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I think, for the most part, cosmetic things created using game tools cannot be copyrighted until it is made physically and all works made in the game are owned by the developer or publisher. This is for a game as it is made for use in that universe. Game mechanics, like jumping, cannot be copyrighted but the code created to perform jumps can be.

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Posted in: Australia unveils law forcing tech giants to pay for news See in context

Think this a bad way about doing things. Forcing a Facebook to pay for content and also monitor news content sets up a situation where Facebook could be better off setting up a news division. If Oz media wants the money just take all sharing quick links off their site and a copyright claim anything posted. That, or paywall everything.

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Posted in: Uber Eats union wants better accident compensation See in context

I'm a little surprised Uber hasn't ventured into the insurance/ financial planning business. Pretty cut and dry: sign up for uber, sign up for a coverage / compensation plan, ride. Offer 2 or 3 insurance plans ranging from full coverage to work related coverage with an option to opt out, a compensation based on the local or pegged cryptocurrency, and timing schedule of weekly or monthly and call it day. Those who take the cheapest options opt to put themselves at the most risk and keeps the company clean.

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Posted in: The postponed Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to start one year from this week. Do you think they will be held or canceled? See in context

There will likely be some type of event. Japan will probably get some input on events that will be displayed and the 16day event may turn into a 32 day event to host as many events as possible. Also likely a very minimalistic affair with fewer media personnel, support staff, and higher reliance on Video Assisted Refereeing.

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I don't think it was a forced pushed for a male coach, more of a boys club mentality that looked a male coaches first. I'm also curious if the national Judo team has implemented some sort of mentoring system or pathway for women seeking, key word there, coaching and technical positions.

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Posted in: Want your own Japanese coronavirus quarantine room? Cardboard cubicles on sale to general public See in context

That price will need to come down if it is going to compete with plastic curtains and steel rods, both of which have a longer shelf-life.

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Posted in: Man arrested after video surfaces, showing him let elementary school daughter drive car See in context

If the father had been in tandem with his child in the driver's seat, everything would have been ok. As the father is in the front passenger seat, I'd call it a moving violation, issue a ticket, and be done with it. I think the arrest goes a bit too far.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

The answer is no. The reason is because of commerce. Cleo excellently pointed out why people use the same sides of roads and currency. Even further, why people are encouraged to use the same language. Governments live and die on their ability to facilitate and protect commerce. The nature of virus transmission is not clear but airborne transmission has not been ruled out. So to protect commerce, governments have asked people to wear masks.

Out side of emergencies, governments can only ask people to wear masks. Businesses are different, they get to set standards for how the business interacts with customers. Like, how Facebook has no phone number available to users, and it's legal. A business can require a customer to wear a mask while on the premises for any reason they see fit. Most likely, because of insurance protection. As there is market competition, customers have the choice to choose other businesses.

This mask situation is more akin to smoking bans when you think about it.

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Posted in: Japanese startup creates internet-connected face mask See in context

I want to breath in all of the 5G goodness, I hear it's great for preventing covid-19. Joke aside, this could have some application. Maybe medical the medical field?

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Posted in: Are there any circumstances that justify war? See in context

Nations go to war to gain resources they are unable to or unwilling to negotiate for. This means that all nations have to be willing to go to war in order to deter other nations from using war a method of gaining resources. Is this necessary, yes as sometimes you need the threat of war ensure commerce is done fairly if at all.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi UFJ to ban financing for production of nuclear weapons See in context

Surprised this wasn't announced in August or late July.

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Posted in: Americans march for racial justice on Juneteenth anniversary See in context

As Juneteenth falls within pride month, I am wondering if going forward, will black history month still remain in February or will their be dueling celebrations? Both movements have flags, parades, and really easy iconic hooks for corporations to attach themselves to.

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Posted in: Mie to become 1st prefecture to ban outing LGBT individuals See in context

This is simple, just model the legal requirements and restitution like doctor patient or lawyer client confidentiality. It may be true, but harm was done and trust was breached.

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Posted in: Gov't panel calls for revealing cyberbullies' names, phone numbers See in context

Yeah you don't want to force people identify themselves on social media. Why do you think Mixi died out as well as Ameba? It was primarily the barrier to entry which was requested by Japan's government at the time.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor seeks to back anti-hate laws with criminal punishment See in context

Problem with criminalizing hate speech is how subjective hate speech can be. Extremist on both sides can and will test the limit, recalibrate, and begin using coded language making the law more vague as it gets revised to keep up.

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Posted in: Police arrest suspect in Kyoto Animation studio arson attack that killed 36 See in context

I'm of two ways about this. Let him live and he may have some remorse 1 day, but you have to take care of him up until that day. You sentence him to death and you get guaranteed vengeance. As I want to crush his spirit, I'm for a gen pop sentence 360 years with the names of those he killed tattooed to his hands, forearms and legs visible to him at all times. If he removes a name it will be reapplied. Yes I understand how humane this is.

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Posted in: Japan looking at steps against cyber-bullying after death of 'Terrace House' cast member See in context

Still going to be tricky to enforce; If one person on facebook or twitter says I look ugly one time, is that enough to claim harassment? If 300 people do the same thing at the same time is that harassment? And then how do you legally hold 300 users responsible for the comment? With the legal process already so slow, do we really want to fill courts up with defamation lawsuits over hurt feelings?

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' star Kimura likely took her own life using toxic gas See in context

Cyberbullying is a complex thing. If people are really looking to reduce cyberbullying, they should push governments to strengthen their defamation laws and privacy invasion laws. But be careful as these are the same rules governments change to reduce public dissent of government actions.

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Posted in: Japanese reality show 'Terrace House' cast member dies See in context


I'm sure your sweet, kind, positive and thoughtful insights are a real comfort to her grieving family and friends.

Likely not as I'm just some random username on an English based Japan focused news site talking about a someone who likely wouldn't have made so much a blurb on this site unless something really good or really bad happened to her. Sadly, it was latter and not the former. And I know for certain that unless they (her family or close friends) know English or you would like to translate my post into Japanese, it is highly likely my opinion is not an issue of consequence. But hey at least it looked like you cared, right?

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Posted in: Japanese reality show 'Terrace House' cast member dies See in context

I'm sorry Hana made a choice to end herself, but that was her choice. While a portion of the fault lies with the nasty comments made towards her online, I still put the responsibility on Hana. She chose to do the show, she chose to be a wrestler, she chose to be a public figure, she chose to engage what was happening online and let that world control her life. Part of being a public figure is knowing some people have bad opinions and will use those opinions to mess with you for a reaction. Maybe her death will temporarily increase the amount of empathy on the web, but I doubt it, so knowing that I suggest people learn to compartmentalize their online and physical lives.

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Posted in: Japan to subsidize mass production of coronavirus vaccine See in context

A government officially announcing a subsidization program can deter drug companies from trying to use supply and demand to gain massive profits. I expect most countries who have the leverage are preparing the same moves.

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Posted in: 90-year-old driver fatally hits 90-year-old man in pachinko parlor parking lot See in context

Saddest thing of all, they likely at least knew of each other. So now the living has the guilt of killing their neighbor.

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Posted in: Summer Koshien organizers consider cancelation due to virus See in context

Why not just extend the regional leg of the competition by reorganizing the path to the finals and admit the fact that not every prefecture will be able to play in the Koshien this year, and reserve the space for the final 16 or 8?

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These guys are great and I was really angry when city governments began actively cutting them out of collection services. Currently in my area, can collection from the city is once a month and supermarkets / convenience stores have shut their collection boxes so there are no really convenient way to dispose of cans. People like the man pictured above have picked up the slack and kept many near by areas looking clean along with other janitorial service workers.

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Posted in: Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, there has been talk of a basic universal income. Do you support the concept? See in context

I said yes. I mean yes, With some rules in place. Everyone would get the same amount of basic income, but how much you would receive and actually be able to use would be determined by your economic and employment status. What is not accessed is put into a savings account that accrues interest pegged to the previous year's domestic GDP with no penalties for negative GDP and the max interest set at 2 percent. For the actual money everyone gets 100,000 yen a month. If you are employed and making more than 1.5 times that amount you are only give access to 25% of your UBI a month. If you are unemployed and are actively seeking a job you get access to 80%. If you are retired you get access to 100%. People can also opt out of recieving a UBI, in which case it will go into savings. They can also deposit extra income into the account. For specific purposes, like paying for college or a house, can a person withdraw from a UBI savings account. In the case of death, only 40%of the deceased UBI can be transferred to a beneficiary's active bank account. The rest would be put into the beneficiary's UBI savings account. Now to fund this, you would need a government to actively participate in money markets and other industries.

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Posted in: Ex-comfort woman in S Korea criticizes protest rallies against Japan See in context

Finally one of the victims are coming around. If one can can't motivate the youth without hate, one simply has a weak argument.

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Posted in: New Zealand backs Taiwan's role in WHO due to success with coronavirus See in context

I wonder what Trump and the US response will be. Perfect opportunity in the trade war to back Taiwanese containment policies.

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Posted in: S Korean Olympic speed skating champion guilty of sex harassment See in context

Post metoo reaction. I think this was more a case of bullying and the only thing to stick was the sexual assault. Give him a 6 month ban, socialization training and call it a day. I'm also a bit worried about what type of retaliation the victim is going to face as this can easily have been dismissed as banter and handled internally.

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Posted in: Ramadan on collision course with virus for Asia's Muslims See in context

Okay, not easy but can be done.

Mecca pigramige is out due to physical and financial conditions. The Governments of Malayasia and Bangladesh can have their official clerics determine everyone to be medically unfit for fasting and reenforce that edict by telling those fasting that if they who are fasting are taken to the hospital they would be depriving resources for the needy and poor. For praying, broadcast via radio, tv, internet, and loud speakers a call to pray at home. For those with multiple rooms, split between the sexes giving the larger room to women and children. When this is not the case, men and boys take a step outside their house or go on to there balcony if available, woman a girls stay inside. For those outside, have community leaders organize outside formations. And add 5 extra days just work out most issues.

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Posted in: Do you think big tech companies like Facebook should face tougher rules and penalties if they failed to curb hate speech and disinformation? See in context

Freedom of speech doesn't mean insulting people, or groups of people, or inciting hatred and/or violence towards them. This isn't political correctness, it's common decency, something sadly lacking on social media at times.

This is a very good argument as the venue is universal, but it has a big issue. Insult is subjective and incitement is criminally illegal. Which makes insults criminally subjective. We have a system in place for this in civil courts. It's just very hard to prove someone or something guilty of.

If you are in a car and one of your passengers decides NOT to use a seatbelt. It is YOUR responsibility as the owner and driver to make sure everyone is safely belted in. Social media companies have that same duty of care.

As the car is your private property and you transporting your friend, you have established a familiar tie. This means you may be doing an action voluntarily or for compensation not related to money. You are responsible for your actions in your car. Your account is your is basically your car and social media is the road. You can hold the road responsible up to a point. People polling against confuse a roller coaster with road, a controlled direction with more responsibility placed on the owner of the way than the vehicle in motion.

option 3 is the telephone, we will accept rules as they come and those who dare will find new ways and methods around those rules.

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