance to events.

It is about safety aspects and credibility of the host. I am not a Japanese but I support Tokyo to be awarded this time.

Tokyo has all the necessary infrastructures to support big games like this. The country is crowded but orderly and organised. Fukushima issue should not be an issue to worry considering the location or geographical position of it from Tokyo. If you live or work in Tokyo, there is absolutely no radiation risk of exposure at all.

Istanbul is too risky, riskier than Fukushima....... Madrid is totally unpredictable within the 7 years from now, anything can happen. Tokyo by far is more predictable in term of safety and crowd-control with perfect infrastructures and facilities.

My vote is for Tokyo!

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Luck Tokyo!!!!!

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Posted in: BOJ says Japan's economy recovering moderately See in context

"Abe’s hand-picked bank management team, led by governor Haruhiko Kuroda"

"Kuroda San" <--- a man of complete questionable credibility.

He once said "He is confident that hiking sale tax will not impact the economy....." what a bollocks..... a statement from the least intelligent economic student. how can he be a Governor in the first place?

Good luck with steering the Japan economy with this 'highly' intelligent being!

Any fool would know 'hiking sale tax is damaging any economy except him'!!!!!

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Posted in: British parliament votes against military strike in Syria See in context

I hope the world can think seriously, if a regime in a small country can use chemical on her own citizens, it is a matter of time the same chemical weapon be dropped elsewhere if nothing is done to stop this in the first place.

Just like the issue of 'Gang-rape in India', if nothing is done, more 'Gang-rape' will happen even with increasing punishment.

More needs to be done to stop this world from a catastrophe chemical WW3.

Voting down may be a wise decision for Brit nation but what will be the future expense of the world if nothing is done to chemical warfare in Syria? Are we going to allow more chemical weapons be used in other nations in the future?

Good luck with logical thinking!

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Posted in: Obama, Abe discuss Syria crisis See in context

This stance against chemical warfare is about support and justice for mankind. In war, regardless if it is chemical or mass weapons of destruction, any innocent lives taken is crime in itself.

The world must stand united to go against 'Evil Barbarism' of a lunatic regime whom disregarded the weak and poor souls.

We must stop chemical warfare at all costs.

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