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Posted in: What do you think of American swimmer Michael Phelps' long victory yell after he wins a race? See in context

IT WAS AMAZING! It made me feel his excitement for the game! He's american! So I love him!

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Posted in: Manga, anime and cosplay are exports Japan can take pride in. These are things that draw good feelings about Japan from the people of the world. See in context

Well... not really! I actually think it's pretty damn weird, lol jokin'

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Posted in: Naomi Kawashima See in context

What is this world coming to?! Seems to me that the rich looks and cares little for the poor b/c if she did I'm pretty sure the million dollars spent on that dress could have helped with food for the hungry and shelter for the homeless. It's disgusting!

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Posted in: Rolls-Royce See in context

I wouldn't want the car even if could afford it! LOL But the girls...... naw I'm joking. They should have had hot guys there instead of chicks, lol

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Posted in: Forbes magazine says that golfer Tiger Woods is on track to become the world's first billionaire athlete by 2010. What do you think of the astronomical sums of money that sports stars are paid? See in context

I believe that the world's priorities are all skewed! Professional athletes earn so much more then teachers and community leaders that it seems to make NO sense! What society is sending out to kids is that you can be more successful in playing sports or entertaining people than you can with getting a good education. These kids look more towards becoming an entertainer than a great teacher because "entertaining is where the money is" so to speak. Tssk... tssk It's a shame.

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Posted in: Jackie Chan attends Tokyo charity premiere for Sichuan quake victims See in context


*hats off to his organization (sigh) I love him soooo much, lol

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Posted in: If you could go back in time to witness any event or events, what would you choose? See in context

um... my ex being dumped in front of the entire school. LOL

Get a glimpse at the once vast Roman Empire.

Oh yeah and to see Faeries walk the earth like in Lord of the Rings (I know... I'm crazy, lol)

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Posted in: Name your top 5 TV comedies. See in context

Mad Tv/ The Simpsons/ FUTURAMA <--- my favorite/ Malcolm in the Middle/ Family Guy/

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Posted in: Cop arrested over sex with woman involved in crime investigation See in context

He's "innocent" I tell you!! They weren't having sex in that car at night... alone ... in the dark. He was just trying to.... um.... well you know- investigate her! Even thou he could have done it inside the office.... with other people around.... and with some light that way he would have been able to write down whatever she had to say, LOL =D!

All in All- Since she didn't say anything the first time and he denies it... Just call it square and put it to rest. But I can't imagine how sex with some old, gray, wrinkly dude could have been fun!

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Posted in: What changes are needed in Japanese society to stop the falling birthrate? See in context

"Japan should not worry about falling birth rate. and we should not allow importing of other people into our country like America. We are the worlds leader it robotics. We do not want to become over populated like CHINA." -13akio13

Not only do your comment sound ignorant, but discriminating, as well! If not for OUR (USA's) western influence on Japan's society you guys wouldn't be the "world's leader in robotics". And with China's vast lands it's okay for them to have the amount of people there. If anything Japan should be worrying about their own over population (and don't blame the 'gaijin's") especially considering how tiny your little island is.

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Posted in: Body of headless cat found at high school in Yamaguchi See in context

Oh no! Here we go again.... Sounds like some student wants to get in some practice before they really start chopping human beings head off. Sad

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Posted in: Name your 10 top movies of all time. See in context

-All of the LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy -Pirates Of The Caribbean 1,2,3 -Inside Man (w/ Denzel) -Iron Man -Fearless (w/ Jet Li) -Forbidden Kingdom -The Incredible Hulk (08) -300 -Smokin' Aces -Transformers

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Posted in: How would you compare people's manners in public in Tokyo with other cities around the world? See in context

Well... I've never been to Tokyo but some say it's nice most say it's not! But i do know that the US is polite and that we aren't as hostile as some may think! Let's take into account the way african americans are portrayed all over the world.... Most believe we are all wasteful, dangerous, or rappers and hookers. Why? Because that's what the media puts out for the public to see.

Stereotyping is what that's called when others think that, ALL African Americans act the way Channel 10 news or BET portrays us. I know I'm going a little off topic. But whether some people believe that Tokyo is polite or not... almost everyone is guilty of stereotyping. We hear one negative comment (or even a polite one) and assume it's that way completely!


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Posted in: 22-year-old night school student assaults 15-year-old classmate in Chiba See in context

“I can’t remember what I did.”

Considering all these crazy killing rampages going on, maybe in Japan there should be some type of psychiatric counseling requirement for students and employees. Because for some reason, a lot.... A LOT of loonies have been going around killing random people for no reason, there's no logic anymore. Killers used to have a motif, now.... it's .... O' Really? I killed him? Well that's "weird" because "I can't remember what I did."


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Posted in: Homeless woman arrested after living undetected in man's closet for a year See in context

I feel so bad for that lady! She should of found another place to live not in anyone's home, but at least she didn't cause any harm. And she was clean so that should give her some good points. But more importantly why couldn't she have gone to a shelter? There's shelters over here in America! I'm sure they have something like that over there in Japan!

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Posted in: Who gets your vote for the most evil movie villain of all time? See in context

I kind of have a thing for villians ... like Harry in Spiderman! More because of the fact that he's cute but... I also like villians because they seem to have more of a drive to get what they want! Unlike superheros who just come in and say your bad... you must die!

thats my opinion

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Posted in: American singer Jero to appear in TV ad See in context

WOW! I'm def. amazed that they would put someone african american up there! Not that it's a bad thing... i like it! But i don't even know who the hell he is and i'm an african american living in america! i hate his whole look with the dumb dou-rag... ugh!! They should have picked someone different now, like before the sterotyping will began!

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy dies after being hit by train in Wakayama See in context

****Poor lady, I bet she's devastated!!

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Posted in: Son dies, mother injured by hydrogen sulfide gas in Okayama See in context

"Don’t open. There is deadly gas in here."

... and she opened the door? stupid woman.

TO: gogogo

What the hell did you expect her to do! It's her house and she wanted to know what was going on! JEEZ!

I feel bad for the mother, she must be heart broken!

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Posted in: China demands apology from CNN after commentator calls Beijing 'bunch of goons and thugs' See in context

You want an apology? I'll give you one!

...sorry, for my country saying that! It was "really" mean of us!

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Posted in: Student in coma after being hit on head in hammer throw accident See in context

Are you kidding?! I'm pretty sure that shouting "here comes a hammer" will help you! What if your too late... you didin't hear it.... you ducked but it hit you anyways? (sigh) Hammers just shouldn't be thrown i'm pretty sure there's something else "less dangerous" you guys could use in whatever sport that is! JEEZ!!

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Posted in: Porn producers arrested for filming at McDonald's in Saitama See in context

hahahhhahahah man that is sooo hilarious!! lol

“We didn’t think it would be a problem as long as nobody noticed what we were doing.”

well I should like to think that having sex in a public place SHOULD be a problem!! lol

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Posted in: Woman forced to remove nipple ring at Texas airport See in context

Oh well she'll get over it! Besides she's 37 YEARS OLD! What does SHE need with nipple rings anyway, lol

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

It's looks fine to me!! If only there were hot guys posted everywhere on the screen! (jokin')

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Posted in: Schooling a challenge for Princess Masako and Aiko See in context

President Bush let's his kids go to school with the normals! Without building a fortress around the school!

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Posted in: Schooling a challenge for Princess Masako and Aiko See in context

I live in America and that would soooo NOT fly! I guess i understand the fact that she is princess or whatever but still! What makes her so mauch better than all the other kids at school? Her friends have already been selected? WTH?! If there so serious about "protecting" thier kid maybe homeschool would be the best bet!!!

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Posted in: Who gets your vote for the sexiest man or woman in the world? See in context

For women? (since i'm a chik) i would dare say Kerry Washington (she's so hot, lol) and for the hot sexy men i want to say Vin Diesel, Will Smith, and of course, Denzel Washington!

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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested for pushing man to death from train platform at Okayama See in context

OMG!! I feel so bad for that guy (the murderer and the victim) who knows what he was going through to have the guts or the ordasity to push an innocent man off a platform! His family must be.... traumatized!

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