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Posted in: Do you think it is a good idea to include patriotism in school curricula? See in context

I'm not really sure I understand the point you are trying to make here.

I think you do, as stated later.

The question of whether patriotism should be in school curricula is a completely separate issue from the question of how education should be funded (public vs. private). 

As was answered with yes.

There needn't be some sort of quid pro quo in which the state pays for public education in exchange for which it is allowed to use the education system to indoctrinate children with patriotism, which seems to be what you are implying.

That’s an opinion on funding, not the question of patriotism, but I’ll respond. No organization is altruistic enough to donate all the resources needed to fund something like education and believe their entitled to insert some of their values into the curriculum. Nations/Governments call it patriotism, religious organizations call it faith.

The state should pay for public education because education is something that benefits society as a whole, and we all have an interest in ensuring that the education provided is the best quality possible, which means having the best curricula possible.

So now then we have to ask is patriotism beneficial for society, to which I argue yes. With out some level of patriotism you have no unifying concept of country or ethnicity, and a reduced appreciation for group accomplishments. Without education displays of patriotism, society opens itself up to personal interpretations of patriotism which can lead to forms of supported classism.

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Posted in: Do you think it is a good idea to include patriotism in school curricula? See in context

Simple yes.

No patriotism in school means no way to reinforce a national ethnicity or culture.

Flag displays, pictures of heads of state, national holidays, team sports, all play a part of introducing some patriotic elements into the education system without relying on history books and test.

Now there is an argument for how much patriotism and what forms of patriotism should be taught in school, but that is not the current question being asked.

For those who voted no, I would like to remind them that most lower education, and their support systems like lunches and transportation, is subsidized or provided by local and national governments. The alternative to this is privately funded schooling, which is expensive, can exclude talent, and brings back the onset of class-based societies, and corporate funded schooling which has no one’s best interest other than profit and marketshare.

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Posted in: Netflix defends Chappelle, suspends staff in transgender row See in context

The best part of Chappelle's argument, he proves his argument if those against his ideals are successful in removing his standup show.

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Raducanu loses in 2 sets at Indian Wells See in context

Tokyo Joe, race and ethnicity are different.

Since we have lost the plot, or would like to make a new one, let's help out.

American is not a race nor is Japanese, so in that respect, Osaka is not biracial. Osaka has a Black Haitian father an Asian Japanese mother, making her biracial. Ethnically, I agree with you about Osaka being American, so we can agree she is multi-ethnic, a Japanese American if you will.

Raducanu has a mother from China who shares traits with Han Chinese and a father from Romania, so European traits on that side. This makes her, biracial. Ethnically, she is British, which I agree with you, but you know that ;).

Also, you could argue that Randucanu's media push, traditional or otherwise, hasn't really started as it has been such a quick turnaround from the US Open.

Again, I find Osaka's an Raducanu's similarities interesting to watch and I look forward to what they both do in the future.

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Raducanu loses in 2 sets at Indian Wells See in context

Osaka and Raducanu have some similarities to casual viewers. Both were very young with grand slam victories. Both are biracial and are marketed as such. Both have fired their coaches after success. Both are pretty much considered the next generation of women tennis stars in a world so interested in not only their tennis skills but also their opinions on very sticky topics.

What remains to be seen is how Raducanu does in future tournaments and her reaction to the media.

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Raducanu loses in 2 sets at Indian Wells See in context

Naomi Osaka did the same thing but waited till after winning the Australian Open……I’m curious to see how their careers play out.

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Posted in: California makes it illegal to remove condom without consent See in context

Wonder what happens when the other party takes off the first party’s condom without the ok (for example a woman looking to trap a guy with a pregnancy removes a condom in the middle of a session).

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Posted in: NBA will not randomly test players for marijuana this season See in context

I'm cool with the NBA testing for marijuana, just decriminalize it in the league.

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Posted in: A decade after Jobs' death, has Apple traded magic for profit? See in context

Apple has always wanted to be viewed as a lifestyle product that just happens to sell electronics. That was the “magic” people bought into and continue to buy into. Now that lifestyle products are so integrated in to people’s identities at such a high scale, being profitable is almost an afterthought.

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Posted in: Abortion, guns, religion top a big U.S. Supreme Court term See in context

Simple Abortion Fix Everyone- As some states deem babies viable after 6 and 15 weeks, mothers should be given the ability to give birth via c-section and sign over custody of the child to the state at 6 and 15 weeks. The state can protect and care for it’s citizen and the birthmother can move on with their life.

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Posted in: Scarlett Johansson, Disney settle lawsuit over 'Black Widow' See in context

More like all the details of contract becomes public records if they go to court and that can of worms unleashed damages Disney’s ability to retain actors.

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Posted in: COVID vaccine to be mandatory for California students See in context

California allows for private and home schooling options. Students and parents who don’t wish to vaccinate have options outside the public schooling system and are urged to use those options. Nothing wrong or unfair here.

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Posted in: Scarlett Johansson, Disney settle lawsuit over 'Black Widow' See in context

The most logical outcome played out

The death nail to the argument was when Disney formalized a 90 day theatrical release buffer for all new movies using a hybrid strategy back in August.

With this done, I don’t see Johannson being heavily featured in Disney branded movies, but can see her being attached to less brand controlled roles and producer positions.

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Posted in: Princess Mako diagnosed with PTSD; to marry Kei Komuro on Oct 26 See in context

The a-hole in me wants to say “finally a Japanese royal in touch with the modern generation” but having what should be a celebration of the next phase of her life being fodder news outlets, and not being allowed to capitalize on makes me feel for her. I hope the royal host enjoys the mud bath, it is well deserved.

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Posted in: A jury convicted R Kelly; will his music face consequences? See in context

Hard to say. R. Kelly will always have fans as his music is pretty good but R. Kelly has lost any access to future casual fans.

Movies, TV shows, and commercials are not going to reference him, at all, nor are they going to pay royalties to insert his music into the background. Sites like youtube are not going to promote him through their algorithms.

That leaves social media users to incorporate his songs which becomes difficult as that has the possibility of attaching a poster’s personal brand to R. Kelly ‘s music, which can be interpreted as a form of support or dismissal of the singers actions.

Long wind to say, he’ll have fans of his music and of the era in the musical space he was part of, but he is not making any more money.

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Posted in: Do you think tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and YouTube have too much control over what people see and read? See in context

Alphabet mentioned twice (Google and You tube).

I say yes, at the same time it partially everyone’s fault.

Governments have not implemented any system that can act as a search engine, provide email, or allow for virtual groups. And if Governments did, most people would approach these services with a lot of skepticism so the private sector was the way to go.

This big tech dilemma is the reason why institutions like Japan Post, JP bank, JR and NHK are necessary. They provide a government presence in a market place which allows for the government to know issues that could arise that wouldn’t be so obvious if the government, and thus the people, were just consumers.

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Posted in: China declares all cryptocurrency transactions illegal See in context

Interesting. China’s housing market is crashing, the Macau and the casino’s are staring at a crackdown, and crypto has been made illegal. Looks like China is pulling an internal cash grab.

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Posted in: Amazon introduces Kindle Paperwhite Kids See in context


Amazon kindles, and other e-book readers, are capable of downloading e-book versions of library books free of charge. The books are downloaded directly to the device where a signal is available and have a self-deleting or lockout program in place so we can't claim ownership of the book. Very useful for those living abroad.

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Posted in: Taliban ask to address U.N. General Assembly See in context

Let both governments speak or let neither government speak. When they do, nations who would like to address their comments will be able to do so.

I have a feeling neither government will be speaking this year a the US will veto the Taliban government and China will veto the Civilian government.

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Posted in: 17 U.S. cities make pitch for 2026 World Cup See in context

Dallas has the Texas Abortion Bill, Georgia have the Voting Bill. Los Angeles has the homeless situation. San Francisco is hoping to use what, Levi Stadium, in Santa Clara. All of these stadiums are very good so the issue is not going to be the facilities but the branding attached to .

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Posted in: U.S. reality show 'The Activist' backtracks after uproar See in context

Balls for trying. A survivor style game where contestants have to discus tackling child poverty or urban homelessness in relation to the likability of a fellow contestant sounds as realistic as it gets. I would have wanted to see the original format.

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Posted in: WE League, Japan's 1st pro women's soccer competition, kicks off See in context

Names are nothing without exposure.

If Japan is serious about women’s soccer, the national women’s soccer tournaments at the high school or college level (choose one) needs to be televised. That builds interest in following players which leads into interest in leagues.

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Posted in: Disney to debut rest of 2021 films in cinemas first See in context

I see a settlement in the works with Johansson and a new bargaining chip for studios. At the same time the whole story isn’t being told, an unexplored IP with Disney or another company spurring Disney’s decision.

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Posted in: Vaccine chief Kono draws flak for blocking Twitter critics See in context

Twitter should just install a system where verified accounts can’t block users but can mute them.

I look at verified accounts as public figures and figures of interest. Because these accounts want people to know about them, they don’t deserve or get the luxury of choosing which people know about them and what they can say about them. For people who want to control their audiences there are protected accounts and newly introduced subscriptions.

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Posted in: California law seeks 'gender neutral' toy aisles See in context

I wonder how this would affect small vintage toy sellers. Technically they may or may be not a retailer depending on if and how they want to carry reissues or limited products, and products required for adherence to the law didn’t exist in mass at the time.

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Posted in: U.S. companies loosen job requirements but challenges remain See in context

Something the current secretary of defense said that has stuck with me “Ducks choose ducks”. People in positions of power have always been likely to chose people similar to them and then mentally trickles down.

While it’s unfortunate it took a pandemic to get people to realize this, at least there is a chance of things getting better.

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Posted in: EU sets conditions for Taliban ties and Kabul presence See in context

As long as the Taliban seek to be recognized globally, inroads can be made to curb some of the fanatical policies. As long as inroads are made, aid can be given and received. As long as aid is given and received, the populace won’t back another faction like ISIS-K. Recognition is the only way to stay in power at this point in time.

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Posted in: Twitter lets star users make money from subscriptions See in context

I’m cool with this. It will kind of force trolls to put up money to go after verified users. At the same time, if used correctly, it will force verified users to think a bit more how they present their opinions on the platform.

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Posted in: California law seeks 'gender neutral' toy aisles See in context

Ok, enact the law. Watch retailers start to charge a higher stocking fee citing “premier and priority” placement for these items, resulting in higher priced products versus their “gendered” counterparts. This will pave the way for neo-gender activists to push a “pink tax” like complaint as these toys may come with less features and higher prices to make up the margins of arguably a niche market…..

Or don’t, enact a policy that incentivizes companies to produce more gender diverse products and retailers to carry such items. Allow the stores to cary the items in what ever configuration works for them.

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Posted in: Ask for COVID vaccine proof, face a $5,000 fine in Florida See in context

Florida is kind of going against it’s own rules as public schools usually require proof of vaccination (meningitis, TB) before a child or young adult can enroll.

Obvious overreach, but given what Texas did and how the supreme court has responded, it will be very interesting to see what happens.

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