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Posted in: Controversial U.S. livestreamer 'Johnny Somali' arrested in Osaka See in context

I've heard that there's a warrant against him and that the police have been keeping record of all the times that this scumbag has been acting like a fool just for the sake of views and visits.

Hopefully he'll spend some time in jail before being kicked out of Japan forever.

If you move out of your country, behave. Otherwise you'll get deported. I really hope this is the case.

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Posted in: The 'coming age of 40 degree temperatures' portends summers in hell See in context

Instead of building skyscrapers like there's no tomorrow, Tokyo and other big cities (in Japan and the rest of the world) should plant a lot of trees that create natural shadows, tighten the ground together and help cooling down the temperatures, along with making gardens on the rooftops of as much buildings as possible... or there'll be no tomorrow...

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Posted in: Yakuza members arrested for going to baseball game See in context

If they really want to go after the Yakuza and get people not to join them, then they should hit the film industry. Crack down on yakuza films that always display them as having honor. Which is far from reality as they are just parasites that takes from the weak.

The film industry and the real estate market, there are too many building licenses being managed fraudulently by Yakuza gangs.

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Posted in: The Japanese ex-soldier who declared war on sexual abuse See in context

In my homecountry (Spain) happened the same.

It's very sad knowing that less than 10% of the victims of rape and/or similar cases of sexual abuse and/or assault dare to sue. I hope this changes soon...

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Posted in: Foreign tourists react to mask-wearing in Japan, and Japanese people react to foreign non-maskers See in context

In my experience, after the opening of the borders the japanese people that I interact most with are the ones who are starting to wear masks less frequently, specially in open spaces, which makes sense.

The last news I knew about said that we're already above the 90% of herd immunity, so I believe that we will gradually take off the masks more and more until we reach the pre-pandemic normality.

I also believe that the only difference that will remain is that we will use masks more often when we feel a little sick, just in case, which is also fine in my opinion.

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