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There are some rules and you shouldn't bother others. But I don't know specific rules for dance.

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why the roof is white?

I also saw a TV program explaining a reason. The roof of the top catches the strong wind. Therefore the white plaster is used to fix a tile. Seeing from the side, a tile hides and sees only the snow-white plaster. As Nakajima wrote, plaster will get gradually dark again.

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Oops, I even did not know that remaining part of record of Taisho Emperor, father of Showa Emperor (Hirohito) had been made public recently (2008). Wow it is very comprehensive record that consists of 57 volumes.

I found photo of those books.

Everyone can read it in Imperial Household Agency by request (according to Asahi newspaper 6/5/2008).

We should not be surprised to know that all activity and speech of Emperor is recorded day by day. They are important person in the important institute.

Taisho Emperor's record is already very interesting. For an example, he is discussing political correctness of Regency, when he assigned young Showa Emperor as Regency when himself can not act as Emperor by sickness.

Ater Showa Emperor (Hirohito)s record became public, I am sure we will find more. We will have even more questions. But it is always important for us to study, investigate, discuss on the history.

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The Japan Railway (JR) and other connecting subways and train systems are well-known for their incredibly punctual schedules.

I have found interesting article in "Tensei Jingo", editorial column of Asahi news paper around 1950s. It says something like below.

"As everyone know, operation of Japanese National Railway is terribly inaccurate. None of trains runs on time. If your train arrive 30 minutes late, you are lucky. We should learn from how Americans work. GHQ (General Headquarters for occupation of Japan.) do all business in time. This difference is why Japan made miselable nation." I can not find a copy of article, so wording can be different but something like that.

I do not have a copy of article now, and translation can be incorrect, but outline is something similar.

Any way, I can imagine how people were upset about poor operation of JR at that time. And probably I thank United States for contribution to punctuality of Japan.

Some people would like to find original article. I could not show precise page but it is probably somewhere in "Tensei Jingo" selection volume 1(1945.9-1949.12) or volume 2(1950- 1954). It is quite interesting to compare our self images, between 1950s and now.

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As someone involved in the Japanese steel industry, the whole experience is just deja vu of the British steel experience in the 1980s.

It makes sense to me. But Japanese steel manufacturers are also trying to have specialized products, such as higher electric efficiency, or stronger to reduce construction cost. I am hoping they can revive. It is also true, fast change of currency rate and higher tax rate are disadvantage for any industry those need big investment. So I do not think performance in last few year is fair validation. Let see what is happen next few years. .

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How many CJD by BSE we had recorded? Virtually zero. I believe that regulations are purely for beef interests and not about safety of consumer. I do not support those regulations basically. But bit strict regulations are not all bad for US cattle breeders. Keeping reputation with stable growth might be best for consumer and supplier.

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Probably I will not follow recommendation.

Remember that radioactive material get out because 1) all electric supply lost including 4 emergency generator, 2) Mark 1 has very small pressure vessel and can not survive without ventilation, 3) Wet vent (which remove radioactive from vent) could not be used because of loss of power, and 4) Filter was not installed for dry ventilation.

If reason is clear and workaround is done, as understandable way, I can trust. I am complete cowardice and never forget to drive without seat belt. But probably do not worry about Tacoma bridge collapse again.

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I am checking news and puzzling cause. Seems like it is not crash of tunnel itself, and ceilings fell down by unclear reason. Obviously periodical surveillance must be mandatory (as well as sensors for tunnel). But there was blind spot.

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By the way, probably we should not overestimate this photo. If you look carefully, number of people on photo is not very much. Flags are printed and possibly prepared by one person and provided for others. Result of several questionnaire survey shows opinion is quite equal for both side. Photographers did too good job to emphasize topic. I hope that Japanese media will propagate more scientific data to remove distorted image of Osprey. In any case, I also hope that we will not see more accident. Accident is unnecessary loss of life and money obviously. And it cause huge loss by damaged reputation. In one questionnaire survey, only 42% of Japanese believes statement of US army regarding safety of Osprey. I think there are big room for improvements.

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Probably more fundamental problem is the unfair burden of Okinawa compared to other part of Japan as you know. I believe that protesters also understand benefit of Osprey. But they, like most of other Japanese people, feel they have debt for Okinawa. I , as regular Japanese, also do so. There are certainly divide in this issue in Japan.

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I believe I am regular Japanese and after some study, I concluded that those equipments are fast, safe, quiet and very useful. I feel that Japanese media is not trying to be most precise for safety of the equipments.

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"I'd be interested to find out how many complained about the smell of perfume," I am all right, but my wife hate it. She almost be sick with. Women car is not oasis for her. ;-)

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How come flight attendants never look like that whenever I fly?

You are too young.

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