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Posted in: Taiwan will not bow to China, president says See in context

China has the will but no power......... they are not battle-tested and their military hardware cannot be trusted. They would lose big time in an armed conflict with the west. Their pilots are a joke compared to most other countries with strong airforces.

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Posted in: Taiwan will not bow to China, president says See in context

china sucks

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Posted in: U.S. to hold first in-person talks with Taliban since Afghan withdrawal See in context

This was a very UN-reasonable thing to do when Trump was Prez.

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Posted in: Biden promises relentless diplomacy to skeptical allies See in context

Biden promises relentless diplomacy to skeptical allies

I am sceptical and I am not an ally.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser says peak of 5th wave over See in context

Oh boy, can't wait for the 6th wave.

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Posted in: As world marks 9/11, Taliban flag raised over seat of power See in context

I guarantee without the U.S. "meddling" in middle east affairs, there would have been a lot more death and destruction in that part of the world. The U.S. nation-building policy was a failure not retaliation for 9/11.

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Posted in: Japan orders 150 million doses of Novavax COVID vaccine See in context

Why would they? We're not children. If it keeps you healthy, any sane person will be happy to take it.

Yeah that’s it, just go with the flow and everything will be o.k…….

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Posted in: Kanye West asks court to legally change his name to Ye See in context

What an idiot.

Maybe you should change your name to PE.

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Posted in: Tokyo opens oxygen station; asks all hospitals to accept more COVID patients See in context

What does Koike want hospitals to do, set up ICU in the parking lot like in the US?

well that would be a nice start.

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Posted in: Deadly gunfire at Kabul airport; Taliban insist on U.S. pullout date See in context

Par for the course. The U.S. and its allies will pull out as China pulls in and pillages the last remaining natural resources the country has left.

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Posted in: Biden picks Emanuel for Japan ambassador; Burns for China See in context

Guy looks shifty as hell.

Nice observation because he is.

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Posted in: Biden to Americans still in Afghanistan: 'We will get you home' See in context

Biden to Americans still in Afghanistan: 'We will get you home'

Hopefully not in body bags.

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Posted in: Reports of targeted Taliban killings fuel Afghans' fears See in context

A hot mess in a dumpster fire. Thanks, Biden for your lack of leadership.

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Posted in: Biden picks Emanuel for Japan ambassador; Burns for China See in context

Like anyone knows who Emanuel is

You don't want to know who this bumbling, foolish fake politician is. He can't participate in the U.S.A. now so send him to Japan where he can continue to neuter our standing in the world from an Asian perspective.

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Posted in: Texas governor tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

He is a great governor.

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Posted in: Biden says he stands squarely behind Afghanistan decision See in context

President Biden will go down as the best President in the History of the USA due to his Afganistan plan.

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Posted in: Japan extends, expands state of emergency as cases surge See in context

SOE.............All restaurants must close at At 8 pm and stop serving alcohol, then go to the conbini stock up on alcohol and drink in the park with your friends.

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Posted in: Westerners rush to leave Kabul; Afghan president flees country See in context

Blame the western media for this mess. They kissed up to the weakest President and his policies to lead the strongest country in the world. The trouble is our current President believed all the nonsense the media were feeding him. Game over.

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Posted in: Westerners rush to leave Kabul; Afghan president flees country See in context

Afghan President fleeing his own country without a fight. What a wimp.

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Posted in: Japan to evacuate embassy in Kabul See in context

It's the same old story from the same old book. Go in foreign countries kill, pillage, plunder and leave. Afghanistan has been robbed of rare earth mi erals, copper, etc and the country devastated and now it's time to cut and run. Over US$ 3 trillion gone ! Ala Iraq, Lybia, Syria and Iran is soon to follow.

I guess it's Chinas turn now.

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Posted in: Taliban enter Kabul, await 'peaceful transfer' of power See in context

Civil war is inevitable.

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Posted in: Taliban capture key northern city; approach Afghan capital See in context

The troop withdrawal was Trump's doing.

The organization and planning were Bidens doing, just like he's handling the border.

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Posted in: Entire Australian state goes into lockdown as virus surges See in context

Seems like a new breed of an authoritarian state is in the works. Hope the people stand up for their rights.

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Posted in: U.S. issues new terrorism threat warning ahead of 9/11 anniversary See in context

They should be more worried about the Trump Supporters

I think it's the other way around.

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Posted in: Australian swimmer who took 'misogyny' stance says it was worth missing Olympics See in context

From woke to broke. Here we go again. Look what happened to the U.S.A. woman's soccer team.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,773 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,293 See in context

I think it's well over the numbers reported.

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Posted in: Suga's medical adviser urges tougher anti-virus measures See in context

Constitutions and human rights don't become null and void if there's a scary virus. The government will never be able to stop disease. That's not their role. If you're afraid then stay home. The moment you accept total government control and lockdown is the moment you become a useless eater. If you don't stand up for yours and other's right to freedom within society, then you are of no use to society. Go home, and stay home.

finally, and thank you!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,566 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 15,753 See in context

We see surging cases but deaths remain low as do severe cases comparing to pre vaccine times

It's only the beginning. You won't be saying that in 2 months.

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Posted in: Japan beats France 87-71 to reach women's basketball final against U.S. See in context

Only one goal left, beat the USA.

That will never happen.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Olympic legacy: Forcing mental health center stage See in context

Awwwww.... poor Olympic athletes....!

I'm sure that Biles and Osaka will just have to get some professional help with all that sponsor money they got.


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