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Posted in: Tokyo bar busted for hiring earthquake victims as prostitutes See in context

can you say Hello Work....been there, seen these type of job postings...

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Posted in: Rie Hasegawa launches 'Smile and Run' event for tsunami victims See in context

Grand Sponsor - TEPCO

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Posted in: Actor Nicolas Cage arrested in New Orleans See in context

I bet it was the first white guy arrested in a long time.

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Posted in: Did former Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara fall or was he pushed concerning his resignation over the acceptance of a donation from a South Korean permanent resident of Japan? See in context

Man, I should of donated to Ishihara, maybe would of gotten rid of him years ago...

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Posted in: Stone thrown at moving Seibu Shinjuku line train; two passengers hurt See in context

What happens in Saitama should stay in Saitama.

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Posted in: Which foods and drinks should you avoid before going to bed, if you hope to get a good night's sleep? See in context

Jagermeister does the trick for me...

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Posted in: How bad do you think the tension on the Korean Peninsula is going to get? See in context

It will be WWIII, no doubt about it.

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Posted in: Best dressed See in context

what with the pink shoes?

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Posted in: Kickboxing gym operator arrested over fatal hit-and-run See in context

I hope both people hang for this one. Under Japanese law, doesn't the drinking place owner / server get arrested too?

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Posted in: Trick or treat See in context

You do the Hokey-Pokey, And you turn yourself around. That's what it's all about!

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Posted in: Two men steal Y37 million from pachinko exchange center in Saitama See in context

37M pretty good take, looks like North Korea will need to kidnap a couple more people.

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Posted in: 30s becoming most crime-prone age group See in context

what kind of story is this? did I miss the point?

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Posted in: Japanese porn stars fight AIDS with 24-hour telethon See in context

You gotta to find DX in Kabukichou, 500 yen gets you a photo op too...

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Posted in: Chinese restaurant owner attacked with stun gun See in context

only 30,000 yen in the shop from the weekend of customers, maybe they rob a 100 yen ramen shop.

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Posted in: BP CEO's yacht outing infuriates Gulf residents See in context

Who cares ?!? Top 20% care less for the other 80%...

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Posted in: Grow-Your-Own-Rice bra See in context

2 cups of rice, nice!

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Posted in: Oh my darling See in context

Gaijin dudes should do well this year scoring with the locals, starting my beard already...

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Posted in: The rise and fall of the Roppongi Hills 'tribe' See in context

The slappers in Tartland (Heartland) are the ones you need to worry about...

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Posted in: Have you ever shopped online from foreign countries? If yes, why? See in context

With the dollar @ 90 yen, why wouldn't buy overseas? Here come the flow of import stores to Japan like 12 years ago.

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Posted in: A quick hop to Narita and back See in context

MK taxi can take you to the airport for 20,000 (flat rate) door to door service, and it normally take 1 hour to get there door to door from Shibuya.

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Posted in: Yokohama lights See in context

Wow, it's really big!

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Posted in: Woman catches 10-year-old boy who falls from 3rd-floor window See in context

Where was the teacher in all this?

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Posted in: Odds stacked against police in solving Shimane, Chiba student murders See in context

memorable quote: "I hate criminals."

Did he say afterward, "because they make me work" ???

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai goes to university See in context

yaawwwnnnn! Maybe she can get a degree from DeVry to fix my TV with all her stupid stories allover.

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Posted in: Airhead female fans can't get enough of 'cool' accused killer Ichihashi See in context

These sick people should wait a few years when he gets out of jail, maybe they will be happy for him to date their daughter.

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Posted in: Ichihashi's lawyers say he doesn't want any contact with his parents See in context

Holy crap, is this news?!?

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Posted in: Hatoyama says Japan should embrace more migrants See in context

After saying this, he won't be PM for too much longer. Next number please!

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Posted in: Hawker family See in context

At least TBS had the balls to make that move. Don't see any other news source stepping it up.

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Posted in: What behavior or habits by passengers on planes bother you the most? See in context

1 - babies cry at high altitudes, as it the only way they can relieve the pressure they feel in their ears. Normally feeding the baby at take off and landing helps this process.

2 - people who drink "too" much on the plane, altitude has a stronger effect on people, so they appear more intoxicated.

3 - excessive carry-on luggage is because of all the weight restrictions, I would like to see everyone to have a 200 pounds allowance. This would include your own body weight.

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Posted in: Yokozuna Hakuho spends Y1 million for night in Ginza See in context

Glad to see he goes out and enjoys his money. Is this news trying to smear him? As there is no reporter info or source of the news. Again another crappy news article.

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