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Iwandabaka comments

Posted in: 80-year-old woman found murdered in Kushiro home See in context

Please find the fiend and exterminate promptly.

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Posted in: Man jumps to death from condo after stabbing wife See in context

She probably influenced his actions.

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Posted in: Police step up presence at Tokyo stations to prevent trouble during 'bonenkai' season See in context

Kurisu: you would've done the same thing if it happened right in front of you. If there is next time I'll not forget to push the emergency button. This was a learning experience for me.

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Posted in: Police step up presence at Tokyo stations to prevent trouble during 'bonenkai' season See in context

Frederick, it actually never even dawned on me to hit the emergency button, though I have seen them a million times. I was kind of panicked myself but had the presence of mind to look both ways carefully before I jumped down. The moment I hit the tracks the alarms and lights went off and I actually thought I had triggered them somehow. I scooped up the guy who was unconscious and got him to the far side before two guys helped me pick him completely up. Without them it would have been a different outcome perhaps. I needed several beers when I got home.

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Posted in: Police step up presence at Tokyo stations to prevent trouble during 'bonenkai' season See in context

Two nights ago as I waited for at train at Nishifunabashi which was delayed due to an incident up the line a guy to my right walked straight off the platform and fell six feet onto the track smashing his head on the rail. I was fozen in disbelief for a second but checked for the train which was approaching but still 200 meters out. I jumped down grabbed the guy and pulled him off to the other side. Someone hit the emergency button and red flashing lights and a sirens went off everywhere. Two young Japanese guys jumped down too and got his legs and we upped him onto the platform. He was out cold and bleeding heavily from his mouth. A JR. guy appeared but said nothing to me. I got track grease and blood on the clothes.

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Posted in: Police arrest older brother of 12-year-old Kyoto student over smoking marijuana See in context

Though I've long since quit, I started rolling tobacco at twelve and Columbian at thirteen.

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Posted in: Peninsula Hotels appoints first female GM of a Tokyo luxury hotel See in context

Beautiful and talented. Right on.

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Posted in: No selfies See in context

Good to see.

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Posted in: Child's play shifts to mobile gadgets See in context

Kids should go outside and play.

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Posted in: Police raid Toyota offices after arresting U.S. executive See in context

Now she'll need a little something to dull a real headache.

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Posted in: Toyota in damage control mode after American exec arrested See in context

Poor judgement, unfortunate outcome, pitiful addiction.

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Posted in: Tainted liquor kills 84 in India's financial hub of Mumbai See in context

Moonshine fail...

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Posted in: 6 students killed in California balcony collapse during a party See in context

Too sad for words.

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Posted in: Gigolo club See in context

The women who pay to drink with these scrawny junior groovers need psychiatric counseling.

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Posted in: Driver who killed cyclist in crosswalk accident found not guilty See in context

@25. I've been here 30 and I could not agree with you more. Judge called it right on this one. The absolute lack of common sense displayed at intersections and elsewhere by cyclists is absolutely dumbfounding. I'm so cautious when I drive my wife nags me for driving too slow.

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Posted in: Parents who chained 8-year-old son inside house get suspended sentences See in context

They should just "suspend" these parents...

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Posted in: Last Aum defendant sentenced to life in prison See in context

Enjoy your time Mr Takahashi....

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Posted in: Survey asks Japanese women what professions they don’t want to date See in context

The last guy a Japanese woman would want to marry is someone like me, at least that's what my wife told me.

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Posted in: Japan-Iran chat See in context

Good to see.

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Posted in: Facebook strips smiles from fake 'like' sellers See in context

What a goofy world it's become...

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Posted in: Take aim See in context

Wonderful to see ...

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Posted in: Public debut See in context

Magnificent creatures...

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Posted in: Australian man charged with 145 child sex offenses See in context

Let the crocs have him.

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Posted in: Woman slashes husband for not washing his hands after using toilet See in context

Maybe he was diagnosing the toilet.

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing bodily fluid on girl's skirt See in context

Last week "acid," this week "body fluid"...

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Posted in: Can't remember your password? Here are 2 new ways to log in See in context

The best password is "whatzmypassword?"

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested for filming up girl's skirt on escalator See in context

Not hard to guess what he probably thinks about during morning meditation.

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Posted in: Police confiscate PC of associate professor charged with murdering graduate student See in context

He is well educated and very stupid.

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Posted in: Credit union turns down application for account with 'Islam' in name See in context

Blatantly racist but understandable.

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Posted in: Y3.34 bil in lost cash handed in to police in 2014 See in context

When I turned in a wallet I had found with cards and two thousand yen cash to the KOBAN they told me I was entitled to a twenty percent reward from the owner....I laughed and so did the cop. When I turned in a huge set of keys I found on the sidewalk, the cops told me that if no one came to claim them within six months I was entitled to claim them.... I almost lost it that time.

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