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Posted in: Tokyo lifts coronavirus alert to highest level; 165 new cases reported Wednesday See in context

Guys, guys, it always looks worse from the inside, but as a resident of the Balkans, I'm telling you, the way you are handling the situation is just mind blowingly good. Bulgaria and Serbia, two countries with population of approximately 7 millions each, have combined for more cases than your 120 million populated country. I'm not even going to go deeper with things like density and how close you leave to each other compared to us.

Do you really think your government is the only one around the world that is getting accused in hiding information, manipulating tests, being to restrictive or too soft? This is all around the world, for crying out loud. There are stupid, dangerous protests, schools and clubs are being opened too early or being closed too late each part is making a mistake.

Then you look at countries like yours, China, South Korea and its people generally actually being smart about it. The govs following the numbers and acting accordingly, the people actually listening to what they are being said. Just pause and ponder, that whining doesnt suit ya all.

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