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Posted in: Man arrested after 8-hour siege in Tokyo condo See in context

"You in a whole heap 'o trouble boy"

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Posted in: 22-year-old man held over murder of 11-year-old boy in Wakayama town See in context

Find this beast and cage him.

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Posted in: Sad news See in context

Too sad for words...

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Posted in: Police find cyanide at home of 'black widow' suspect See in context

You gonna swing now Baba ....

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Posted in: Man jailed for 2 years for making guns with 3D printer See in context

Should've been longer, those things can maim.

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Posted in: Disgraced Japanese swimmer 'lost his mind,' says JOC See in context

Of course, "The devil made him do it!"

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Posted in: Man arrested for poisoning over 40 cats in Tokyo's Ota Ward See in context

Put him in a small cell and feed him mice.

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Posted in: Do you have enough toilet paper? See in context

As they say, "The job ain't over till the paper work's done."

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Posted in: Chiba Batman See in context

He needs to tidy up his Bat Cave.

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Posted in: Defendant says he sent 'real culprit' email by timer; bail revoked See in context

Lock him up and take away his Play Station.

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Posted in: Unidentified email sender claims to be 'real culprit' in PC death threat case See in context

Maybe the cat sent the message. They can be vindictive if they get hungry.

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Posted in: Former associate professor arrested for murder of company president See in context

Ohara: Man, my hay fever is killing me. Hisano: I got just the thing, take a whiff of this it'll unplug ya.

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Posted in: Man sues police after being locked in with member of yakuza group he was trying to leave See in context

Yak: I'll be needing a finger if you plan to leave the gang. Guy:Which one? Yak: Either pinkie will do but others are acceptable. Guy: Here, I'd like to give you my middle finger.

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Posted in: Man freed from death row after 48 years will require 6 months in hospital, says sister See in context

Poor buggar. Victim of the system and it's now almost too late to regain his health.

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Posted in: University of North Texas to open new English language program in Osaka See in context

Teacher: Ok, now y'all repeat after me. "Git along little doggie, git along."

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Posted in: 3 Secret Service agents guarding Obama sent home from Amsterdam See in context

Their antics abroad is no secret.

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Posted in: 13-year-old boy jumps to death from school building See in context

His family must be crushed.

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Posted in: Mos Burger outranks McDonald's as Japan’s most popular fast food chain See in context

MOS = Mountain, Ocean, Sunshine

But there is more salt and cholesterol than nature in their fare...

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Posted in: Chiba man arrested after calling police threatening to kill someone See in context

A well meaning individual with homocidal intentions.

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Posted in: A heads-on look at Sony's virtual reality goggles See in context

How virtual do you need to be to enjoy life?

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Posted in: Aichi city plans to block children using smartphones after 9 p.m. See in context

Excellent idea.

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Posted in: Colorado collects $2 mil in recreational marijuana taxes See in context

Weed will save the States.

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Posted in: Fashion magazine model arrested for shoplifting See in context

It's curtains for her.

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Posted in: 11 dead, 1,253 injured after snow See in context

Actually 601 injured. The wife said to me at 7pm, "Go to the conbini and get a bottle of wine." I said, "But it's a once in a decade blizzard out there!" She said "So?" I went, got the wine, then slipped on the way back and broke my finger. When I got back she asked, "Did you get white?" I said, "No..." She said, "Why not?"

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Posted in: 4 Russian Coast Guard members die in boat wreck near Japan See in context

Poor guys, sad way to go.

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Posted in: Tokyo ISP (Hunter Point Online) pioneer Fred Krug dies at 55 See in context

Fred was a great guy who loved and embraced life. He had spent the last 28 years here in Japan and had traveled to all corners of Japan by bicycle to visit local places and eat and drink and laugh with the locals. He climbed Kilimanjaro despite his weakened condition and the Tanzanian mountain guides called hi "Kifaru" meaning "Rhino" as they were amazed at his strength and determination. He was cruelly robbed of his life by cancer. Anyone wishing to pay tribute to Fred can join in his "Farewell Party" at Flora Nishifunabashi, 3 minutes from JR Nishi Funabashi Stn. 047-435-2211 on Sat. January 25th from 7-9pm.

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Posted in: Obama: Pot is not more dangerous than alcohol See in context

I could never drive stoned. Always got super paranoid looking in the rear view for the cops.

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Posted in: Japan home run leader Balentien arrested in U.S. on domestic violence charges See in context

World's greatest batter up on battery charges.

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Posted in: 2 killed in 4-vehicle pileup in Tochigi See in context

I drive to Tochigi on the Tohoku three times a month. If you are doing 120 km in the 100 km zone some dork in a Mercedes or similarly pretentious vehicle is guaranteed to ride your ** s till you succumb and change lanes. It's an arrogant psyche that often leads to disaster.

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Posted in: The big tuna See in context

I ate at Sushi Zanmai last week in Tsukiji. Mediocre at best I thought.

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