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Posted in: NBA decides to remain silent for rest of China trip See in context

Should be interesting what media policy will be like with next year's international games.

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Posted in: China warns Apple against 'reckless' support of HK protesters See in context

Dangerous game China is playing now. Given all the recent events, the current concepts of brand association, and customer taste, the term Made In China might be deemed toxic. It would be interesting to watch young ones seeing how far they could push a #chinafree lifestyle in the mainstream.

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit over same-surname after marriage rule See in context

I wonder if they don't try again using a legal argument attached to the "My number" system. As this number is used for taxation and legal options with government services and part of marriage is the reconfiguration of being taxed and legal recognition , you could argue that a name based registry as obsolete as there is now a system which has been introduced based on numbers. The government can just record that Number A and Number B are civilly linked with Number C and Number D under the joint care of Numbers A and B.

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Posted in: No kidding: Japanese airlines offer seat maps to avoid bawling babies See in context

I'm okay with this, but fun part will be how to distribute these sections on the plane and pricing?

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Posted in: Takanofuji says punishment for off-ring violence 'too heavy' See in context

Simple enough; 6 month ban from all sumo related activities, A year ban from competition that can be extended. This is to be served consecutively. Within the 6 months the JSA comes up with a bullet pointed list of required actions the wrestler needs to do to get reinstated. He screws up again or fails these actions the suspension remains.

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Posted in: McDonald's takes a nibble of the plant-based burger See in context

If we want climate change and a shift to a plant based diet, McDonald's and other fast food companies are the key so good news here.

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Posted in: Do you think it is appropriate for news headlines to include the nationality of people arrested or suspects wanted for questioning by police? See in context

Justice judges an individual who may have done a crime as the sole responsible for it.

Disclosing origin, sex, skin colour, political orientation, age, even name is irrelevant to the public and obscene.

Honestly, who need to know that apart from voyeurism and for ostentation purpose?

Ok but it is a little more complicated than that. When a person makes a legal complaint they are saying publicly that a specific entity, within a specific time frame, harmed them in specific way. Now how do we determine the specific entity? Through any information observable like name, age, sex, and origin. Without these identifiers the police could blame any person for any crime against any person regardless of the facts. This transparency keeps everyone honest, even if the media decides to cherry pick the publicly disclosed information, which is what they are doing and why this poll exist.

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Posted in: Do you think it is appropriate for news headlines to include the nationality of people arrested or suspects wanted for questioning by police? See in context

Simply" yes" as this is a transparency issue. If the police make public the details of a person of interest, those details should be allowed to be presented in any manner a media outlet desires. By asking the media outlets to censor these details, you undermine transparency of the justice system and the cooperation of the public.

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Posted in: Stand and be delivered: Japan's evolving escalator etiquette See in context

Never really been an issue. Don't walk in the standing section, don't stand in the walking section, remember to observe the escalator before you get on. Don't be polite or make time for those who don't make time for others. That nudge and brush is rude, but it's good reminder to think about everyone when thinking about yourself.

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Posted in: Private women's university in Miyagi to accept transgender students See in context

Your High School records are not public documents that are available to anyone. Your High School records are a private document maintained by a public entity, like your taxes or medical history. When a school sees your transcript it is because they have been authorized access, which you have given them by way of submitting an application. If someone were to out a student, they would be violating some pretty big protocols and attaching their school to a bad scandal. While it is possible, outing someone based on their hs transcript is highly unlikely.

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Posted in: Suspected arsonist in Kyoto studio attack regaining speech in hospital See in context

A year in the hospital to recover, 2 years to file through the judicial system and and 20 year death sentence. Is what it is.

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Posted in: Diplomatic row with South Korea starts to hurt Japan's services account See in context

The South Korean economy is on the decline, only makes sense that people with less money travel less. While the current spat can play a small part in fewer South Koreans visiting, it's not the biggest by far.

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Posted in: Nissan mulls pulling out of S Korea, Financial Times reports See in context

After looking at everything, Nissan should pull and allow Infiniti to carry the consumer brand in Korea. Let Nissan worry about commercial products like heavy trucks and elevators, thus allowing Nissan to gain money from service and logistics while being interwoven in Korean convenience.

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Posted in: Nissan not currently considering asking CEO Saikawa to resign See in context

This hurts Japan's case in the social court and opens up Nissan to be sued by Ghrosn.

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Posted in: How to ask for time off in Japanese See in context

What I loathe about this country is the need for employees to explain why they are taking time off even for plans made well in advance.

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Posted in: Ariana Grande sues fashion firm over 'look-alike model' See in context

This will be interesting. Clothing retailers are famous for creating similar looking knock offs of each other and original trends.

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Posted in: K-pop and kimchi: Tokyo's 'Little Seoul' shrugs off spat See in context

One country has a national conscription policy, which reenforces a national identity shaped and formed from a militaristic philosophy that views different nations on their level of threat and one doesn't. Which group do you think is going to engage the other negatively over a historical spat current generations have little connection to outside of pictures and the occasional passed down story.

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Posted in: Former Empress Michiko to have surgery for breast cancer on Sunday See in context

Funny how the body craves repetition. Likely stage 0 or 1 so no chemo but radiation and of course surgery. Best news, if it is 0 or 1, she will definitely be ok.

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Posted in: New genetic links to same-sex sexuality found in huge study See in context

Err... If the Darwinian model is correct, how would any "gay" genes survive the process of natural selection?

Rape.....But seriously, up until humans began form communities based on pair bonding, it could be guessed that sex was used as a form of currency or show of dominance like with monkeys and apes. There wouldn't really be a need to have a preference for a partner or need to have a single partner in this environment. Kids born out of this environment were also likely part side-effect of times part way to display dominance. This is all just a guess.

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Posted in: New York schools urged to refer to Sea of Japan as 'East Sea' too See in context

Pretty cut and dry one here. Some local politicians want some campaign help and with Chinese and Korean communities making up the number 1 and 3 Asian populations, this pushing for a name inclusion is a smart move on the politicians part. Anybody who remotely cares about geopolitical in school, already knows both names and I'm betting school teachers in NY have already been teaching both names unofficially for years

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Posted in: 'Comfort woman' statue pulled from Aichi exhibit after threats See in context

Funny how some on this board conflate terroristic threats and government fascism. It's like we lost a dictionary at some point... With K-pop and streetwear being celebrated by the young people and more city municipalities recognizing more marriages, where is the argument for a lack of freedom of expression? With the continued backlash the average person expresses when they hear about article 9 changes, where is the argument for an ultra right wing mentality? Japanese prefer authority driven societies so that the positives and negatives are subjective at best.

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Posted in: South Korea detains 6 for illegally entering Japan consulate See in context

Embassy police can refer any security guard that is authorized to arrest, detain, and defend a diplomatic mission. Some countries use their military, like the US, some use their civilian security forces, and some contract it out. Individuals involved non-violent offenses on embassies are referred back to the host country for connivence and good will. Especially if the person committing the offense is a citizen of the host country.

Also under most treaties, anything you do in a consulate/embassy cannot be superseded by the host county's laws.

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Posted in: Planning a BBQ? Not if you want to save the planet See in context

I see, it's not fracking, oil drilling, the tons of plastic bottles in the ocean, or the yearly iphone update with non user replaceable batteries that are also non recyclable... It's eating meat. Thanks for the heads up. I'll go back to enjoying my bbq now.

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Posted in: Japan rejects S Korean calls for scrapping of tech export curbs See in context

Funny how awarding Japanese Corporate patents to Korean Reparation Advocacy groups as a form of reparation work out.

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Posted in: U.S. beats Netherlands 2-0 to win 4th Women's World Cup title See in context

The US won the world cup. Outside of results and the US captain's argument with the US president, I haven't heard or seen much of the World Cup.....And the US women want to be paid more. For games I didn't watch, for players I don't know, it's hard to justify a bigger payday.

I would argue that the Woman's program and development have not given the same amount of exposure and support as the men; 3 top tier leagues have folded since 2000 and US soccer focused on the sustainability of the Women's program, and only 1 media partner for the US league, globally. The women should not be suing US Soccer for equal pay, they should be suing US Soccer for a form of negligence.

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Posted in: Uniqlo to switch from plastic to paper bags worldwide from Sept. See in context

I like the idea of a branded reusable garment bag. RFID chip the bag to make customer info and point retention/allocation simple, make it look a similar to the current bag with fasteners and go to market. The nine yen you would have been charged can be deducted from every garment purchased as a reward for using the bag. DON'T force customers to buy separate bags for different brands within the same corporate umbrella.

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context

The problem with Japan is that the country doesn't like to have minorities and uncertainties in any situation. By their logic, having a minority or minority opinion implies that the majority could be imperfect or faulty, which causes a feeling of uncertainty. If there was a way of framing the law in a way that would increase harmony....Like joint tax filing, next of kin rights, right of medical access, things that wouldn't really cause a disruption, until they do.y

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Posted in: Drunkenly operating a drone becomes a crime under new law See in context

I like the effort made by the law, but I'm a bit worried that in time the government will go overboard by adding stringent exams and licenses.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Mitsubishi Heavy Industries asset seizure over WWII forced labor See in context

2 trademarks and 6 pattents are cofescated in a country undergoing an IP reform. This is an interesting move, as the platifs get something, but as the law is now and legal history of foreign IP in Korea, Mitsubishi can claim an unfair legal process. Or more likely, ignore the rulling and still collect on royalties and take anyone to court who they think violates their patent. I doubt the activist who won have the same resorces to defend the patents, nor do I think a company wants to buy the patents knowing they will have go against MHI to maintain ownership at the risk of losing a busniess relationship.

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Posted in: Alexa, are you male or female? 'Sexist' virtual assistants go gender-neutral See in context

Interesting research, but I'm willing to bet that the major tech firms have already researched and studied the preferences of their user base which led them to create the AI voices currently used. Part of their research like probably dealt with the concepts of identity, authority, and the audio uncanny valley.

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