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Posted in: Nobel prize in medicine awarded to Swedish scientist for research on evolution See in context

Its not mentioned in this article, but Svante Paabo is a professor at OIST. Okinawan Institute of Science and Technology.


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Posted in: China makes second largest Taiwan defense zone incursion this year See in context

There was an article written late last year on the US trying to provoke China in starting a war.

One on the topics was to involve western media in their scheme. Kind of what they are doing now in Ukraine.

And this was one of their objectives for the media: Creating an artificial “Taiwanese air space” zone and falsely alleging “incursions” or “violations” of it;

See attached; https://johnmenadue.com/strategists-admit-west-is-goading-china-into-war/

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Posted in: Beijing COVID spike prompts mass testing, panic buying See in context

Here is the daily Covid-19 report from Shanghai (Shine.cn) for this past Sunday,

underlying conditions???

Shanghai reported 51 COVID-19 deaths on Sunday – one-third more than Saturday – bringing the total since the resurgence commenced in March to 138.

The average age of Sunday's fatalities was 84.2, and the oldest was 100. All had severe underlying conditions, and only four had been vaccinated.

Among Shanghai's COVID-19 patients, 196 have severe symptoms and 23 are in critical condition, a 20 percent increase over the previous day.

Meanwhile, a total of 21,972 COVID-19 patients were discharged from local designated and makeshift hospitals on Sunday after making full recoveries, an increase of more than 16 percent over the previous day.

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Posted in: 55% of Okinawans unhappy with 50 years since reversion to Japan: poll See in context

Peeping_TomToday 08:11 am JST

"found that 94 percent have welcomed the reversion itself."

Say no more.

Especially when non-entities are the ones clamouring for "independence

This means that only 6% wanted the US military to rule Okinawa.

And it was after the reversion that Okinawans found out Japan would keep the American bases in Okinawa. That's when the calls for independence started

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