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Posted in: Japan's whaling fleet departs for hunt despite international outrage See in context

The dark side of Japan...

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Posted in: Jump in my car See in context

Everything is possible in a "Hello Kitty country"!

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Posted in: Only 1 in 7 Japanese scientists are women: study See in context

Japanese woman just target marriage to safe their income.

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Posted in: Blessing for a blast-off See in context

This picture remind me North Korea people...

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Posted in: University conducts experiment on behavior of babies when shown an animation depicting bullying See in context

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a Genevan philosopher from the 18th-century, already outlined in his "Theory of Natural Human" that "uncorrupted morals" prevail in the "state of nature" and that it is the society that corrupts men. Theory which was widely criticised later on by Voltaire et Al. Kanokogi is 3 centuries back, but it is good they start to go thorungh some kind of cultural revolution...

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Posted in: Chinese man hires men to smash his Maserati in protest at poor customer service See in context

@Elbuda Mexicano - the car is made in Italy, but the service is run in China, with China way of doing business, which is still higher standard then Mexico.

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Posted in: 168 lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

Poor country... worst then ever, no sign of diappointment by the japanese people... It is like if Germany enshrined Hitler in a church and all the goverment goes alltogether to offer prayers every year...

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Posted in: If Japan is going to stem the tide of suicides, it has to begin with changing perceptions about suicide. That is, suicide should be dealt with as a social problem, not as a way to save face. See in context

Suicide in Japan is a cultural problem. Behind a lack of undestanding of "freedom" and human dignity.

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Posted in: Students forced to drink diluted acid as punishment at Aichi school See in context

"...we can only apologize to students and their families. We are currently deciding on disciplinary measures for the teacher involved" disciplinary measures?! Why Public Prosecutor kensatsu-kan (検察官) do not react?

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Posted in: Tokyo is the world's most forward-thinking city. It sets global trends in everything from technology to fashion. See in context

Backward thinking as a matter of facts. And a culture which is the most conformists then anywhere else.

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Posted in: 14.8% of Japanese housewives claim to have committed adultery See in context

14.8% only?! from my experience it is much much more :-DDD They like to have a lover and they also give some money to him!!!

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Posted in: Japanese husband and Nissan go all out to give wife anniversary surprise of a lifetime See in context

hardly wifes take the initiative to make such a thing for their husband...

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Posted in: Survey asks: What makes Japanese citizens feel distinctly Japanese? See in context

when I use the palm of my hand like a calculator (Male 35).

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Posted in: Scottish author's book details efforts to locate sons taken by Japanese wife See in context

I believe all western people working and leaving in Japan should simpatize with this issue and call for a day of stricke organizing a demonstration in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Scottish author's book details efforts to locate sons taken by Japanese wife See in context

Japan is still a Developing Country when it comes to Human rights. I wonder why Civilised Countries do no take commercial measures.

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Posted in: It’s expensive being a woman See in context

It’s expensive being a woman, but the bill is payed by us... :-DDD

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Posted in: Politics - American wives vs Japanese wives See in context

Well Makoto, if you look at the Clinton's you see how a wife can influence also the political agenda! In fact she candidate herself at the latest elections, with the husband supporting her. That was more then "supporting her husband", but sharing some ideals. And there is nothing wrong in sharing something more then house and family.

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Posted in: A Japanese woman’s guide for getting a date See in context

Most ladies play like that, until they get the social security form us with the marriage. Then eventually they turn back more natural. ...and they grab our iPhone...

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Posted in: Woman dumped child in baby hatch so she could study abroad; another used it for babysitting See in context

It appears that the baby hatch is available in Japan at Kumamoto since 2006. It appears first in Italy in 787, called "ruota degli esposti". Sad, but useful to save lifes.

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Posted in: M6.1 quake jolts Chiba, surrounding areas See in context

good luck guys!

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Posted in: Child abduction issue should be key concern in Japan-U.S. relations See in context

Dear Ryo, dear JapanToday, thank you for bringing to public attention this issue and updating us on the proceedings. Thank you thank you again.

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Posted in: American father wins custody of daughter taken to Japan See in context

Justice is done!

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Posted in: Steve Jobs legacy reaches far beyond Apple See in context

Ten years ago Apple was close to default. Steve ended up selling memory sticks branded as iPod. Apple was saved by Bill Gates to avoid the default by Apple and avoid the Antitrust filing for Microsoft - as we saw for IBM. On top Apple benefit from Govt / Defense investments in the Silicon Valley for quite some time.

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Posted in: Woman jumps to her death at Shin-Koiwa Station; 5th suicide there since July See in context

A crack in Shintoism (but also Buddhism), which encourage suicide to avoid dishonor or escape difficult situation in life.

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Posted in: Parents arrested over death of 7-year-old son See in context

In Japan there is not a concept of third parent i.e. the Government acting as parent taking care of a child when the natural parents are not in a position to grown the child or are abusing the child. This legal concept, widely common in all civil countries in Europe and US, must be adopted by Japan which shall start thinking more about Children rights.

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Posted in: Invoke Pinkerton Rule to get back abducted children See in context

We can say many things about Japan. But sometimes a factual truth - a “safe haven” for child abduction - describes a country behavior and society better then any other analysis. And the role of the Press is crucial in reminding the public opinion on the issues. So many thanks to JapanToday for bringing the attention to this very delicate and important topic.

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Posted in: Japan relies on meticulous system at World Cup See in context

They are doing good technically and tactically. Good luck for the final! W Japan! Yeah!!!

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Posted in: Second suicide in two days at Shin-Koiwa Station See in context

Takahiro, in some countries the police close cases as suicide, when they are eventually something different: political activists, journalists, unknown murders too difficult to investigates. In Japan people truly suicide.

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Posted in: Second suicide in two days at Shin-Koiwa Station See in context

What Japanese culture miss is Love for Life, Love for their Family, Love for the surrounding nature as a priority above work and society.

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Posted in: Second suicide in two days at Shin-Koiwa Station See in context

The second at this station in two days, but 200 across Japan. A cultural flaw. The Society that induce to a suicide. The Society represented by its Government should pay back the families of this silent victims.

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