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Posted in: 80% supportive of reigning empress as pool of heirs shrinks: poll See in context

If the purpose of royal family is to showcase the stability of a nation and give a focal point for it's citizen's loyalty, this concern about heirs really undermines Japan's display of leadership. Just add women to the lines of succession, treat their handlers nicely, and maintain control. Not hard a thing to do.

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Laws can cause social change, but it's gradual. What I believe most alphabet people want is guaranteed social equity, with some wanting it regardless of social obligations. What Jawshx wants for the most part seems fair (a secure private life for him and his loved one). As far as job security goes, would you really want to work for a company that would consider your sexuality as a detriment to the company's ability to reach it's goals? This after displaying your abilities for however long you have been working for them? Sound quite immature and short-sided. And also a large HR headache.

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Posted in: Japan's Olympic chief marks pride week with LGBTQ event See in context

This is a better and more relevant article than ones written about the subject in the past. I guess we will get to about 87 comments before the lock out.

So let's address this: It's a PR event for Pride. Nothing more nothing less. The Pride house is a political organization with a political agenda so them attaching sports to their messaging is expected.

That said, I wonder how exactly is the sports world unfriendly the alphabet community? Gays, Lesbians, and those with cosmetic body modifications have been welcomed and, if deserved, celebrated in their sports community and the sports world.

Now if we are talking about trans athletics, which deals with the reviewing and reorganizing standards designed for fair competition, I can understand why the sports world is a bit hostile. The fear of natural women being pushed out of a sport by trans-women is real, especially since post pubescent transition is currently the most used path given laws and culture.

I always advocate for an "open league" system with full testing but limited repercussions to address this issue but it's always ignored as it would acknowledge the mortal sin of the trans-athlete. They are not the same a man, they are not the same as a woman. They are their own classification, and should be regulated as such.

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Posted in: Mini urn helps family members remember and commemorate the deceased anytime, anywhere See in context

I can see a youtube/ twitch personality doing this in the future. Market it as having a bit of the personality eternally looking over your household, a must have for die-hard fan.

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Posted in: English soccer clubs to stage social media boycott in racism protest See in context

Would have been a stronger message to either not hold contests (Take each of your biggest rivalry match ups and cancel both home and away games) or hold the games under closed match conditions with only the absolute necessary amount of reporting (box score, scoring player, carded penalties, substitutions) and that it. But there is too much money at stake so half steps are what we get.

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Posted in: Japan considers letting dentists administer COVID-19 vaccines See in context


Dentist don't work for the government.

Easy, the government will work with dentists similar to an employer and and independent contractor. Materials, procurement, and in some cases facilities are provided the employer and the labor is paid for their service.

Who is to say many dentists are even willing to accept patient everyday to vaccine them?

Doesn't matter, independent contractor choose to do the work. Dentist can take advantage of the free advertising of their primary service while being paid to promote good will.

And is the government willing to pay them for everyday work?

The government doesn't have to, but paying for the service it prevents your following point.

Also who would supervise them in case they steal or secretly sell the vaccine?

See above. Also there are checks in place to make sure dentist are not misusing their normal drugs like anesthetics. Just expand those checks for vaccines.

Or worse is if they have enough qualify people to the vaccination.

Dentistry clinics tend to be sole practitioners, with the owner being the person qualified to carry out procedures. For larger, company style, clinics, it just comes down to training to remove liability.

There are dozen of things to considered before they actually do such a thing.

For the uniformed, it can seem that way. But really it's just optics that are concerning.

For example what happen if something goes wrong during the vaccination and who will be responsible etc?

Currently, paitients are required to sign a wavier before the drug is injected. As it's a muscle shot, if the needle breaks it's realatively easy to remove. Then there is also general insurance, which is likely to be covered by the employer (government) as they hired the independent contractor (dentist).

You are naive if you think these things can be immediately decided.

Pretty easy as these protocols already exists. Only issues are the politicaly uninformed and optics.

For all we know the patient might even sue the dentist if something goes wrong.

Can, but they signed a waiver to get the shot and insurance has a payout plan ready to go for improper application.

Hope this helped.

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Posted in: 'Black Panther' director won't boycott Georgia for superhero sequel See in context

Kind of funny to change laws based on 35 potential cases when the party owns the state. This after a recount. Kind of looks like secure, fair, and balanced elections are a secondary goal to something else. Unless I'm mistaken somehow.

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Posted in: Will Smith slavery film 'Emancipation' ditches Georgia over voting law See in context

This is a good chance for other Southern states to draw investments away from Georgia. I hate the fact that states are pitted against each other as this is the reason for low wages and 0% taxed corporations, but it is a useful tool against voter suppression.

Given time Mississippi and Alabama could develop the infrastructure needed to allow for larger sporting events and really help those economies.

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Posted in: Man who refused to wear mask on plane arrested again after trouble in restaurant See in context

I kind of wish this guy was served with a six-month banishment from physically engaging with any private entity, business or individual, under penalty of fine for both him and the private entity. Essentially a public shunning. Unfortunately this is too much of a hassle to enforce, so four months of house arrest under quarantine conditions would have to do.

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Posted in: Japan urged to outlaw LGBT+ discrimination before Olympics See in context

I feel stories like these are being artificially promoted to the top page to promote clicks and interactions, but oh well.

The article was all over the place tying the 1968 podium protest with 2014 Russian crack down on protests (sexuality agendas were targeted, but it was a larger move towards silencing Putin and Untied Russia's critics.) and moving the timeline up to 2019 and prominent figures who are always in articles like this on this website.

Personally, I don't see any major legal changes in regard to sexuality and gender discrimination before the olympics unless you get an olympic athlete bullying case directly tied to gender or sexuality discrimination in the next 30 days, realistically speaking.

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Posted in: Amazon warehouse workers reject union bid in Alabama See in context

You need labors unions for a couple of reasons. You have a specialized skill that doesn't transfer industries, you are in a group large enough as to make replacement hard, or you're in an industry that is tied very closely to the infrastructure of a society. I'm sorry for Amazon workers, Lyft/Uber drivers, and most 'gig economy' workers but your industry will be forever resilient against unionization as long as capitalist markets are in fashion and you don't meet one of these criteria.

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Posted in: Apple to argue it faces competition in video game market in Epic lawsuit See in context


Let's pretend Sony Electronics has the monopoly on TV's and They are still a big player in content production with Sony Entertainment. Both Sony Electronics and Sony Entertainment are owned by Sony Holdings but, even today, the relationship between Entertainment and Electronics is not so close that either one dictates completely dictates how content is accessed by end users. Even with smart TVs, there are end user work arounds that do not violate terms of service or warranties. In the end Sony dominates the medium and the content, but not the delivery method.

Epic is trying to prove Apple is monopolizing the delivery system and Apple trying to prove there is no monopoly as Google's Android system provides an alternative. I don't see Epic winning but I do see this as an expensive proxy battle between Apple and China as Apple pulls production out of the region and Tencent providing legal funds to appease government actors.

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Posted in: 2nd man referred to prosecutors over 'Terrace House' star bullying See in context

No Justice served here. A second unnamed, 9000 yen fined, person suspected of guilt. It's like being fined for mean tweets is the new "chikan" crime. A crime may have occurred, but instead of actually going through the process of of obtaining justice for harassment [the core issue] and holding those accountable, these guys are being threatened and harassed into paying some hush money by the police. This may be cathartic to some, but I just find it wastefully ironic.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

@TokyoJoe - You nailed it.

Got to blame the parents here. They allowed their child's freedom of expression to override rationale. Kids have standards that they are reminded of constantly. Not going to say this is good or bad, it what is. This kid's parents wanted to allow the presentation of new standard, and it was met with:

The Most Predictable Outcome Of All Time .

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Posted in: MLB moving All-Star Game from Atlanta in response to voting restrictions See in context

I see the voting laws in Georgia being repelled in about 2 - 4 years. North Carolina had a bathroom bill passed and lost the NBA All Star Game as well as many NCAA tournaments putting a large dent in the tourism market for the state. I see the same occurring here. Additionally, if we factor in the amount of entertainment production that Georgia is involved in and the personal politics of its workforce, I can also see this voting bill getting very expensive very fast.

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Posted in: Saitama officially forbids walking up and down escalators See in context

I'm just curious as to how officials do intend to enforce this.

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Posted in: Man charged over online abuse after 'Terrace House' star's suicide See in context

This is a pretty bad precedent. The government is holding a person indirectly responsible for a public person's suicide through the use of software without a trial, explanation of evidence, or admission of guilt. So ultimately we have nothing but a "feeling" to determine digital harassment and it consequences. What a waste of time.

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Posted in: Oscars won't be shown in Hong Kong for first time since 1969 See in context

Luckily a lot of Oscar nominees have minimal financial backing from Chinese companies, but I see this changing in the future.

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Posted in: 'Sesame Street' introduces new muppets in videos on race See in context

Kind of wished they'ed just introduce a human father/son duo that has trouble adjusting to sesame street because of their background from another neighborhood. Even better, a bigoted muppet that doesn't deal with humans or children and over time comes to integrate more.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney parks abandon 'ladies and gentlemen' announcements See in context

I find it funny they are doing this only in English announcements. I also wonder how much native English feedback was given to this decision as "guest and visitors" would have achieved the same effect an maintaining the formalness of "ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls".

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Posted in: Mori makes another offensive remark toward women See in context

Mori directed this towards a political opponent, has already be removed from any position that could further his legacy, and the olympics are going down bad. Seeing he had nothing to lose, he gave his opinion. Was it a valid or useful one? Meh, it got armchairs talking about him again.

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Posted in: Indictment dropped against 17-year-old boy whose suicide leap killed woman See in context

I wonder if the indictment was done as means to create a legal avenue for a wrongful death civil case? I sense some quiet discussions happened between the families and venue to produce this result.

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Posted in: Japanese same-sex couple overjoyed by marriage ruling See in context

At this point, why not allow two brothers to get married? -Burning Bush

Brother's are normally granted "next of kin" rights in most countries. This allows for low restricted hospital visits, dependency tax rebates, access to financial information, and in certain situations proxy rights. In the past, many homosexual couples adopted each other as a way to force the state to recognize these "next of kin"


As even today this still an option, I propose a question to everyone:

"Which option would let you sleep easier at night?

(1) A new legal framework where two adults are allowed to marry as equals who do all the same things mainstream couples do.


(2)The continuation of the current legal framework, where one adult is defined as the guardian (parent) of the other....and they do all the same things that mainstream couples do?"

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Posted in: Trump to launch own social media platform: ex-aide See in context

As long as Trump can secure a hosting service, I could see him making his own platform or , more likely, licensing his name name out and providing "exclusive" content.

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Posted in: Tokyo likely to reduce age limit on kids in opposite-sex public baths, report says See in context

I would think something like this would be solved mirroring the school system. When do elementary schools / nursery schools start separating changing rooms by sex?

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Posted in: Japan to set up panel on imperial succession as family shrinks See in context

This is funny as the emperor could just force the issue and name his eldest child as his successor and watch as the government make laws to accommodate. As this is what happened with his predecessor.


Nicely thought out but each option has it downsides.

• expand the line of succession to former royal families.

Tricky to convince people to respect someone once considered a commoner as royalty without achieving some type of major accomplishment.

• allow a female to be empress (it’s been done before and the first ‘empress’ was female).

-Best option in my opinion as it symbolizes the need and use of women in Japanese society. Unfortunately the old men making up the panel are unlikely to go for it as they 'must honor tradition'.

• abandon the whole concept of an imperial family.

-Automatic non starter as the economic and social stability of Japan is rooted in royal figures. Also as governments power is essentially given to them by the royal family, abandoning them throws the legitimacy of the government into question.

• allow the imperial family to die out for lack of male heirs.

-Not going to happen because your first option would be used because of the reason posted immediately above.

Most likely to happen is the wait and see approach.

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Posted in: How would you define cancel culture? Please give some examples. See in context

I find it funny, how something not political (cancel culture) has only been able to exemplified through right vs left politics. It kind of shows the level of the conversation that can be had here.

Here are some examples of what is not cancel culture.

The Dr. Suess foundation stoping the prodcution of some books is not cancel culture. That decision was made internally in an attempt to protect it's brand. This is self-censorship and everyone does it.

The Amanda Goreman situation with translation contracts is not cancelation as there was no intentional error made by the translators. This is a case of racism and subjective favoritism.

Here are some examples of current cancellation attempts:

Hass F1 and Nikita Mazepin are dealing with fan backlash after Mazepin was seen on posted instagram committing a taboo of the 2010's. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending where you stand, Hass is not in the position to do anything as Mazepin has some strong backers.

Jeremy Renner is currently fighting for his reputation amid an on going fight with his ex-wife. We still don't know how this will end.

Collen Kapernick was cancelled by the NFL not just for his politics, but for the intersectional relationship his position, playing skills, and politics would interact with team dynamics. He was the #2 quarterback when he started taking a knee. Press began to focus on that and the starter lost the locker rooms confidence and later his position. Any organization who saw this knew if they hired Kapernick the story of a football team fight to win a championship would come second to a fight for equality.

Long post, I hope this helps get people back on track.

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Posted in: How would you define cancel culture? Please give some examples. See in context

@ snowymountainhell

yes you may

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Posted in: How would you define cancel culture? Please give some examples. See in context

Cancel culture is an extrajudicial system of punishment framed as a form of retribution for past or present deeds. The accused's actions are measured against known and unknown norms decided by a collective with the punishment being pressure put on to the accused's business and social relationships in hopes that ties are severed, thus limiting the financial resources available and the influence those resources bring for the accused.

Have I missed anything?

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Posted in: 6 Dr Seuss books won't be published for racist images See in context

Bbc ran an article where Sir Kazuo Ishiguro warns of self-censorship. I guess that is going to be the news theme this month.

What I see the publisher doing is this: They'll review the books again, change some of the art or, in the rare case, the wording and rerelease the books as part of a collection. The original versions will get lost to time and woke news cycles.

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