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Posted in: Kellogg wants China to wake up to its cereal See in context

Along with American invented soft drinks, fast food, and now cereals, this spells the doom of the Chinese culture and mentality.

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Posted in: Japan embassy, businesses shut as more protests erupt in China See in context

Just hand over the islands.

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Posted in: Man explains why he pulled knife on teenagers for littering See in context

He should have forced them at knifepoint to pick-up and discard their rubbish.

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Posted in: Airlines Qantas and Virgin Australia are under fire for their policy of moving men from seats next to unaccompanied children, causing humiliation to the passengers being moved. The airlines say the po See in context

This is absolute nonesense. The clear implication is that any man sitting next to a child has to be a child molester. And how are they treating those potential women molesters?? I agree with the earlier comment, if the parents are so concerned, they should accompany their children.

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Posted in: U.S. destroyer collides with Japanese-owned tanker at entrance to Gulf See in context

With all the sophistaced intellegence of the US navy, one can only wonder how this can happen?? Obviously it was weekend party time on the US destroyer with no one in control!!

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Posted in: Brussels public transport halted after controller beaten to death See in context

Seems like more and more people are playing out their video games in real life. If you don't like something or someone, just eliminate them. It's all a game after all!!

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Posted in: Colonoscopy cuts colon cancer death risk See in context

What they don't tell you is that polyps come and go. What is detected one day may not be there a month down the road. This is part of the self-healing process of the body. The body is a magnificent machine for clensing itself of this and many other ailments - just give it time. The invasive colonoscopy procedure is just not worth the risks.

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Posted in: How should airlines handle obese passengers? See in context

Always insist that the arm rest is placed down, this way one at least has some protection. I was on a flight and the first thing the obese person sitting next to me did was to raise the arm rest, I grabbed it and said "THIS STAYS DOWN", The flight attendant was passing by and nodded approval of my action.

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Posted in: Washing machine with built-in dryer See in context

LG brought out a similar machine about three years back in the USA. The dryer was totally ineffective, the clothes came out "strangled" and damp, and we still had to use our old dryer and nothing we did would get the wrinkles out. We returned it to LG based on false performance claims.

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Posted in: Debunked atomic bomb book selling on Amazon See in context

This book is pure fiction. The book not only lacks logical thought flow, but there are frequent lapses in event progression. In addition, it becomes clear that the author has his very own ideas about nuclear physics, radiation, and science, all of which amount to sheer bunk. Clearly he is a believer of sensationalism, and he uses this to represent fact. Thank goodness I did not spend good money on the book and was able to get it from my local library.

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