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Posted in: Female imperial family members to be barred from key succession rite See in context

Why would the imperial family allows the Japanese government dictate such term for this event? Would the imperial family members have enough courage and honor to grow a backbone and boycott this event or tell the Japanese government to back off?

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Posted in: Abe promises Trump new Japanese investment in U.S. See in context

China is one of the main actors here, but you don’t see Xi excessively tries to please Trump.

Oh really? Xi / China promised to buy $70 Billion of goods from the US.

Trump is able to bully South Korea, Japan and China and get away with it because they are divided.

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Posted in: Trump takes aim at Canada as global trade war looms See in context

We should really diversity our trade. The Americans is taken us and our resources for granted.

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Posted in: Gov't under fire over 'moms should care for toddlers' remark by lawmaker See in context

It is the old dinosaurs of this old-boys club party with their old thinking that's prevent Japan from progressing economically, politically and socially in this dynamic and every changing world.

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Posted in: China has reportedly detained 21 Japanese this month See in context

All we know is that they were a missionary group, in most countries it would be the rated but we all know how paranoid China can be.

I believe Proselytism, especially those from foreign religious groups, is illegal in China, right?

There were reports of foreign Christian groups trying to convert Muslims in Xinjiang and China put at stop to that as well.

You should try to respect other countries laws when visiting.

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Posted in: Pompeo: U.S. hopes to have N Korea as 'close partner' not enemy See in context

The US is has never and never will work with Communist dictators.

The American have been and will continue to work with whatever and whomever that will further and strengthen its own interest.

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Posted in: Abe tells N Korea: Release Japanese abductees or no aid See in context

Whatever amount of aid Japan think it is willing to give, South Korea can do 10 times or even 100 times better.

North Korea's leader already met South Korea's Leader, China's Leader and have release Americans back to America and will meet USA's leader soon. And then, what have Japan contributed or gotten so far to/from this current negotiation? Nothing.

Japan really overestimate its importance or significance on this matter.

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Posted in: Anger in France, Britain over Trump's gun law speech See in context

American's self-proclaimed Leader of the Free World.

Sad and ridiculous at the same time.

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Posted in: Nobel literature prize won't be awarded this year due to sexual abuse scandal See in context

What a charade.

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Posted in: Korean leaders aim for complete denuclearisation; will work with U.S., China See in context

Abe asks Moon to visit Japan before inter-Korean summit

What happened to that?

It is good to see both Koreas are working together to resolve THEIR problem. This is only the first step toward a peaceful resolution , but it is a big step forward.

Lets hope other countries don't sabotage this process.

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Posted in: Voter support for Abe slips amid calls for Aso to quit See in context

How on Earth is Aso still around? The man makes Ishihara look like a lightweight when it comes to saying stupid things.

Pure and unadulterated nepotism.

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Posted in: Asian push to crack down on 'fake news' sparks alarm See in context

A crack down of fake news is good as long as the right and freedom of press is maintained.

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Posted in: Trade issues expose limits of Trump-Abe 'bromance' See in context

Just because the American pat you on your head doesn't indicate there are any "bromance" between the two countries/leaders as euphoria-ted by the Japanese press.

One is the master, and the other is the vassal. I'll let you guess which is which.

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Posted in: Aso says he won't resign over ministry sexual harassment scandal See in context

Abe: Nobody in Japan can persuade or make me resign. That call is up to the Americans and their leader.

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Posted in: Sumo chief apologizes after female medics asked to leave ring while tending to sick mayor See in context

Tradition forbids women from entering the ring on the grounds that it is sacred and their presence, considered "unclean", would pollute it.

The only unclean and dirty thing here is this tradition. I wonder where these men were born from if not women.

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Posted in: Abe asks Moon to visit Japan before inter-Korean summit See in context

Abe goes to USA to get a pat on the head to get its master's approval.

In a sense, Abe mistakenly believes Japan's relationship with South Korea is like USA's to Japan.

Abe and Japan really need a gigantic douse of reality.

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Posted in: Japan may be forced into bilateral trade deal with U.S.: ex-IMF exec See in context

The EU gets it. Imagine if the EU were divided then each of those individual European countries will have much less negotiation power over trade with other countries, like with USA. But together, EU have much stronger negotiation power and can stand up to American trade attacks. Now, imagine if Northeast Asia stood together, South Korea, Japan and China together, they would have much stronger stand and negotiation power on any trade agreements with others. No nation or group of nation will have enough power to force trade agreement on SK+Japan+China when they stand together.

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Posted in: Japan, China prepping to revive high-level economic dialogue See in context

The writing is on the wall for all countries of the world; The American have weaponized trade and will attack and bully any nations;allies or not. Those countries that are united together(like EU) will be able to stand up against Trump's trade attack and protectionism, while other countries that are divided(like South Korea, Japan and China) will have give in and give up certain interests.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

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Posted in: Japan says talks must end N Korean nuclear program See in context

Abe/Japan need to quiet down and let other grown up and real nations that matters handle this.

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Posted in: China lists U.S. pork, apples, other goods for possible retaliation in tariff dispute See in context

This trade war, China will. win because. Chia buy US products more than it sells its products.

In this trade war, like most trade wars, both party will lose.

Look at EU, united they stand. They stood together and threatened USA that they will retaliate massively like they did in 2002 so the US backed off and gave them exemption.

In North East Asia, South, Japan and China is divided so the USA can do what they like and extracts favors and upper hands from these countries.

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Posted in: Japan to explore possibility of Abe having summit with N Korea's Kim See in context

Simply, a dog goes wherever its master goes.

Flip-flops and lack of independent foreign policy.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Materials execs apologize over faked quality data See in context

These greedy men needs to stop abusing and perverse the act and meaning of bowing with their insincerity.

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Posted in: Abe urges stronger defense in face of N Korean threats See in context

Japan's prime minister on Monday called for a boost to the country's defenses in the face of North Korean threats, warning that Tokyo needs to be able to protect itself.

Yes, Japan needs to protect itself whatever best way it can. However, it is reasonable for North Korea to think and do the same.

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Posted in: N Korean nuclear test 10 times more powerful than Hiroshima A-bomb: Japan See in context

Abe has zero moral ground in dealing with nuclear proliferation.

Not only that but Abe is also against "No First Use" policy.


WASHINGTON – Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has expressed concern over the possible nuclear weapons policy of “no first use” being considered by the Obama administration, according to a column in the Monday edition of the Washington Post.

Lets hope Abe is not foolish enough to cause the change of this nuclear bomb into Tokyo A-Bomb.

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Posted in: Int'l unity crumbles over N Korea; Trump to let Japan, S Korea buy more military equipment See in context

"When a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and an ICBM pointed at you, you do not take steps to lower your guard. No one would do that. We certainly won't," the U.S. ambassador said.

"When a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and an ICBM pointed at you, [and have invaded and destroyed many countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria], you do not take steps to lower your guard. No one would do that. We certainly won't," the NK ambassador said.

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Posted in: Japan has few options to tackle N Korea's provocations See in context

North Korea, being part of the so-called Axis of Evil designated by the American, developed this nuclear weapon as its ultimate defensive weapon. As survival is the utmost important objective of the Korean regime and with what it witnessed to Saddam and Iraq, Gaddafi and Syria, and now Syria, it knows it needs to protect itself. And nuclear weapon is the most powerful defensive weapon a country can get these days; the P5 knows it, Israel knows it, Pakistan knows it, India knows it, Ukraine know it now but little bit late.

When North Korea gets a reliable and functional delivery system with nuclear war heads, no countries will invade it; not USA, not EU, and certainly not Japan.

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Posted in: Education ministry panel to shelve decision on scandal-hit vet department See in context

cronyism and nepotism.

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Posted in: Japan approves U.S. Marine flights of Ospreys after crash See in context

Approved? When Japan asked the U.S. to stop they got ignored,so it doesn't look like they had much choice but to "approve."

So essentially, and in reality, "The Japan That [Can't] Say No".

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Posted in: Abe offers conditional cooperation with China's Silk Road initiative See in context

I thought Japan and India is creating a competing alternative to China's OBOR.


What is really happening?

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Posted in: Philippine president assures Japan his visit to China was all about economics See in context

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte sought to assure Japan on Wednesday that his high-profile visit to China last week was about economics, not security,

Duterte not only achieve a lot of investment deals from China but he also announced that his country, like any other normal country, would have its own independent foreign policy. Instead of working under the thumb and control of other country, his country would work and act for its own interest in the world.

and vowed to stand on Tokyo’s side over the disputed South China Sea when the time came.

That doesn't make sense. Would Japan stand on Philippine's side over the disputed Senkuka/Diaoyu Island when the time comes? What Duterte really said(as quoted in other articles) is that Philippines won't abandon Japan and with a common belief that both countries will work peacefully to resolve the South China Sea issue. So, Philippine is not willing to working as pawn of some foreign design(like American's Asia Pivot) to oppose and contain China; as desired by Abe.

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