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Posted in: Mother, son arrested for canceling hotel reservations 2,200 times See in context

It would seem their actions were just unethical, not illegal. 

The accumulation of points was unethical, but if their actions obstructed the business of the hotels then that’s surely a crime.

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Posted in: High school student dies after jumping into Tama River after losing rap contest See in context

Which bridge? Some are really high up.

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Posted in: Osaka likely to hold referendum on metropolis plan in November 2020 See in context

The "fu" would remain; it's the "Osaka-shi" level that wouldn't exist anymore, just as "Tokyo-shi" has disappeared.

I’m not familiar with this plan, but doesn’t this mean that Osaka-fu will become Osaka-to?

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Posted in: Japanese, Korean, Chinese: Which language is the easiest to learn? See in context

Wouldn't an alphabet be easier to learn than thousands of different characters?

If you’d just talking about the scripts, then it’s easier to learn an alphabet than it is to learn thousands of different characters, yes.

However, because logographic scripts such as Chinese characters contain specific meanings rather than pronunciation, leading the characters actually has a cumulative benefit when it comes to learning new words.

With Chinese characters you can see a completely new word, but if you know the characters you can grasp the meaning straight away, which is much more difficult with an alphabet.

Both have their merits.

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Posted in: Japanese, Korean, Chinese: Which language is the easiest to learn? See in context

you have four intonations for every word

You have one intonation for every word (with some exceptions). If it’s a different intonation, it’s a different word.

I’ve also studied all three, and I found Mandarin the easiest as even though the pronunciation is tricky, the grammar is much simpler.

Korean I found the hardest, because the grammar is slightly more complex than Japanese (though similar), but the fact that it no longer uses Kanji (Hanja) actually makes it difficult to read, like reading Japanese in all hiragana or katakana.

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Posted in: Line starts bank transfer service via smartphone payment platform See in context

This seems absolutely ripe for attracting scammers...

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Posted in: Saitama man arrested after calling telecom provider 24,000 times to complain See in context

these pirates were going to charge me the cancellation fees.

Cancellation fees should have been explained to you before you signed the contract, which I imagine was before the new law came into effect.

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Posted in: Saitama man arrested after calling telecom provider 24,000 times to complain See in context

elderly people complaining over comparatively minor things

I meant to say even comparatively minor things.

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Posted in: Saitama man arrested after calling telecom provider 24,000 times to complain See in context

Cancellation fees are always explained at the point of purchase. Yeah they suck and the new law should fix things, but kicking up a fuss because you didn’t know about them is futile IMO.

Either way, this guy isn’t complaining about cancellation fees. Did he say he wanted radio when he bought the phone? If not then he’s in the wrong, if he did and was mid-sold the phone, the he is right to complain, but not in this way. I’ve worked in a call-center in Japan and in my experience elderly people complaining over comparatively minor things is a soul-crushing experience, and I’ve seen staff driven to tears on more than one occasion.

Think what you want about the company, but don’t treat the staff like they’re not human. If you’re not happy with how a complaint is handled there are third party conflict resolution agencies that can help.

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Posted in: Bangladesh sentences 7 militants to death over cafe attack See in context

If you have a solution to this problem, by all means suggest it here. Otherwise, you are just sniping.

No-one has the solution, but a good start would to be to try to understand the motives and causes for the radicalism. At what point in these people’s lives are they being brainwashed? Who is doing it? Where are they from? Without this information there’s no way to stop it.

But most do not want to understand, they just want to dismiss the above and punish.

That’s never going to be a solution

Trust me, mate, I know far more about this case than you.

How do you know how much he knows?

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Posted in: Bangladesh sentences 7 militants to death over cafe attack See in context

They are the very definition of psychopaths. They have personally and with forethought committed unforgivable murders.

No-one is denying the fact that this was an unforgivable atrocity, but that isn’t the definition of psychopathy.

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Posted in: A crash course in Japan’s blood type theory See in context

Besides, it’s a bit of fun.

It’s not just a bit of fun. Actual profiling and even bullying happens because of this.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Yamanote line partially shutting down Saturday for station construction See in context

Interesting, apparently there was a public vote on the new station’s name and “Takanawa Gateway” was one of the least popular, only 36 votes, but JR East’s president picked it anyway.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Yamanote line partially shutting down Saturday for station construction See in context

Apparently many Japanese people feel that using unnecessarily using foreign katakana words in building names etc is an old-fashioned (Showa-era) way of trying to appear international, so while the older generation might consider it trendy, it’s just considered cheesy now.

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Posted in: Poll finds over 80% in Japan back female emperor See in context

There have been empresses in the (distant) past haven’t there? When did the rules change?

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Posted in: Typhoon pummels Kanto region; one reported dead, 40 injured See in context

My trains are delayed but running (yay?).

Wonder how many people are going to make it in on time.

Only got 2 hours of sleep so this should be a fun Monday.

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Posted in: Truck may have taken wrong road before crashing with train in Yokohama See in context

Another reason he may not have simply abandoned the truck is that he understood that leaving it there would risk the lives of hundreds of rail passengers.

No way to know now though.

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Posted in: 630 cases of violence against train station employees reported in fiscal 2018 See in context

please give details of what Japan has done to get this results?

It says in the article?

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Posted in: JR baffled by man who jumped onto tracks and disappeared See in context

I hope this isn’t an attempt at an April fools joke...

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Posted in: Nearly Y5.5 mil stolen from supermarket in Chiba See in context

It's amazing how people with knives can commit this type of crime. I mean couldn't the employee just run away? If it was me i would take the chance that the robber wouldn't be able to accurately throw a knife and hit me...

What if he had the knife to your throat, had you cornered or otherwise had some sort of a hold on you? Even if not, there's a good chance he could catch you if you run, especially inside a building. Knives are no less deadly than guns.

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Posted in: Man with guide dog killed after falling off platform on Ginza subway line See in context

preventable, profit is more important that human life for Tokyo Metro.... seems totally BS to me.

What does this mean? They're installing platform doors at great expense precisely to stop this kind of accident.

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Posted in: Family of 7 in China drowns in deadly attempt to rescue girl See in context

It depends on the water temp. You're be better off in clothes below a certain water temp.'re kidding right?

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Posted in: 3,179 people taken to hospital for heatstroke July 14-20 See in context

Sleep on a wet pillow case? What?

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Posted in: Pregnant woman killed by train in Shiga See in context

There is NEVER a perfectly good excuse for a preventable death. Other countries and their methods do not matter, Japan is supposedly NOT a 3rd world country.

Do all first-world countries have gates on all train platforms? First I've heard.

Japanese rail companies ARE installing gates on their platforms, and have been for a while. It's not happened overnight because of the cost and logistics, especially for platforms that serve different kinds of trains. Tokyo Metro is currently planning to install gates in all of their stations.

If someone gets ill, falls into the street and gets hit by a bus, whose fault is that?

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Posted in: Japanese driving pet peeves: Not so different from other countries See in context

Kids jumping around in other peoples cars. No seatbelts, or car seats.


But generally, seat belt awareness in Japan is terrible. I often get laughed at or called "erai" if I'm sitting in the back and put my seatbelt on. When I try to defend it, the most common response I get is "I want to be able to get out of the car quickly if I'm in a crash and the car's on fire."

Yeah? Either you'll already have left the car through the windshield or have crushed the person in front of you...

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Posted in: Student dies of alcohol poisoning at party in Ibaraki See in context

Not hard to believe at all. Japanese sports club drinking parties are brutal, especially when the sempai force their kohai to drink more.

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Posted in: Man injured in hammer assault in toilet at Tokyo Station See in context

A rubber hammer is heavy. The kind workers use to fit paving slabs into place.

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Posted in: Kanji skills decline in digital age See in context

So, what would “ultra-violet street fighting rays” be in Japanese? ;)

"shigaishigasensen" - 紫外市街戦線

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Posted in: Gov't suggests TEPCO freeze soil around Fukushima plant See in context

There is no such thing as "radioactive water". Contaminations in the water can be radioactive. but not water.

By that definition, there's no such thing as "dirty water". The water is clean, it just has dirt in it.

If this has a chance of working, I'm for it. The only worry is have is that frozen soil will need constant freezing. Someday it will thaw for whatever reason.

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Posted in: Artificial rain can be produced during the rainy season and stored in dams if scarce rainfall is forecast for summertime. See in context

So the rain we'll get is dilute carbonic acid? Is this OK?

Do you have a reason to believe carbonic acid is dangerous?

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