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Posted in: Japan calls China's reported move on Hong Kong 'regrettable' See in context

Regrettable is just one translation of 残念. Think of it as "Disappointed".

I haven't seen the Japanese announcement, but is the word not usually 遺憾 in cases like this?

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl arrested for not paying ¥160,000 Tokyo-Shiga taxi fare See in context

I thought Bilking was not paying for petrol, and involved fleeing the petrol station as opposed to just refusing to pay.

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl arrested for not paying ¥160,000 Tokyo-Shiga taxi fare See in context

I like chatting with Taxi drivers, and sometimes ask them what their largest fare was. Apparently it's not uncommon for people to ask to be taken to Osaka or even further after missing their last train and waiting until the morning is not an option. From what I've been told by drivers, they are free to refuse such fares (and usually do), but if they do decide to take the fare, they have to contact their company first to get permission.

Whilst the girl is in the wrong for not being able to pay, it sounds like the driver could have mitigated the situation before accepting the fare.

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Posted in: Man dies from rabies; 1st confirmed case in Japan since 2006 See in context

K3PO,they do not have vaccine for human,

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Posted in: Man dies from rabies; 1st confirmed case in Japan since 2006 See in context

Rabies is largely a forgotten disease in developed countries and as a result, people don't think about getting infections immediately after being bitten by a dog. If you are in a country where rabies is endemic, never put your hand in a dog's mouth, even a domesticated playful dog. If there is any contract with the teeth, get infections straight away.

Get infections? Do you mean injections?

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Posted in: Open season on the free press: Journalists targeted in attacks as U.S. protests rage See in context

No Trump to be found.

Yeah, where is that guy when you need him?

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Posted in: M5.3 quake jolts Ibaraki, surrounding areas See in context

North-Western Chiba here. Didn't feel it, but I was wondering why I woke up so early today.

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Posted in: 80% of Japan mayors oppose, wary of shift to Sept start of school year See in context

Keep April start for schools but change universities to October.

Not a bad idea per se, but that would certainly complicate the transition from high school to university.

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Posted in: 80% of Japan mayors oppose, wary of shift to Sept start of school year See in context

"It'll become a heavy burden for (those involved)."

This reason is ridiculously overused in this country as an excuse not to change something, no matter how many merits it might have.

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Posted in: Cluster response team sent to virus-hit Kitakyushu See in context

Exactly 2 weeks after the state of emergency was lifted. Who'da thunk it...

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Posted in: U.S. death toll from coronavirus passes 100,000 See in context

There's no way to confirm the accuracy of those figures.

Not only is there no actual standard definition or diagnosis of dying from coronavirus but hospitals in the US are paid for corona deaths so they have an incentive to fudge their numbers.

You were absolutely fine with the numbers back when you thought they proved the infection/mortality rate was "low".

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Posted in: Police arrest suspect in Kyoto Animation studio arson attack that killed 36 See in context

They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

Not really the most appropriate place for a Terminator quote.

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Posted in: Ending coronavirus emergency raises hope, sparks some concern See in context

In the winter of 2018/2019, hundreds of thousands were infected with either influenza A and/or Influenza B in Japan.

Approximately 3,300 people in Japan died from those infections according to medical experts.

Yes, and given that the mortality rate of Covid-19 is currently about 10x that of influenza, if the number of Covid infections had been allowed to reach the same number of influenza infections, tens of thousand more people would have died.

Why do you not understand that? Everyone downplaying this pandemic says "Look at the numbers right now, they're not that high." The whole purpose of social distancing and lockdowns is to KEEP THE NUMBERS LOW given how infections this disease is, especially as you can carry and infect others for 2 whole weeks before developing any symptoms of your own.

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Posted in: Hong Kong security, police chiefs warn of growing 'terrorism' as Taiwan promises assistance to people See in context

I'm afraid that Hong Kong and Taiwan will lose if they continue to stand up to China, but I hope they never stop fighting, and I hope the world is watching.

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Posted in: Edible plates provide a delicious way to limit plastic waste See in context

If it weren't for the hygiene issue, I'd be all for this. Brilliant idea.

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Posted in: Japan set to fully lift coronavirus emergency in Tokyo, 4 other prefectures See in context

Nobody in Japan will run around without any self-prevention.

That has to be a joke. I've done a good job of keeping going out to an absolute minimum, but every time I do go out I'm ducking and dodging people not wearing masks and definitely not practicing social distancing.

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Posted in: 'Corona fatigue' taking its toll in many ways See in context

How can a man not earn more than 100,000 yen per month?

Apparently it's not uncommon.

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada poignantly answers 'Why do breakups hurt so much?' during livestream See in context

This sounds very deep and meaningful, but it's nonsense, or at the very least it doesn't apply as a blanket statement.

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Posted in: Disney+ coming to Japan in June See in context

Looks like they're not wrong, Disney+ IS coming to Japan in June, but they're confused about Disney Deluxe and Disney+.

Disney Deluxe has been out in Japan for a while, and it's nice but there's not a huge selection of material. I wonder what will happen to Deluxe when + gets here.

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Posted in: Australia requests China trade talks, but won't drop virus inquiry push See in context

I called it.

Called what? Australia don't seem to be backing down.

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Posted in: Truck kills 4 Australian police who stopped speeding driver See in context

I think the fact that four policemen got hit by a truck whilst stopped on the hard shoulder kind of proves my point

Only that it's dangerous. Not that they should have stopped elsewhere, which was likely impossible for the situation.

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Posted in: No texting please See in context

Walking is really that much of an issue? 

People knocking people onto train tracks or falling onto tracks themselves, causing accidents by stepping into the street without looking, knocking over little old ladies and breaking their hips, etc.

It seems like a fairly minor thing, but it's everywhere and it's usually not just people shuffling along. You get people walking full pace not looking where they're going. Very dangerous.

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Posted in: Bodies of 2 missing boys and uncle found in Gunma river See in context

I don’t know anything about rivers but I see these deaths from time to time. How exactly do people die so quickly in rivers and what are some rules of thumb to avoid danger?

Although this looks intentional, you do see lots of stories of people, especially children, accidentally dying in rivers.

A lot of rivers, especially in or near urban areas have concreted sides, often sloped at angles and very slippery due to algae, etc. This makes them difficult or impossible to climb out of, and also has the risk of slipping and falling and causing injury, especially head injury.

There's also the factor of people underestimating the power of water. Just 30cm of water is powerful enough to knock you off your feet even if the current doesn't look that strong.

Basic rule of thumb I'd say is don't let kids into rivers, and don't go in yourself unless you're completely aware of the terrain and have the proper gear.

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Posted in: Okinawan man arrested for buying cigarettes with currency of the dead See in context

How could you mistake yellow paper for money?

"However, in recent years some makers have developed uchikabi that resembles actual money."

You read this bit?

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Posted in: Japan's population drops at record pace in 2019 See in context

As always much ado about nothing. Over 120 million Japanese in an area a fraction of the size of the U.S.

Yeah, who cares about the economy anyway, right?

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Posted in: Australian police take 'black box' off cruise ship in coronavirus homicide probe See in context

Homicide sounds inappropriate.

The wording is a bit misleading, but manslaughter is still homicide.

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Posted in: Go easy on the sake when stuck at home, Japanese brewer cautions See in context

Today is cans & glass bottles garbage day where I live. The garbage crates were completely overflowing with empty beer cans spilling out onto the street. It was a fairly striking image.

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Posted in: 'Escape from Tokyo' hot topic ahead of state of emergency See in context

Surely if people have more than one home, they have the right where to self-isolate? Wouldn't you?

No! That’s the whole point! The virus is spreading because people who don’t know they have it are spreading it.

It’s a crap situation, but for this to work everyone has to STAY PUT!

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Posted in: 'Escape from Tokyo' hot topic ahead of state of emergency See in context

Selfish idiots.

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Posted in: Warnings fail to stop Japanese crowds from viewing cherry blossoms See in context

Aaaaand just over 2 weeks later, state of emergency declared.

I hope everyone who thought it would be fine to go to hanami "just once" are happy with themselves now. Although I don't wish this terrible disease on anyone, you were warned, and now you've gone and spread it to other people.

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