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Posted in: Parents of bullied high school boy file criminal charges in Miyagi See in context

I cannot fathom the logic behind the decision undertaken by the school to ask the kid to leave the school because "burns were disturbing other students". They failed even greater at not being aware of the bullying and stopping it. The full weight of the law (if there is any) should be brought to bear upon them as an example to others who either choose to ignore bullying and do nothing about it.

The trauma of the victims who experience bullying are usually carried through their whole lives. Those who perpetuate it and those who do nothing about it are equally guilty. Once again the system there seems so socially inept.

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Posted in: Two sisters, aged 5 and 3, perish in Tokyo fire See in context

Children at these ages should never have been left alone to begin with. As sad as this tragedy is, the mother is totally at fault here and should be legally charged for the death of the two children.

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Posted in: I'm now living just to survive. I have no hope, nothing to rely on...nothing. See in context

I don't think anyone of us here has the right to judge him or anyone. It just is...

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Posted in: One in every 30 babies born in Japan has at least one foreign parent. We have to discuss very seriously how we should involve foreign residents in building our society. See in context

Everyday more and more lines are drawn up to divide us. Its good to see, however minuscule the effort to break down these walls. We are all citizens of the universe, we belong to everything and everything belongs to us.

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