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Posted in: 'Comfort woman' statue pulled from Aichi exhibit after threats See in context

Funny how some on this board conflate terroristic threats and government fascism. It's like we lost a dictionary at some point... With K-pop and streetwear being celebrated by the young people and more city municipalities recognizing more marriages, where is the argument for a lack of freedom of expression? With the continued backlash the average person expresses when they hear about article 9 changes, where is the argument for an ultra right wing mentality? Japanese prefer authority driven societies so that the positives and negatives are subjective at best.

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Posted in: South Korea detains 6 for illegally entering Japan consulate See in context

Embassy police can refer any security guard that is authorized to arrest, detain, and defend a diplomatic mission. Some countries use their military, like the US, some use their civilian security forces, and some contract it out. Individuals involved non-violent offenses on embassies are referred back to the host country for connivence and good will. Especially if the person committing the offense is a citizen of the host country.

Also under most treaties, anything you do in a consulate/embassy cannot be superseded by the host county's laws.

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Posted in: Planning a BBQ? Not if you want to save the planet See in context

I see, it's not fracking, oil drilling, the tons of plastic bottles in the ocean, or the yearly iphone update with non user replaceable batteries that are also non recyclable... It's eating meat. Thanks for the heads up. I'll go back to enjoying my bbq now.

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Posted in: Japan rejects S Korean calls for scrapping of tech export curbs See in context

Funny how awarding Japanese Corporate patents to Korean Reparation Advocacy groups as a form of reparation work out.

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Posted in: U.S. beats Netherlands 2-0 to win 4th Women's World Cup title See in context

The US won the world cup. Outside of results and the US captain's argument with the US president, I haven't heard or seen much of the World Cup.....And the US women want to be paid more. For games I didn't watch, for players I don't know, it's hard to justify a bigger payday.

I would argue that the Woman's program and development have not given the same amount of exposure and support as the men; 3 top tier leagues have folded since 2000 and US soccer focused on the sustainability of the Women's program, and only 1 media partner for the US league, globally. The women should not be suing US Soccer for equal pay, they should be suing US Soccer for a form of negligence.

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Posted in: Uniqlo to switch from plastic to paper bags worldwide from Sept. See in context

I like the idea of a branded reusable garment bag. RFID chip the bag to make customer info and point retention/allocation simple, make it look a similar to the current bag with fasteners and go to market. The nine yen you would have been charged can be deducted from every garment purchased as a reward for using the bag. DON'T force customers to buy separate bags for different brands within the same corporate umbrella.

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context

The problem with Japan is that the country doesn't like to have minorities and uncertainties in any situation. By their logic, having a minority or minority opinion implies that the majority could be imperfect or faulty, which causes a feeling of uncertainty. If there was a way of framing the law in a way that would increase harmony....Like joint tax filing, next of kin rights, right of medical access, things that wouldn't really cause a disruption, until they do.y

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Posted in: Drunkenly operating a drone becomes a crime under new law See in context

I like the effort made by the law, but I'm a bit worried that in time the government will go overboard by adding stringent exams and licenses.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Mitsubishi Heavy Industries asset seizure over WWII forced labor See in context

2 trademarks and 6 pattents are cofescated in a country undergoing an IP reform. This is an interesting move, as the platifs get something, but as the law is now and legal history of foreign IP in Korea, Mitsubishi can claim an unfair legal process. Or more likely, ignore the rulling and still collect on royalties and take anyone to court who they think violates their patent. I doubt the activist who won have the same resorces to defend the patents, nor do I think a company wants to buy the patents knowing they will have go against MHI to maintain ownership at the risk of losing a busniess relationship.

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Posted in: Alexa, are you male or female? 'Sexist' virtual assistants go gender-neutral See in context

Interesting research, but I'm willing to bet that the major tech firms have already researched and studied the preferences of their user base which led them to create the AI voices currently used. Part of their research like probably dealt with the concepts of identity, authority, and the audio uncanny valley.

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Posted in: Barbara Ehrenreich tweets about Marie Kondo widely condemned See in context

Ehrenreich's tweet can be taken any way you want them to be. This is a nothing burger based on outrage culture. To me it is just an opinion, one which contradicts her goals, and that's it.

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Posted in: T-Mobile, Sprint see Huawei trouble as chance to clinch U.S. deal See in context

Akie, glass cannons are beautiful imitations that are seen and not heard, because they shatter quickly under real world applications Remember this in the former in the future . Qualcom is American, Samsung is Korean, Boradcom is Singapore, and Huawei is Chinese. There is also Mediatek who are Taiwanese, but they focus more on budget devices and emerging markets. You know like the ones Hauwei and Xaomis are competing with. I don't know where you got the quarter of all 5g patents number as China has a difficult issue enforcing patents and in return most of the world just doesn't acknowledge Chinese patents outside of China.

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Posted in: T-Mobile, Sprint see Huawei trouble as chance to clinch U.S. deal See in context

China has been leveraging it's ability to manufacture for years. But that is the crux of their problem. China manufactures, until very recently (like 5 or so years ago) it didn't research, develop, or apply it's own technologies. Now that it (China) is begining to do so, it is finding itself in direct competition with the USA and the current trade war is the result. This is going to get more interesting next year as I see more manufacturing being dispersed outside China and more Chinese firms looking to buy established brands or set up western looking indie brands.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't passes strict anti-smoking laws See in context

Can anybody clarify how Japan defines a restaurant and bar? I know most places in states with smoking bans defines restaurants in terms like 'Businesses whose revenue is made of X amount of food and drink items are restaurants, while those businesses whose revenue is made up of X amount of alcohol sales are Bars.'

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Posted in: Which set of designs for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics gets your vote? See in context

Had to go with C because of the Okami reference.

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Posted in: Should dog owners be prosecuted if their animal attacks someone? See in context

A one off incident results in death, does the dog and it's owner get a free pass? If the owner is known to groom violent dog, does the dog committing the one off attack get a free pass? If unknowledgeable owner is unable to control a dog resulting in a one off action resulting in death, does the owner get a free pass?

The answer logically is no. By owning a dog, a person takes responsibility for the animal's actions. In situations where the animal is not able to act correctly, it is up to the owner to control the animal and protect all parties involved.

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Posted in: Japanese car rentals include stickers that read: 'A foreigner is driving' See in context

So basically when I car I will accept the sticker, say thank you, go to the nearest connivence store and remove said sticker. When I go to return the car I will just say it fell off as I hand them the sicker. Problem solved.

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Posted in: Do you check work emails on your days off, after you wake up in the morning and at night after you return home? See in context

Rarely as it's in the company's best interest to get as much work out of an individual for the least amount of money and in the individual's interest to control 'employment leak', especially in a country where the companies encourage their workers to look busy.

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Posted in: Emperor's abdication now legalized but succession remains unaddressed See in context

4 men 6 women, and you loose 2 women to traditional rules. If the crysthemsomom would like remain as the ruling house, it might want to encourage a rule change to succession. The statistics for the immediate family don't play in their favor, neither does the national motivation or global economics.

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Posted in: Abe offers conditional cooperation with China's Silk Road initiative See in context

This seems pretty logical given the US political environment. Abe has be at least willing to play along with the Chinese or get shut out when the major deals start happening. Also note Japan has a lot of cash and credit in the form of national loans and bonds that is in direct competition with Chinese credit. Given China's recent downgrading in it's credit rating, this posturing move makes even more sense.

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Posted in: Princess Mako leaves for 9-day official visit to Bhutan See in context

Going to miss here when she's normalized. If the LDP really wants to get women back to work, they should make her an example. Let her keep her tittle, have her placed in a non profit or ngo, a continue doing what she is doing.

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Posted in: How would you define hate speech? See in context

I would define hate speech as targeted language designed to bias society against a group in a way that directly leads to violence against that group either by the source or an audience member of the source. The trouble with hate speech is that it is often, by necessity, has to be defined retroactively (you do not want hate speech to be defined proactively)

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Posted in: Female-only 'Wonder Woman' screenings set off online complaints See in context

It's not a private party, It's a promotion sponsored by the theater. There in lies the problem; a business is discriminating against or for customers based on gender because they can. Also It's not a preferential design like a ladies' night at a bar, it's restrictive like whites only at 1950's restaurant in ,ironically, a southern state.

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Posted in: Say thank you or be identified, police tell owners of lost items See in context

I don't care, identifying me if you must. Understand though, if I am exposed to any form of harassment or lowered quality of safety, the police will bare some responsibility. And I will peruse compensation.

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Posted in: Many rites await Princess Mako and Komuro before their marriage See in context

Pretty infomal article. My only gripe is this ; Abe (and tbe LDP) have been pushing for more involvement by women in the economics of the country. This means changinging the role of women in the country. The LDP control (through the diet) who can accend to the throne. The Imperial family is used as a symbol of the country's status quo. Wouldn't be just a smart idea to change the current policy to allow women to accend to throne, and thus cementing the idea that women are just as vital to Japan's preseverence as men are? People would complain about the timing, but with as much repect is given to the royals it would give LDP some pychological teeth in convincing companies to get women back into the work force.

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Posted in: Kumamoto baby hatch has accepted 125 babies over 9 years since launch See in context

If we all look the picture; there are phone numbers, business cards, and a speaker phone located next to watch. Given there are likely cameras near the area, a person could give as much or a s little information they want. Also likely is some type of form (voluntary completed) to inform the hospital of the infant's name, sex, and other necessary info. There is also the possibility of a letter being provided by a parent, family member, or friend.

As for the usefulness of this baby hatch, if it provided 1 infant a reprieve from a quick death, I can live with some of my taxes being used to cover the cost. I would think the goal of allowing options like abortions/ volunteer custody release is to give people options rather than create limitations that could do more harm than good.

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Posted in: Should Russia return the four disputed islands off Hokkaido to Japan? See in context

No, as much as it would be morally correct to say yes, the fact is that Russia has invested time, people, and money to the area. Returning the islands to Japan would destabilize all of that. The best situation would be for Japan and Russia to come to an agreement on revenue sharing on resources, Russian protection of the area, and visa free travel for Japanese citizens to the area.

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Posted in: Bra maker does its bit for Premium Friday See in context

So I should buy a bra to remind me to leave work early on Friday? But I'm a guy. Oh... I get it. I should buy a bra to remind me I have a couple more hours of free time on Friday. Oh silly obachan don't look at me like that, this bra is just to remind me I have a couple more hours of free time on Friday.

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Posted in: Should Japan have its own nuclear weapons as a deterrent against security threats or should it rely on the U.S. nuclear umbrella? See in context

Yeah this polls wording was a mistake....But to be explicit with my opinion, I think Japan should not develop it's on nuclear weapons. If Japan were to do so, South Korea would develop weapons to match, forcing North Korea to try harder and giving China reason to expand militarily. It would be destabilizing to say the least.

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Posted in: Should airlines be allowed to overbook on flights (selling more seats than available to account for the likelihood of no-shows)? See in context

I think the airlines should be able to sell whatever they want as long a full disclosure is given. I would like to see a system in place domestically where you pay one price for a guaranteed sea, a second price that is lower for a re-accommodation seat where you play less knowing that if the airline needs the seat for business purposes (such as the reason Dr. Dao was asked to give up his seat in the first place) you give up the seat but are guaranteed a seat on the next available flight. The number of these re-accommodation seats would be hard limited to avoid airlines relying on these seats to generate profits and the reasons for the why a seat would be allowed to be vacated would be explicitly explained to the airline. As for selling standby tickets, I'm ok with those knowing they are the cheapest available and are sold as an attachment to succeeding flight or day (I.e. you buy ticket for the 15:45 flight but you purchased the standby clause for the 13:30 if it were to become. Or you purchase a ticket to fly on April 20th and you are placed on standby for the day knowing you will fly out on the 20th but have little control over your flight time)

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