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Posted in: 10 injured in escalator accident in Kawasaki See in context

People need to pay more attention to maybe holding the handrail while riding the escalator and less time on their smart phones!

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Posted in: 21-year-old boxer dies after knockout in debut bout See in context

Referring to Mr Cortes msg Boxing is literally... Primitive animal entertainment Boxing is nothing primitive when compared to UFC. Boxers are modern day gladiators and unfortunately people are drawn to the brutality , hence the creation of more abhorrent sports like cage fighting. If banned the sport will move underground with more disastous results. So like most full contact sport competitors, boxers should be made to wear head gear all the time even when going pro.

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Posted in: Trio busted for forging 3,700 idol group autographs See in context

Musicians or actors are not going to sit around signing a 1000 plus posters and merchandise. They have helpers that do that for them and they have been doing that forever! Harden people and move onto something worth talking the floods in the Philippines or radioactive waste!

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Posted in: 6 Hokkaido hotels admit mislabeling steak See in context

Food mislabeling scandal To be honest half the time we wouldn't know whats put into our meals in restaurants. Mislabeling should not only be aimed at hotel restaurants the same can be said for anything with a label.

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Posted in: Trial begins of man charged with murdering woman in Tokyo apartment See in context

Genki is not so energetic or full of life now! What a way to go, RIP Arai !!

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Posted in: One car parking lot in Tokyo gets mixed reviews See in context

Although not a sexy business, the company went public for $600 million.”

Can you really say sexy business....I think the photo shown should be exhibited and it looks like an installation art piece.

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Posted in: Two 17-year-old skeletons found in car at bottom of reservoir See in context

Skeletons in the closet*...... Know reservoirs are deep but why wasn't it checked when brothers were presumed missing?

Whoever they were, once identified families can now have some sort of closure! R.I.P

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Posted in: China pledges to defend territory after Japan says it will buy islands See in context

This land is your land and this land is my land, sure, but the world is run by those that never listen to music anyway. Bob Dylan

Unfortunately don't see this issue being resolved anytime soon so my suggestion would be to get a good divorce attorney....Jpn has islands for first 6months of the year and China the next 6months. MOVE ON ALREADY!!

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Posted in: Details of Roppongi slaying emerge, but raise new questions See in context

Tsuyoshi Natsuno, a professor at the Keio University graduate school, remarked to J-Cast News (Sept 3), “The attackers may have been gang members or as someone heard them speaking broken Japanese, it’s possible they were foreigners.”

So lets factor in a few things.

As stated it is a night club. The place must have had lights dimmed down. The music would have been played loud. The perpetrators faces were covered in masks and finally The incident happened in over 3mins.

In all that was happening how can you verify or how close would you have to be to make out that the perps were speaking broken Japanese and that they were foreigners. If Tsuyoshi Natsuno who calls himself a professor is quick to solve the crime why isn't he working on the case with the police or why hasn't the perps been apprehended using his info....hmmmmm.

Like me leave the job of solving the crime to the professionals and stop making biased accusations. Thought should be on solving the crime with concrete evidence and to the family of the victim, regardless of who he was or his history.

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