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Izuvian comments

Posted in: Y42.51 mil in cash found in garbage at Gunma dumpsite See in context

Japanese traditional values staying alive.

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Posted in: Man beats stranger to death in order to get arrested See in context

Many people here say that they are against the death penalty "except in this case". There exists support and logic for the case of the death penalty for criminals with DNA evidence proving that they have killed: 1) more than one person; and / or 2) more than one time. There is no reason to keep such heinous violent derilects in prison for life. What does this accomplish? Some say that this allows them to contemplate their evil deeds and learn regret. So what. Then what? Much better to save society the burden of keeping these truly bad criminals locked up.

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Posted in: Trump to team up with Abe for round of golf in Florida See in context

I hope that they have a sunny day with a cool breeze and each score a couple birdies. I know that in fact Trump supports Japan. People need to judge him NOT on his words (media sound bites) but rather on his actions. This goes for all people.

Mr T is the best thing to happen to America in more than 100 years. One must understand the immense problems facing the US to realize this fact. Rid one's mind of polictially corrupt (PC) agenda and focus on what's important to working people and famlies. Many of the good people of the nation support his policies very strongly. Obama was the most awful president is the history of the country. Those who still support his ways are called liberals. Liberalism is a mental disease.

Trump's agenda is focused on ridding the nation of costly misguided regulations and making the country more business friendly across the board. Such a strategy ultimately benefits communities more than government funding. He also is looking to put more citizens to work and lower crime rates. His team's focus is to lower the insanely bloated federal government spending away from marginally productive programs to those that directly benefit the working class and their communities. For example, promoting private business rather than government sponsored programs. Less government equals a better nation.

Those who brings up racism or immigration simply do not have a logical argument. The country needs GOOD immigrants not uneducated and undocumented ones. Only weak liberals raise the R word card. For example, Germany under Merkel has committed national suicide (natricide) and the once most safe country in Europe, Sweden, is now the rape capital of the world. Trump was elected because he is against such immigration polices whereas Clinton supported them.

Also note that the electorial system was created and is fantastic because it limits the power of the heavily populated and biaised coastal metropolitan cities that would skew the true voice of the broadbased opinions of the American people. Mr T is going back to the roots of the founding fathers. America has been going downhill since 1956 but has really snowballed its decline in the 1990s when globalism started taking root. People must understand that global elites do not care one iota about the common people and only wish to make us all the same. Better that we are all "treated equally but are not the same". This is the real meaning of diversity.

It is recommended NOT to get one's news from any 3 letter corporate political PR program. Almost ALL politicians, democrats and republicans, are shameful shams. Trump is trying to dismantle the corrupt American political system (drain the swap). Wise patriotic people support him. Wealthy liberals who don't are simply hypocritical liars.

Best to get one's information from sources based on facts and figures rather than corporate and special interest sponsored fake news. Here are 3 conservative yet REAL newsites:




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Posted in: Abe's Super Mario act gets social media buzzing in Japan See in context

It was great PR. Way to go Abe. Applause to you for going to Rio to do this at the Closing Ceremonies. It doesn't matter one's view of him as PM or of Japan's anime culture. It was well played.

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Posted in: Well run See in context

Japan rocked this Olympics. Lots of wins and medals. Way to go Nihon. Let's celebrate!

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Posted in: Hagino wins Olympic 400-meter medley gold; Seto takes bronze See in context

Congratulations Hagino-san and Seto-san! Very impressive. Your hard work payed off in bounty of gold and bronze. This is a very tough race that takes incredible endurance and skill to clock such a time. Just try it. Way to go guys.

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Posted in: Abe picks revisionist Inada as defense minister in cabinet reshuffle See in context

Japan is correct to stand up for its right to fight.

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Posted in: U.S. military prepares for biggest Okinawa land return since 1972 See in context

Welcome to the jungle

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Posted in: Mitama Festival at Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Matsuris are fantastic fun. How can anybody write negative comments...? Oh and by the way- let's get this straight- the bottom line is that Yasukuni is a memorial to Japan's war dead. Unless you have relatives who fought the Japanese in WWII, as I do, your condescending comments about the shrine amount to nought. Get over it.

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Posted in: Court upholds Takahama reactor shutdown order in new blow to nuclear industry See in context

Modern plant nuclear power is safe. This is a fact. Just don't built them right on the coast or close to a fault line. Many people have a knee jerk anti-anything nuclear reaction. This is misguided.

Chernobyl was the world's oldest nuclear plant and should have been put out of operation many years prior. Fukushima should not have been built basically on the beach but rather on higher land. France has been using nuclear power safely to the benefit of it people and industry for many years. A very liberal country but you don't hear them complaining- the plants are modernized.

The same practice should be used here: Old plants are put out of commission and only safe modern ones are used.

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