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Some of the very odd comments here can be answered by either common sense or by online search. Some of you should try out a really neato website called GOOGLE!

Each guard is issued sunglasses fitted to his face. The sunglasses serve several purposes but primarily the glasses shield the guards’ eyes from the sun glare that reflects off of the nearly pure white highly polished marble that surrounds them. It also protects from camera flashbulbs (like the secret service) and from particles possibly being blown into their eyes during windy days.

Their coats and hats have changed from the initial design, but retain much of the original design due to tradition, They may not look so stylish but many military uniforms are not stylish. (clownish?? Someday you should personally tell a U.S. military member that their uniform is clownish and see what happens.) These winter hats are a design very similar to aviator hats which were common back in the 1930s and 40s, and the 24 hour guards started in 1937. The guards also have special shoes, gloves, etc,.for use only by the tomb guards.

@Jkanda “Someone please tell me, why are the two soldiers' figures dispropotionate.” The guards in this photo may look out of proportion because each must be between 5' 10" and 6' 2" tall and his waist size cannot exceed 30", most likely much taller than the typical Japanese politician or Minister.

@ shinjukuboy The wreath that the Japan Foreign Minister is presenting is not THE wreath at the tomb, but it is a wreath presented BY THE COUNTRY OF JAPAN on this occasion. If you have not noticed, the national flag of Japan is white with a big red circle in the middle, thus the design used for this particular wreath.

Many heads of state and other dignitaries from various countries visit Arlington Cemetary and this tomb at least once during their visits to Washington DC. The particular design of the wreath is up to each country which presents it but it must be within guidelines of the Cemetary, including the size and type of flowers, etc.

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Posted in: Obama sets goal for new team: Accelerate growth See in context

“Our mission has to be to accelerate hiring and accelerate growth,” the president declared Friday

TWO years after he was elected he has finally decided to attempt to tackle the number one issue which has plagued the USA - the economy. This should have been his focus from the first day he sat in that oval office.

Why has he waited so long? The answer is found in the final two words of the article: reelection campaign.

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One of my friends went to greet the Emperor at this event. He said you can easily find him in the crowd of 49,000 people because he was waving a white and red flag.

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Hopping for a Happy New Year 2011!! =:}

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@Smorkian -- Good comment reply.

I too was wondering why people lamented in the previous comments about JT not providing the prefecture, city name, subway stop, lat/long coordinates, etc. of the place shown in the picture.

Those commentors could have typed the word 'CARETTA' into Google (or almost any other internet search engine) and found out the information faster than typing a complaint comment. CARETTA is easily seen in the photo, I typed it into the Google search page (and I am in Okinawa, far from being a Tokyoist or Tokyoite) and the first (THE VERY FIRST!) search result was for the Caretta Shiodome. The facility's homepage even has a photo of this illumination on the top banner and a special section providing more information (Ocean XMas 2010). The section has some incredible photographs of the illumination in the SPECIAL GALLERY link!

For those who do not know how to use internet search..... the illumination at Caretta SHiodome is presented daily from 5:00pm to 11:00pm until January 10, 2011.

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Nice photo... nice illumination. Is this the only holiday illumination in Japan to use primarily blue and white lights?

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Posted in: U.S. diplomat Richard Holbrooke dies at 69 See in context

It is very sad he died and this is a major loss to U.S. diplomacy.

Holbrooke wrote in The Washington Post in March 2008 that "the conflict in Afghanistan will be far more costly and much, much longer than Americans realize. This war, already in its seventh year, will eventually become the longest in American history, surpassing even Vietnam."

His final words were spoken to the surgeon just before his final surgery: "You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan."

His words will come to haunt the Obama Administration and the American people unless they understand what he said and heed them.

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Oh, ya. About the picture itself. We are back to the 'blue is best' holiday illumination picture for Japan. But it does look like a calming, relaxing place, and not crowded!

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Posted in: Hills on ice See in context

The use of the skating rink is free; however, skate rental is 1000yen for adults, 500 yen for High School age and younger. It is located on the B3F level, O Main Space.

How did I find this information? I used a very cool and awesomely useful website called Google. Some JT commenters should learn about it. Just a few mouse clicks and I found there is a website for this event:

w w w.omotesando-illuminations (DOT) com/?target=event

(Hopefully the JT editor/moderator will permit the website to stay in my comment).

Check out that website for more information (Japanese language only site). Open until January 10, from 11:00 to 21:00.

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Christmas/Holiday/Seasonal/Eternal decorative lights always look much better in person than in a photograph, especially when viewed on a computer. This photo is nice, but not great since all the lights look blurry, even the star on top of the left tree.

The best part of this picture is that it looks like a nice bright display, not just another "blue is best" Japanese illumination.

And in true Japanese manner, this expanse of concrete and bricks is considered to be a "Garden", sort of like the Tokyo Sky "Tree" Tower.

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The Princess looks very regal with the crown, jewels and uniquely designed gown.

She has a bright royal smile.

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Oh, da birds in Odaibi!

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pro golfer Ai Miyazato,

WHAT!!!???? Where is Ryo Ishikawa!??? I see him on TV more than Ai Miyazato. Oh wait, actually, perhaps I see him too many times on TV. So seeing Ai Miyazato from Okinawa on here is OK.

I like the one in back row (3rd from right) that pays tribute to the Chilean miners who were rescued.

Next to it is Hakuho, but I really cannot figure out who the other ones are supposed to be.

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Those boats are so very close together. This looks like the Japanese boat is possibly trying to ram the American ship, similar to a still shot from the Senkaku Island video of the CHinese and Japanese boats playing around.

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This is a nice family portrait. They look so very Japanese. However, the plants behind them look more interesting.

@DC2020--- I too wondered why the little Prince's sweater is poking out like that? Is he hiding some snacks?

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From the caption:

"Every day is someone’s birthday, so please come to this cafe to celebrate that special day,” she gushed. The themed cafe will be open for two weeks only.

So if this cafe is open for only these two weeks, how are people who have birthdays not during these 14 days going to celebrate? I guess we will have to find our own kawaii giant stuffed character to share our birthday cake with.

If the background panel did not have AFLAC plastered all over it I would have thought this was a McDonalds character from the 'M' on his/her/its forehead.

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The only other farmer that I can remember who wore a three-piece suit and tie while tending to his crops and livestock was Oliver Wendell Douglas.

And you may ask WHO is that?? Do an online search for his name (look at the images) and for the TV show GREEN ACRES, including watching the theme song on YouTube (or some of the episode clips available). You will see that Eddie Albert was the true pioneer in "urban farming" back in the 1960's.

I wonder if the Japanese 'HEFL farmer'/employee shown in the picture here has a farmer wife as beautiful as Lisa was for Oliver. Eva Gabor.... daaaaaling dear!

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They look like four mannequins with their arms and hands in bizarre poses. Especially Wen Jiabao! Just what is that chinaman doing with his right hand???

Or perhaps they are all practicing without batons and sticks for a playoff on a Taiko no Tatsujin arcade game?

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I saw on Japan TV that the gavel that the guy is holding is very special one. They used a new one each day of the event. All of the gavels were lovingly handcrafted by an 89-year old deaf-mute woodworker who lives in some remote mountain village in the mountains outside of Nagoya. To underscore the diversity of countries attending COP10 the wood was shipped in from various countries such as Belize, Fiji, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, and Bangladesh. The woodworker, Mr. Miyagi, and the COP10 promoters wanted the finest for their event and so chose only virgin forest mahogany that grew on the side of mountains which faced Japan.

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Posted in: China says Japan distorted facts in island dispute; no meeting between Kan, Wen See in context

China just "won" another round!

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada advises fans not to buy her album See in context

Who BUYS ALBUMS anymore?

You download the music and usually get it for free!

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Posted in: Tokyo Sky Tree mascot Sorakara-chan introduced See in context

So how baaaad were those other 65 mascot character entries for this one to win?

But seriously, isn't she just so kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!?

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Posted in: Taiji meeting on dolphin hunt set for Nov 2; public to be barred See in context

"The participants in this meeting can each ask 3 questions. If you were to attend, regardless of which side you stand on - if any - what questions would you ask? Here's three of the top of my head. Are the officials of Taiji prepared to allow independent testing of its citizens for mercury and other poisoning and its effects? This testing would be paid for in full by (insert environmental group name). If not, why not? What is the breakdown in revenue received by the Taiji fishermen/Isana Union, the Taiji Whale Museum and Taiji town related to the small-cetacean hunt in 2009? (to include live capture, the sale of meat, and any funding from local or national government) Would Taiji officials be prepared to cooperate in a feasibility study, funded by (insert environmental group name), of alternatives sources of revenue for the town, its fishermen and those working in related businesses?"

Those are intersting questions. thanks for those NagoyaOya

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How did they find so many new-halfs (halves) to be in one photo?

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First, Happy Birthday to Michiko - she looks regal as always.

On JTV this morning they showed the Imperial Couple playing doubles tennis and she stopped the match when she saw on insect (bee?) was on the court. She used her racquet to move the poor bug off the court. It was so sweet of her. Yes, playing tennis at age 76!

I wonder what her favorite flavor of birthday cake is? Maybe the staff ordered one of those ice cream cakes from Baskin Robbins 31!

However, this photo makes them look even shorter than they really are. And it looks like they were photoshopped in.

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AVATAR.... too much powder blue, especially in 3D.

I much prefer the blue in the dress that Sophia Loren wore in yesterdays JT picture of the day. Stunning.

Oh... is it legal in Japan to walk around with a bow and arrow? Or is it only OK for 'blue beings'?

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After reading the article and some of the comments, it is apparent that Okinawa is much different than 'mainland' Japan. That is most likely due to the American influence (U.S. military) for the past 65 years.

Most of the complaints I read here just don't apply to much of Okinawa, thankfully. All part of 'island life'....

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I went outside last evening to see this special lighting, but alas, I could not see even a glimmer or flicker of light. Even from the nearby hilltop the Tokyo Sky Non-Tree is not yet visible from Okinawa main island.

Hopefully they will use brighter lights next time.

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I wonder if the first flight on the opening day October 31 will have a Halloween theme. There will probably be alot of people at the airport that day wearing costumes which make them look Japanese.

And I am soooooo excited to see that in November flights will begin service to that internationl hotspot and #1 tourist destination DETROIT!

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Posted in: Fire department official arrested for paying 15-year-old girl for sex See in context

... in a car parked in a dried-up river bed

With a setting like that, at least he is very romantic! And he is such a gentleman to pay her up front.

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