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Posted in: Japan Times changes reference to 'comfort women' after backlash See in context

Pretty simple fix here. Define the group as "Wartime Sex Workers". If you want to put the use descriptive words like "forced" "volunteer" "government supported" "government coerced" in front of WSW that is up to the publisher or writer.

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Posted in: Japan to ban entry by foreigners who have visited Daegu See in context

most of the time, you have to fill out an entry and exit card detailing where you will be visiting. There is also the practice of simple questioning. I don't know if the idea of banning all foreigners is best as a Japanese national who visited the Korean areas would be allowed in but not the foreigner. Doesn't seem too logical.

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Posted in: Twitter tests labels, community moderation for lies by public figures See in context

so twitter introduces a point system to call out harmful content, a community collective will form and target content deemed harmful and the digital space will fracture again.

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Posted in: Macho culture seen putting women off data science jobs See in context

female students are put off by combative recruiting events like coding contests and hackathons, found consulting firm Boston Consulting Group.

So consulting firm wants to take some of the merit based systems out of team building to increase diversification. Yeah, that's a pretty bad move there. Why not keep reaching everyone younger, yes everyone, encouraging the competitive spirit of life.

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Posted in: California apologizes for Japanese-American internment See in context

Here is the actual resolution;

It reads like a virtue signal with no ramifications for it passing or failing.

I wonder if the Internment camps will be taught in the American history curriculum of California k-12 schools? Realistically, I'm thinking grades 6-12. If that change isn't made or hasn't been made, the resolution is as useful as a politician's smile.

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Posted in: California apologizes for Japanese-American internment See in context

State of California apology with no compensation. I'm cool with this, but it does sound like a waste of time and money as an apology which included the state of California had already been given.

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Posted in: Food-share apps seeking to help environment See in context

Hmm I'm a little skeptical of this. The eatery would rather rely on a app to sell unused portions on an app rather than review their portion sizes, their pricing, or their customers tastes. Also there are some good business reasons for wanting food products to sell out.

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Posted in: Man on death row for killing 3 people dies of illness See in context

Locked in a cell by yourself and your thoughts of not knowing when the government is going kill you for 20 plus years. Yeah, I think justice was served. It may have not been the method preferred by the state but the result is the same and I bet the old man would have been happier to have gone another way.

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Posted in: Twitter to label altered media, remove if it may cause harm See in context

I wonder how this system is going to react to memes and satire.

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Posted in: Washington Post places reporter on leave after Bryant tweet See in context

Because there is a small yet vocal minority of people who could be described as social puritans who do not care about things like timing, redemption, or decency.

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Posted in: Koizumi backs different surnames for married couples after heckling incident See in context

Don't see what the LDP is worried about here. With the introduction of the My number system, there is now a system that can track people, family units, and their social movements without the use of names. Just log the numbers as linked and move on with it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for leaving father’s ashes in toilet at Tokyo Station See in context

Got to ask some questions on this one. When the guy was handed the ashes, did the city give him instructions on what do with them? Also why didn't the guy just refuse to receive the ashes?

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Posted in: 'Joker' leads Oscar nominations with 11 as women miss out See in context

Meh, if the academy wanted it could alter the format for selecting nominees, add categories or increase the nomination pool. But they people would complain about the changes not being traditional. So, anyone want to take bets on what next year's Oscars complaint will be?

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Posted in: Fast Retailing cuts outlook after Asia strife hits Uniqlo sales See in context

Did u even read the article? It clearly says the impact of Korean boycott as one factor lowering the profit forecast. It says nothing about local Korean job losses. Do you use this comment section as ur own propaganda tool?

What is the economic impact of reduced outlooks? Lower recruitment efforts, raise suspensions, and delayed store openings to name a few. The OP likely gave an opinion based on this.

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Posted in: Thunberg keen to visit Japan in 2020 See in context

Sweden to Tokyo is going to an interesting trip given the standards she has set for herself. Also I can expect she won't visit Mt. Fuji for fear of over tourism or buy any souvenirs due their heavy reliance on one time use plastics.

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Posted in: Toyota union to propose larger focus on performance in pay increases See in context

I'm happy to see this as what is proposed is rebalancing of the system. While salary raises based on seniority covers inflation, it does not cover innovation and achievement.

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Posted in: Adidas and Beyonce to launch gender-neutral collection See in context

partnership comes as Adidas seeks to attract more female customers, an area where it has lagged bigger rival Nike and German competitor Puma

so this is an excuse for men/males to not be so self conscious about buying Beyonce branded clothing. Whatever gets you in the door...

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Posted in: YouTube bans 'implied' threats See in context

Funny how this will work out. If someone says "We should do something." and someone is threatened, now the content can be banned as implied is subjective and subjective is open to interpretation.

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Posted in: What’s better for the environment: a fake Christmas tree or a natural one? See in context

A fake one made from biodegradable plastics. It's about 4 to 7 seven years to grow a tree that will be used for just 30 to 45 days while a fake tree can be reused and ,if made from bio degradable materials, reintegrated into environment after it has served it's use.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten tax rules on wealthy people See in context

Ok realistic proposition. As Japan doesn't have double taxation or duel citizenship lets try the following for Japanese citizens;

Every 5 years you have to disclose all domestic assets plus their value and disclose foreign assets. Doing so satisfies the governments "urge of disclosure agreement" and entitles a person and ,to a specified limited extent, legal entities access to tax exemptions for the next 5 years. Every 4 to 7 years a mandatory audit will occur once randomly. If the audit comes back clean, nothing happens. If the audit concludes that the "urge of disclosure agreement" was not honored, the person loses access to all government tax exemptions for 5 years and legal entities loose all tax exemptions for 10 years and trigger a secondary audit for criminal exposure. Their will be an appeal process, but unless overturned, the punishment will be wholly enforced.

The reasoning behind this system is that the government should reward those who do what is "urged" of them while disincentivizing those who would like to game the system. The choice would become between paying all of the taxes vs hiding the assets.

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Posted in: IOC Tokyo Olympic marathon edict should give pause to other cities See in context

I think the IOC let their true colors show with the move as they have in recent years made cities bid for the "pleasure" of allowing the IOC to host events in their city. As unpopular as this sounds, I'm happy the IOC did this. By forcing the event relocation, the IOC has relinquished the argument that "all events must be in the host city". I hope Paris and Los Angeles use this precedent to spread events around their respected regions.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten gasoline sale rules after Kyoto arson attack See in context

Sounds a lot like lip service. The person who is suspected had a history of mental illness and a police record. Are gas stations going to be held responsible for confirming mental health and purity of intent? What is to stop someone from just lying about their intent? Also, how is the government going to respond to an incident that uses kerosene instead of gasoline?

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Posted in: Kanye West claims he will be U.S. president one day See in context

He's 42, he can run at any time. Not news.

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Posted in: Do you think the International Olympic Committee's plan to move the marathon and race walking events of the Tokyo 2020 Games to Sapporo is a good idea? See in context

I understand the IOC desire to maintain tradition, but I think a state approach to hosting games should be taken. Give Tokyo medal round and short tournaments and give other 1st and 2nd tier cities hosting duties for round robin, qualifiers, and environmentally based events. This way you can spread the burden of hosting the games as well as provide a need for infrastructure spending.

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Posted in: 'Abominable' to skip Malaysia theaters over disputed sea map See in context

Given China would make the same demands and do the same thing if the situation was reversed, I say good on Vietnam and Malaysia for not budging.

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Posted in: NBA decides to remain silent for rest of China trip See in context

Should be interesting what media policy will be like with next year's international games.

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Posted in: China warns Apple against 'reckless' support of HK protesters See in context

Dangerous game China is playing now. Given all the recent events, the current concepts of brand association, and customer taste, the term Made In China might be deemed toxic. It would be interesting to watch young ones seeing how far they could push a #chinafree lifestyle in the mainstream.

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit over same-surname after marriage rule See in context

I wonder if they don't try again using a legal argument attached to the "My number" system. As this number is used for taxation and legal options with government services and part of marriage is the reconfiguration of being taxed and legal recognition , you could argue that a name based registry as obsolete as there is now a system which has been introduced based on numbers. The government can just record that Number A and Number B are civilly linked with Number C and Number D under the joint care of Numbers A and B.

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Posted in: No kidding: Japanese airlines offer seat maps to avoid bawling babies See in context

I'm okay with this, but fun part will be how to distribute these sections on the plane and pricing?

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Posted in: Takanofuji says punishment for off-ring violence 'too heavy' See in context

Simple enough; 6 month ban from all sumo related activities, A year ban from competition that can be extended. This is to be served consecutively. Within the 6 months the JSA comes up with a bullet pointed list of required actions the wrestler needs to do to get reinstated. He screws up again or fails these actions the suspension remains.

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