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J Chino comments

Posted in: U.S. begins troop withdrawal from Afghanistan See in context

The British in the 1880s , the Soviets in the late 70s /80s left with their tails between their crotches and bloody noses.

Now it the US's turn to experience the humiliating taste of defeat , or as they phrase it ............withdrawal , peace agreement

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Posted in: Abe to propose major job-creating plan to Trump, reports say See in context

Abenomics is coming to the US.

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Posted in: Japan to send envoy to U.S. to meet new leaders See in context

It is the correct protocol for a Vassal state.

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Posted in: Day at the tennis See in context

she is sucking umeboshi candy .

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Posted in: Pentagon helping Southeast Asian allies tackle IS See in context

The US government like to be considered by the world as the 'master' on world affairs. However, these countries can deal with the problem in their own way. They have better grasp of their own local situation. So butt out ! There is already enough mess created and left behind by nosy US intervention!

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Posted in: Abe discusses N Korea's nuclear program with Fidel Castro See in context

Now that the U.S is back in business with them, Japan is too!

Shouldn't be any surprise here! Japan always 2 steps behind the US.

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Posted in: Obama calls refugee plight 'crisis of epic proportions' See in context

Mr Ban, has appeal for the world's compassion to help these displaced people. How many of these refugees have been accepted for resettlement in Mr Ban 's homeland? Just curious........

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Posted in: Woman assaulted, robbed while on her way home in Saitama See in context

Sad to say these incidents are becoming more frequent in Japan. Hopefully she will become more aware of the dangers of walking home at 2.30am. It could have been more tragic , like end up floating in the river.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $2.8 billion in refugee aid over three years See in context

What happen to charity begins at home? Spending more of much needed Japanese funds on refugee aid? There's a lot of unseen poverty in Japan, yet Mr Abe is sending out of the country such large sums as donation. Help the impoverished and the disadvantaged first in Japan and then the rest of the world.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea condemn nuke test by N Korea See in context

The border with China will never be shut down and will remain the lifeline to NK. Thus sanctions can be proposed repeatedly against NK but will be proven useless. NK, as many have realised, is a buffer for China against the threat of encroachment and encirclement. China may express 'displeasure' with NK political 'games' but will not do anything too harsh to discipline NK and Kim, and he knows that, all too well. Its just a quick 'scolding' with a wink and a smile.

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Posted in: How should world leaders tackle the refugee and migrant crisis? See in context

The refugees crisis only began with the interference in the internal politics of these countries in the name of democracy. The politics of these refugee source countries have remained unchanged for a long time and any unrest that arises get sorted out in their own way.

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Posted in: Fireman arrested for running naked on Saitama street See in context

its still pretty humid in Saitama in the evenings.

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Posted in: Defense ministry seeks record Y5.168 tril budget to develop anti-ship missiles See in context

The government should : 1.think about building a water desalination plant on the Senkakus and encourage interested nearby Okinawans to inhabit the place. There is not much natural water resource on these islands.

provide incentives and subsidies for using the sea around the Senkaku islands for a fish/seafood farming industry. Grant permits for Ryokan and Ecotourism entrepreneurs.

The above suggestions with also give the soldiers stationed on the island a extra sense of purpose, ie: to ensure the safety of the new island setllers and their enterprises, other than garrison duty against those who might venture into territorial waters.

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Posted in: N Korea publicly executes two officials: S Korean newspaper See in context

Target practice for the military cadets!

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Posted in: Majority want Abe to stay on until Tokyo 2020 Olympics: poll See in context

Well, the Japanese public have no other choices other than the arrogant benevolent Abe, and he knows it. Now he has another extra 4 years to carry out more of his political agenda. He is the probably the best of a bad bunch. Shoganai!!

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Posted in: Japanese seek bargains as economy limps, Abenomics loses shine See in context

Of course Abenomics does not work . They are lucky dip strategies made up with Abe's superficial thoughts. I will try this idea or that idea and wait to see if it works or not. How can he devised Japan's economic policies when he does not have economics credentials? In the old Japanese traditional way he would have to apologise to the Japanese people for being a failure and for brushing them off as gullible simple folk and bringing them false hopes .

However, will Abe Shinzo take responsibility for plunging Japan deeper into the economic abyss? Of course not. Remember..... as he kept reminding everyone, he was voted in and he has the mandate to do whatever is "beneficial " for the good of Japan.........or not!!!

The 30 billion for Africa? A buying friends for cash exercise!

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Posted in: Japan's Self-Defense Forces, who have not fired a shot in combat abroad since the end of World War II, are training for rescue missions and U.N. peacekeeping operations under new security-related laws See in context

The soldiers when deployed will carry out their duties to the best of their training and ability. I am sure Bushido is alive in the minds of those who volunteered to joined the JDF.

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