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Posted in: Japan's bullet train marks 50th birthday See in context

Happy 50th to the Shinkansen.

If you have never tried it, go to a station where the express Shinkansen only passes through and go to the home (platform). You can watch as the Shinkansen flies by at top speed only meters away. It is worth the 150 yen platform ticket.

Here is a short YouTube video of my experience.


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Posted in: Apple core See in context

After buying an iPhone 6, a man was spotted setting up camp for the next big thing...an iPhone 7.

It's a phone people...it's just a phone. Bunch of lemmings.

If Apple were smart they should branch out and start producing home appliances and cars; with new models every few months.

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Posted in: Pick two fingers See in context

The two finger salute is just to let others know that he is Japanese.

Everyone, especially the Japanese, falsely assumes that this is the peace sign. In fact, the next time you see a Japanese person doing this, tell them that this is not a peace sign. Tell them that that it means Japan. When they look at you strangely, ask them (in Japanese) how many fingers they are holding up. When they reply nihon, they will then realize the true meaning of this subtle gesture.

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Posted in: Chibatman called in by police; receives their official approval See in context

I heard the police contacted him using the Chibat Signal. Maybe he can rid the area of dengue carrying mosquitoes.

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Posted in: Hello Kitty not a cat, has never been: Sanrio See in context

Well, at least I can still believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin.

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Posted in: Car stolen with two young children in back seat See in context

Simple solution: Take your kids into the store with you (oh...and your keys too.)

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Posted in: Spider-Man slings into Japan - ahead of U.S., for a change See in context

At least they didn't change the name of the movie to "男のクモ2" to appeal to Japanese audiences

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Posted in: 4 students arrested for beating up younger student See in context

According to the story, this foursome has a history of beating up others. Would a little jail time or counseling help these four? 15 years old and already throwing away any chance at a future. If I had done this, my father would have let me sit in jail and think about what I did.

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Posted in: Teacher beats student over flippant comment; loses 10% of salary See in context

Since it was the school athletic festival there were more than likely someone from the local board of education or police that were invited. Were there not other parents present, possibly the injured students' parents. The fact that they (BOE officials) witnessed this and only gave him a 10 percent cut in pay is absurd. What, did the injury to his vertebrate cause a 10% reduction in movement. Teachers can be canned for DUI but not for abusing a student in front of other students and teachers. What a joke.

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Posted in: Dream flight See in context

Dream Flight? More like a nightmare for Boeing.

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Posted in: Rakuten Eagles back ex-MLB star despite arrest See in context

At the moment, it is our understanding that he did not do anything wrong - Rakuten Eagles public relations director Yoshiki Sato .

We received a report it was a domestic fight which escalated, Eagles president Yozo Tachibana told Japanese media. Unless there is any more big surprises, we intend to go ahead as planned with his contract.

Really?!? So that is the company line. What about the visible injuries she sustained? So let me get this straight, it's OK to beat your wife, tell her you want to kill her and then act like nothing happened. I'm sure that the Eagles are more concerned with filling seats than with more important issues, like supporting the victims of domestic violence. Just last month NFL player, Javon Belcher shot (10 times, yes you read that right, 10 times) and killed his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, before taking his own life, leaving their three month old daughter without a mother. I am sure Nicole Jones was scared: From CBSSports.com: Jones grabbed her by the ankle, pulled her down and put his hands around her neck and said, "I want to kill you, I want to [expletive] kill you."

They should take a stand by terminating his contract and sending a message that domestic violence is not to be tolerated on any level.

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Posted in: Saitama policeman scratches cars in drunken rage See in context

Maybe using a coin was his unconscious way of saying that he was having money problems at home.

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Posted in: Man brings virtual girlfriend to own wedding See in context

Flash forward to spring 2013 - Same man brings virtual lawyer to own divorce proceedings.

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