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Posted in: Biden says 'everybody must condemn' attack on Trump: speaks with ex-president See in context

Trump took a bullet for the USA

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Posted in: Japan likely spent some ¥3 tril on intervention as yen jumps See in context

Japan is a nation destroying itself to keep up with the rest of the world. You can only run and hide for so long. Face the facts, there are many players in Asia now Kicking butt on this tiny island nation.

The jig is up. The Yen will soon be trading at 180 to the US dollar, wait and see.

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Posted in: Eli Lilly weight loss drug beats Ozempic in head-to-head study See in context

It's enough supporting all the big Pharma companies. There is no easy way to lose weight . the first step is to stop eating donuts every day, after you go through your withdrawals everything will seem to fall in place.

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Posted in: Tokyo Governor Koike set to win re-election, exit poll shows See in context

The worst governor in my 30 years of living here.

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Posted in: Defiant Biden tells Democrats 'I'm staying in the race!' See in context

He just had a bad night. Let him run for President. Um…. yeah….

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Posted in: Rap mogul Sean Combs sued for sex trafficking, sex assault See in context

Let's see how much of a "bad boy" he is in Prison.

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Posted in: City swelter See in context

Those mist sprays are not healthy at all. Better to plant some trees.

Oh brother

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Posted in: The questions about Biden's age and fitness are reminiscent of another campaign: Reagan's in 1984 See in context

Joe Biden Is finished. When you're that old and stubborn with a debilitating brain disease the family must make tough choices. The challenge is the family wants to hold on to power till the end with no regard for what's best for the country.

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Posted in: The questions about Biden's age and fitness are reminiscent of another campaign: Reagan's in 1984 See in context

It's not about Joe Biden's age. Joe Biden has Dementia and it is getting worse day by day. That's the issue.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends above 40,000 as yen falls to new 37-year low against dollar See in context

Japan is not a poor country (at least not yet)... what is happening right now is that Japan was an extreemly wealthy country that has become above average wealthy country (it is still in the top 5 World economies).

Saying that Japan is a poor country is basically slandering and even extremistic... by that you either are in the top 3 or you are nothing (so 192 countries are nothing)

If how the economy and the politics related to that moves from here on will dictate what will happen in the next 40 years, I guess.

600 yen for a peach, I would say something is wrong with this country. The political elite get to eat all the peaches.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court rules Trump has immunity for official, not private acts See in context

Trump is a felon and will be sentenced next week, He is also facing further court cases in Florida and Georgia.

Doesn't work anymore. The people understand what's going on now. The legacy media and the Whitehouse have lied so much Bidens' wish will never come true.

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Posted in: Japan revises economic growth in first quarter downward See in context

Bet on the dollar

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Posted in: Mount Fuji climbing season begins with new fee, crowd control steps See in context

I climbed it twice and believe Mt. Fuji is much more beautiful from a distance.

Up close it is just an ugly volcano.

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Posted in: Tokyo's old fish market makes way for skyscrapers, glitzy stadium to woo global spenders See in context

Tokyo renewing itself again, one of the best cities to live in the world..


New buildings don't work with old outdated minds.

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Posted in: Trump will encourage Japan-S Korea relations, his advisers tell foreign officials See in context

Yes, President Trump's pro-American policy is Pro Japan as well. America prospers, Japan prospers.

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Posted in: Japan warns of appropriate action any time against rapid yen moves See in context

There are millions of abandoned homes as well as millions of homes for sale in Japan.

The long term outlook for any property outside of central Tokyo is down.

There isn’t a need to buy an overpriced condo overlooking Tokyo bay for me.

Great! Live in the country

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Posted in: Yen briefly dips past 161 against dollar to 37-year low amid intervention talk See in context

It should be 180 to the U.S. dollar. Japan and America should never be even. Japan is turning into a tourist destination only. There are so many innovative Asian countries now. Japan no longer holds the keys to Asian economic might.

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Posted in: A sometimes halting Biden tries at debate to confront Trump, who responds with falsehoods See in context

What has happened to the posters on JT? Even CNN has said Biden has to go. Stop with this nonsense and let the old man sail away into the sunset. You can still be a Democrat, just pick another candidate.

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Posted in: Japan warns of appropriate action any time against rapid yen moves See in context

The yen should be 180 to the dollar, that's a fact.

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Posted in: Joey Chestnut, Takeru Kobayashi to compete in Netflix competition See in context

Hope they choke on a bun.

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Posted in: G7 summit opens with deal to use Russian assets for Ukraine See in context

That has got to be the goofiest photo we've seen of that motley crew in a long time.

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Posted in: Apple partners with OpenAI as it unveils 'Apple Intelligence' See in context

Elon wants self driving cars everywhere, but he is concerned OpenAI will create a security risk. I'll drive my own car and take my chances with Apple Open AI. I guess I'm a wild and crazy person!

Could be brain~washed

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Posted in: Apple partners with OpenAI as it unveils 'Apple Intelligence' See in context

Apple has turned into a rotten Apple.

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Posted in: Far-right parties make big gains in European Parliament elections See in context

The people are beginning to speak up! Enough is enough! I guess the Gen Z-ers will have to go out and get a job now.

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Posted in: Catch of the day: U.S. couple hook safe stuffed with $100,000 See in context

Real money laundering......

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Posted in: Foreign woman walks into bus at Tokyo’s Shibuya Scramble intersection See in context

Lesson learned, she won't do that again

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Posted in: ¥48 bil in bitcoin cryptocurrency disappears from Japan exchange See in context

Probably the Government took it.

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Posted in: JLo cancels summer tour as Affleck split rumors swirl See in context

It's more about her dealings with the P.Diddy nightmare. She doesn't want to be an accomplice or be arrested when the "dirt" hits the fan.

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Posted in: Prices for 614 food, drink items to be hiked in June See in context

It's al BS

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