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Posted in: Haneda international terminal See in context

This new terminal was featured on a Japan TV morning news show today. It really does look spectacular. They actually called it a "theme park" because of the many attractions in it, besides departures and arrivals!

The food, restaurant and shop areas were made to look like traditional Japanese style streets and buildings. The whole place looks very sharp and clean, and well, very Japan-ezee.

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Posted in: Ferrari fan See in context

Both of their shirts have yellow on them and both have a horse emblem.

And both of them have nasty expressions and baaaad haircuts/styles.

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Posted in: Domino's Pizza launches English website See in context

So it took Domino's Pizza Japan 25 years to develop an all-english website?

I looked at their website, and it is nothing special, not interesting at all; just a basic website with some pics of food and descriptions. I bet a high school student could make a better, more exciting website, in less than 25 years!

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Posted in: Man attacks high school girl with stun gun in Fukuoka Pref See in context

This is shocking news!

Stabbings, stun guns, starving children to death.... is this a 3rd world country?

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Posted in: Legs, legs, legs See in context

Why are new-halfs (halves?) shown in sets of three?

The 3 of them are dressed in black, perhaps to not upstage those incredibly beautiful 'trophies' they are holding.

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Posted in: Ready for a spin See in context

What happened to the back half of the car? Or is this one available to purchase at half price?

Those decorations remind me of cheap tacky Chinese food restaurants in suburban shopping strip malls across America.

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Posted in: Souped up See in context

This picture of two Japanese woman is soooo kawaii CUTE!

It must be all the MSG in that Knorr Soup that is making them . . . . "smile" ?? (or is that a near-gagging grimace?)

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Posted in: Outnumbered See in context

Oh, and so now we know after Japan has decided to release the Chinese fishing boat captain what Obama was saying here in this photograph.

Obama was gesturing to the Japanese officials and said, "Nice to see you here sushimen. We can chitchat for 15 minutes, but then I have a 2-hour meeting with the Chinese guys. What the heck are you doing with that boat captain?"

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Posted in: Where is everybody? See in context

This was on the pre-noon news on Japan TV today. The TV show focused on the near empty seating area, comparing it to when Obama spoke and many more people were there.

@Sarge -- this photograph was taken at the United Nations General Assembly Hall. Each country has assigned seats. The upper level is part of the gallery where the public and people without assigned seats are permitted to sit. THey cannot just wander down to the main section to fill in seats.

I think that the hall was almost filled prior to Kan's speech. But when he stepped up to the podium and his face was shown on those bigger-than-gigantic TV screens (there are 2 of them there, only one is shown in the photo), many people went running out of the hall when the cameraman made a super-closeup focused on Kan's forehead mole.

I think some of the comments here are probably correct in that China had some back-room dealings to get people out of the hall for Kan's speech. Ain't China clever!??

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Posted in: Check-out time See in context

I think she is actually giggling in the photograph because she knows she just got tons more press from this detention and interrogation than if she actually went and sold one of her bags at Roppongi Hills.

This will enhance her incredible career and business. I am sooooo happy that she has been set free.

Why is that Japanese Immigration Official to the right of her wearing blackface?

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Posted in: Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan See in context

This incident is such a shame. Paris Hilton was just trying to earn a living by selling some handbags and accessories in Japan, and they have denied Ms. Hilton her livelihood.

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Posted in: Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan See in context

Most news reports are now saying that she has been denied entry to Japan.

They are detaining her longer at Narita so that the officials can take a joy ride in her private jet and get a sampling of what she was 'using' in Las Vegas.

I hope that all this time Paris has to wait at Narita Airport is being deducted from her recent drug conviction 200 hours of community service that was imposed on her.

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Posted in: Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan See in context

Hillary Clinton is being updated continuously on this dire situation which will obviously strain bi-lateral relations between Japan and U.S. more than the Futenma issue, rising Yen, etc could ever do.

However, Hillary is very busy now with Middle East Peace negotiations (you go girl!) so she has requested that her husband, you know, Bill Clinton (former President of U.S. before all the crap happened in this century) fly immediately to Narita and request Paris be released for humanitarian reasons.

He will also bring along Jimmy Carter who just happens to be one of Paris Hilton's top Twitter followers.

Bill and Jimmy wanted former President Bush (not the second one.... noone wants him around) Bush Sr. to also come along. However, the last time he came to Japan he vomited on the Prime Minister after eating some sushi. He is still a little embarassed by that incident and has not reimbursed the Japan Gov't for the dry cleaning bill.

The immigration officials are still "questioning" Paris??? About what? How much is there to explain about her? She is RICH! Set her free! Oh, maybe those officials are waiting for the secret money to be wired to their personal bank accounts. They are also stalling to force Paris to give them a few of her promotional handbags and watches for their wives.

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Posted in: Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan See in context


I sure hope this was a top luxury hotel or else it could be considered 'cruel and unusual' punishment for her to stay in anything less.

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Posted in: 3 firemen arrested for alleged gang rape of woman See in context


I did not say that the rape was interesting, but the use of a particular word was interesting. The JT moderator edited my comment and left that one line in there out of context. And then you misread the comment; I was referring to the word alleged and not rape.

Moderator: No more on this point please.

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Posted in: Tense times See in context

oooooooooo, men in uniform! . . . . and wearing lovely white gloves!

The photo was well timed as they are all in step and with shiny shoes and swinging arms! Those long strides they are taking indicate that they are probably quickly headed to a nearby Dunkin Donuts.

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Posted in: 3 firemen arrested for alleged gang rape of woman See in context

@LFRAgain at 02:55 PM JST - 21st September

I know what alleged means. I watch "Law and Order".

The word 'alleged' is not consistently used when describing crimes in Japan. Many times the accused are considered guilty by the police, press and politicians even before the investigation is completed. But in this case, it is reported as ALLEGED. Yes, the word should be used as standard practice, but it is not, even in Japan.

I did not say the word 'alleged' used in this article is "mysterious or suggestive", but just.... interesting.

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Posted in: 3 firemen arrested for alleged gang rape of woman See in context

@jonobugs at 02:12 PM JST - 21st September

I doubt that she was thinking that he was going to show off his butterfly collection.

So Minoru Katakura has a butterfly collection? I did not realize it when I read this article. But I would definitely go see his butterfly collection, it is rare for people to have then these days. Not sure if I would want to see his other 'collections', especially at 2am.

This woman's story has a problem in that it took her 5 days to report this 'rape' to police. The mens' story has a problem in that 2 of the 3 say the sex was consensual. What does the third guy say? This type of thing is very messy for police to investigate.

It is interesting to see the word ALLEGED used in this article.

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Posted in: 67-year-old woman killed by train after trying to cross tracks See in context

According to the TV news, which showed the crossing, the woman had bad knees which prevented her from moving fast enough to the 'safe' area. It is 23 meters between gates. There are two sets of tracks which run at an angle to the road thus making it an 'odd' crossing area. There was an accident similar to this in 2008 AND IN 2004. After the 2008 accident the train company changed the crossing to make it easier to cross.

This poor woman just happened to not have enough time to get out of the way and was hit as she started onto the second set of tracks. Perhaps she thought the train was going to be on the other tracks.

They do need to investigate and try to improve this, but really, how many people (including elderly) cross SAFELY over this crossing each day?

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Posted in: Kinect See in context

Those 'girls' are probably newhalfs (halves?) since Microsoft uses many in their promotional ads.

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Posted in: Harajuku style See in context

@ goddog at 03:44 PM JST - 13th September

They all look like each other.

Aaaaahhhh, welcome to Japan!

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Posted in: Marauding monkeys have Y200,000 bounty on their heads See in context

This is a great program! Y200,000 for catching a monkey in your house. There is probably a shortage of bananas in the nearby stores as people place them on the ground around and inside their homes for bait.

So how much yen do the authorities offer when you find a USMC Marine Monkey has broken into your house in Okinawa? I guess you would use a 14yo Okinawan girl for bait.

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Posted in: Wrong corpse presented to family; correct remains cremated See in context


or the fact 2 came from the same apartment building

Please read the article CAREFULLY.

"They were mistakenly presented with the remains of a 44-year-old male who had also been found in the same state in an apartment on Aug 18"

The article is referring to the FACT that the two remains were found in the same 'state', not the same apartment building!

Even if you read it carefully, it is still poorly written. That is typical for Kyodo News, but the reference for this article is "News reports", whatever that means.

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Posted in: Point of no return See in context

This is a great sports photograph showing the split second action of a tennis match. It is also a wonderful art photograph with various pleasingly intriguing aspects: view angle, colors and lines (from her body, her shadow and the tennis court markings).

I am sure many JT readers will find other ‘pleasingly intriguing aspects’ related to the player’s form and body structure to comment on. Who can offer their best viewpoint?

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Posted in: Flying high See in context

If you are shocked, emotionally distressed or spurred to think (and then post a comment on an internet news website) about a photograph (art) such as this one and its potential meaning(s) then it has ‘fulfilled’ one of the intents of the photographer or artist.

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Posted in: Flying high See in context

I thought I had seen a photograph very similar to this before, perhaps even here on JapanToday.

However, I googled 'JAL factory' and easily found the article I saw before with a photo that is almost a copy of this one.


That must be the same smokestack and just a different model aircraft flying by. The photo is even from the same source: Reuters. The photographer probably took many photos that day for Reuters.

Moderator: The photo was taken on Tuesday.

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Posted in: Donut duo See in context

Where are they going to put all those new 31 flavors in each store's display?

OH, 31 flavors, makes me think of ice cream. Guess I will go to Baskin Robbins instead of having a donut!

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Posted in: Clash of the titans See in context

Unfortunately the photograph was cropped on the left side where the dialogue bubble was cut off. It was for the referee, who is exclaiming, "Oh, man. I just noticed you are so very fat!"

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Posted in: Samba See in context

Looks like everyone was having fun at this Mardi Gras New Half festival.

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Posted in: When the Democratic Party of Japan, led by Yukio Hatoyama, swept to power a year ago, there were high hopes that they would bring about positive change in Japan. What do you think went wrong? See in context

The manner in which this question is posed assumes that last year's "high hopes for positive change in Japan" no longer exists. Are those hopes really gone? Is there not today still high hopes for positive change in Japan? And even if they are gone, is that wrong? By whose definition?

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