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And Japan still has an entry ban on international students and workers; even if they are vaccinated, provide multiple negative PCR tests, and are willing to quarantine for 14+ days. Other countries, even all other G7 countries, accept Japanese students with these requirements, yet no word on any form of reciprocity from the Government of Japan. Health and safety is always the number one priority, but if other countries are able to successfully manage something like this, and participants are willing to vaccinate (with approved vaccines) quarantine, and on top of that willing to get a long term visa to enter the country, how is the basis on the entry ban built upon anything resembling safety and science? I could be wrong, and I am willing to admit that, but if residents of Japan who are vaccinated can leave the country even just to go on trips, what's to say that they couldn't also bring in new varients of concern more so than any immigrant that is also vaccinated? It is important to get this virus under control, and I understand the measures, but it would at least be nice if Japan could get some sort of outline for a plan of easing immigration restrictions for those waiting for more than a year, and who have set aside all of their life plans to study in Japan, people who love the country, culture, language and wish to help the nation and improve globalization over the world. Let me know what you think.

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Genius, Never open the border to International Students, Workers, and Separated Families- and instead promote tourism from within the country! Step 1: Implement a Sakokuish policy, Step 2: ???, Step 3: ???, Step 4: Profit!

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Good, it is about time Japan opens up back to international workers and students. They all have a valid COE, and are willing to comply with quarentine, masking, and prevention measures. Safety of all is top priority, and I believe this can all be done safely and effectively.

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After this ban, it's time to lift entry ban on buisness travel and international students.

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