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Posted in: Extended Golden Week loses luster for working parents See in context

Scheduled to begin Saturday, April 27, and run through Monday, May 6, people working in medical and nursing care services, tourism staff and beauticians, among others, will in many cases have to work right through the break.

So I take this as these industries are "essential" while childcare is not. Not that this is any surprise given this administration's track record.

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Posted in: Court upholds 'sterilization' rule for gender change See in context

This ruling doesn't force anyone to do anything. It simply states the criteria for changing gender on birth certificates. It is entirely voluntarily whether someone wants to meet the standard.

As usual, LGBTQ activists throwing a fit when they don't get what they want.

This is true but perhaps the issue here isn't what defines a male or a female but that you can only choose A or B. There is probably a degree of misunderstanding all around here, I agree. It's not the ruling itself that worries me it is the further ignorance for the need for greater flexibility in terms of legal definitions of sex to accommodate people who don;t necessarily fit well into either category.

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Posted in: Court upholds 'sterilization' rule for gender change See in context

Chip star, show me a definition of legal gender where it is not defined as "one of the two sexes".

"As of August 31, 2017, Canadians can indicate that they do not identify as male or female on their passports." That is from Wikipedia but it is public information and easily obtained.

That is of course defining one's sex. I'd be curious to see how a legal definition of gender (which is identity based) would work in the 21st century. I don't know if I've ever met 2 people who are truly the exact same gender as we probably all have different ideas of what it means to be a man or a woman or other. That people do not fit into impossibly narrow definitions of what it means to be whatever society/cultures thinks they should be is not a failure of the person but of the classifications and perhaps language.

Ultimately, I always have to wonder what should give any person or group of people the right to tell others what to do with their own bodies and minds and why are so many people preoccupied with it. Ultimately I think we are all on a quest to find ourselves and be comfortable in our own skins and that should bond us together not divide us.

There is a lot more grey in this world than there is black or white.

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Posted in: At Davos, battle lines are drawn over trade and cooperation See in context


Less hard now that you actually explained how you got from point A to Z. Perhaps we don't all read all the same media as you and therefore make the same assumptions. Please don't take my comment as a slight. I was sincerely trying to understand what you were saying as it sounded interesting and it still does.

I do wonder where the world goes with China now (and vice-versa). I agree that the Neo-liberal experiment has failed as badly as China's (oddly consumerist) take on communism. Both have resulted in inequality, trampling of human rights and a wild and ever-widening wealth gap.

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Posted in: At Davos, battle lines are drawn over trade and cooperation See in context

The free-trading neo-libs have been in charge for the past 30 years and have given us 19th century levels of inequality, stagnant wages, a shrinking middle class and the elevation of a communist authoritarian state now poised to become the world's dominant economic power.

I'm trying to understand the logic here. So the Neo-Libs (which I am decidedly not one of) are elevating a communist authoritarian state and this communist state is in favor of free trade? Free trading communists? Who is the "us" and where is the "state" in this? Did you mean that neo-liberal policies have created a ground-swell of people interested in socialism, communism or Marxist theory in reaction to the inequality, stagnant wages and shrinking middle class? I'm having a hard time connecting the dots.

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Posted in: Many Japanese firms have no plans to strengthen governance after Ghosn arrest: survey See in context

I'd be interested to see the actual survey because I have read several similar ones over the past few years that have had radically different results.

Actual change is still of course far more elusive.

Comp and nomination committees are important but they would probably be limp when the CEO/Pres and Chair of the board are the same person. Someone needs to watch the detectives. Lack of knowledgeable and active external boards has to be considered priority one to improve corporate governance. It seems the independent people who do often sit on boards are just people picking up an extra paycheck for doing very little as either a nice name for the company to have or as a pat on the back.

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Posted in: Backpack-wearing train users in rush hour have been ranked as the biggest annoyance among commuters, according to the results of a survey released by Japan Private Railway Association in Tokyo. What do you think about that? See in context

Huge backpacks staying on shoulders, taking the space a human could take and smashing against people is near the top surely. It's baffling to me how little concern for fellow human beings many people can have. Another might be the people who stand directly in front of the doors as they open at an express stop and make no effort to see if people need to get off or step out to allow people to get off (preferable) and just stand there until inevitably people have to push them out the door (which I have zero issue with myself).

The newspaper in the face is an amazing one as well. I simply push the paper back to their faces.

People leaving bags on seats of crowded trains (you'll be surprised how little many people will say when you simply pick their bag up and drop it on the floor)

Young and able-bodied people sitting in the priority seats while elderly, pregnant and children stand and they pretend to sleep (i also pretend often to not notice that I'm stepping on their feet).

And my personal favorite, people who push you in or out of the train when it is already obviously moving at an orderly and unstoppable manner already (sometimes my elbow slips backward in spasms what can I say?).

As for the stuff that people do that I don't want to see? Well, I just don't look at them.

It's the passive part of passive-aggressive I'm most ashamed to taking part in.

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Posted in: The health ministry plans to introduce standard methods to calculate the costs of services associated with medical treatment for foreign nationals, such as interpretation, by the end of March. This means medical institutions can have foreign patients shoulder an appropriate amount of the cost of an interpreter, which is an added expense for hospitals. Do you support this idea? See in context

I'm just curious if anyone on here has ever heard of anyone being offered an interpreter at a hospital in Japan? I've only ever been to or had friends stay at hospitals in Tokyo so it's of course not a great sample on which to base an opinion.

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Posted in: Sanders eyes 'bigger' 2020 bid despite some warning signs See in context

I totally believe in Capitalism and unapologetic about it and proud of it and believe it to the highest order, may the best man win, the person that works the hardest to achieve unlimited wealth. I like the self-empowerment, the absolute right to make as much wealth based on your merit, blood, sweat and determination.

As evidenced by your sorry-I'm-gone-golfing silver-spoon fed yuppie poster boy President eh?

Your American dream (no, we can't even call that capitalism I'm sorry) is a fixed game. If it were ever a level playing field you might be making some kind of sense here but it is not.

If liberals and progressives want to be like Scandinavia, then they should live there and not in the US.

Or they should exercise their democratic right to create a country in that image if they so please.

Be honest, you really think liberal, "progressive" and socialist are all the same thing don't you? They are expletives in your vocabulary.

Is it really that hard to step outside of your own experience or suppose how life might not be the same for everyone born in your exact position in life? Are you really that detached from humanity? Or are you simply busting your hump to be lazy?

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Posted in: Thousands of Australian students skip school for mass climate protest See in context

At 13 though? Not sure about that. Surely we do not want to see this become the norm when in reality, kids, and they are kids, really should be in school. 

It was one day not a semester. Perspective.

My first experience with a walk-out was 11 years old. Most of the kids there were goofing off and didn't likely learn much. But I can tell you I did. I learned how powerful voices group together can be. How you can be heard when you join together even when you can barely do long division. I spent my late teens and early 20s volunteering and engaging in activism. I ended up playing a part in a court decision that led to the changing of a CRTC (Canadian broadcast standards body) regulation regarding censorship in relation to sexuality (a bit beyond gender pronouns) and language. They told us to stay in school that day too. And to be honest what we were protesting regarding education cutbacks; yeah, they happened anyway. Can't say I remember a single other thing that happened that week.

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Posted in: Thousands of Australian students skip school for mass climate protest See in context

I'd say one day of missed school is worth a day engaging in civil duty. Some people go their whole lives not learning the value of that. Even if everything you say is true Matt I'd still put forward they should be immensely proud of themselves. The seed that was planted in this one day may grow into something that saves their generation. I wonder if we could say that about one day of national curriculum? Or maybe I'm as cynical as you sound after all.

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Posted in: JAL raided over pilot's heavy drinking before flight from London See in context

Airlines have their own rules and take voluntary steps to detect alcohol problems, in contrast with the United States and Europe, where legal frameworks exist, according to the transport ministry.

This is bonkers. Yet somehow they managed to scrape together enough authority to raid theirs and a few other offices on this issue?

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Posted in: The Rolling Stones plan 13 U.S. live dates next year See in context

Listening to their back-catalogue, you realise how much a blues more than a rock band the Stones always have been.

I'd have to disagree. They are almost the definition of a rock band. That anglicized blues sound is one of the defining features of rock n roll. The covers from the first 10 years are bluesy but the real reveal is when they start writing their own material which is at first anyway, quite less bluesy (Tell Me, Out of Time etc.). I think Dylan was right when he said that rock n roll was the sound of the mixing of black and white musicians/music (which is why it was killed off via re-marketing along racial lines with "rock" being aligned with white culture and the term "soul" being invented for black culture).

Either way, it was nice to hear them get a bit gritty again with the B&L record.

I have to wonder though what a US tour has to do with Japan (in a JP newspaper)?

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Posted in: TV Asahi cancels performance of K-pop group BTS over A-bomb shirt See in context

So if "it's just a tshirt", is wearing a tshirt with a swastika on it alright?

The ones with the circle around it and the line striking through it are sometimes crudely inspiring.

Context is key

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Posted in: TV Asahi cancels performance of K-pop group BTS over A-bomb shirt See in context

This is an interesting one to consider. According to the description the angle of the tshirt in question (I have not seen a picture) is celebrating Korean liberation from Imperial Japan. Heady stuff for a pop group no doubt. The nuclear bomb image sounds like it was insensitive and heavy-handed but there are those who argue that without the bomb Japan would not have surrendered and therefore released control over Korea ultimately (I'm not making that argument myself keep in mind, just indicating it is a valid argument for many).

Yes, if the show was on the other foot of course the reaction would be the same or more dramatic. But that other foot was not the appendage of the oppressor was it? Surely that context is of some consequence here.

That being said, it does sound like the shirt was worn to elicit some kind of response from either or both sides. Perhaps that goal has been achieved then?

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Posted in: Citizens to file suit against use of public funds for new emperor's enthronement rites See in context

Isao Tokoro, professor emeritus at Kyoto Sangyo University specializing in the history of the formation of Japanese laws, said how to fund the ceremonies was decided after thorough debate held upon the previous occasion and they are constitutional.

So hold them again. Do we not reasonably expect that perhaps some attitudes or context may have changed in almost 3 decades since the last go-around?

Definitions of the throne, in relation to the divinity of the individual who sits on it (separation of church and throne???), certainly changed several decades back due to changes in context. It's a reasonable assumption to make that others may have changed in 28 years as well.

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Posted in: Kyoto aiming to disperse crowds to ease 'overtourism' See in context

Or you could try laying off the global marketing of the area as THE place to visit in Japan and start promoting other equally deserving areas in Japan with as rich history. Just an idea.

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Posted in: A full analysis and consideration as well as careful procedures are needed to build a national consensus. See in context

By "build a national consensus" do you mean manufacture consent?

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Posted in: Do you think Shibuya Ward in Tokyo should allow the scramble crossing to be used for Halloween and New Year's Eve reveling, considering the massive crowds these events have attracted in recent years? See in context

Difficult question to answer as-is. Is it asking should they not allow any people to enter central shibuya in the final week of october or final day of the year? Would this be accomplished by building a wall around tye city? Lining the demarcation lines with armed SDSF troops? Creating posters to explain crowd-sourced definitions of manners and how to follow them to be posted in trains stations? Head scratching indeed.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist freed from Syria says sorry for involving gov't See in context

That still doesn’t explain why he would pay a ransom and not take credit for it if it was in his favor as you variously say would and wouldn’t be the case.

sorry, I assumed calling him a coward and implying you would not disagree with him recieving capital punishment for it had it been in samurai times (sorry if i misunderstood) was anger manifesting.

Look, you seem like a reasonable guy and you seem to Be anti-Abe so i suspect we are on the same side in many respects. It’s entirely possible we are both being duped. I’m simply going on the evidence we have been afforded rather than projecting my assumptions and presenting them as facts.

I’d say your criticism is misdirected.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist freed from Syria says sorry for involving gov't See in context

If it’s not 100% accurate then maybe the is room for Mr. Yasuda after all. I knew you’d see the light ol pal. You are the one who said Japanese people get their news from thise sources not i.

if all Japanese people see him as a coward like you implied then how does paying the ransom help his election hopes?

That I doubt and am skeptical of news, which I absolutely am, is precisely why I would thank and not attach Yasuda.

either j-gov’t paid his ransom and then lied to you about it or they disn’t pay it. Either way it would seem that your anger is misdirected

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Posted in: Japanese journalist freed from Syria says sorry for involving gov't See in context

What reason would they have to pay his ransom and then deny it? I’m trying to follow your idea of realism and logic here.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist freed from Syria says sorry for involving gov't See in context

Fritz, i dont know you’d have to ask him. Perhaps it’s not his speciality. Perhaps he is global minded? Perhaps he wants to inspire future or present Japanese joirnalists tontake risks domestically and actually take the government, right-wing cults, imperial system and wartime revisionists to task despite the clear danger they present?

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Posted in: Japanese journalist freed from Syria says sorry for involving gov't See in context

Ok we have radically different definitions of “coward”. I can’t much argue with that. Webster’s might.

Again, what tax money are you referring to here?

So, if the “tax money” angle is removed, and as far as I’m concerned it is, what’s left peehaps is that people are angry that he didn’t listen to his gov’t’s warnings, didn’t fall in line like a good subject. Well I have news for you. Democracy not only allows for such individuals it damn near depends on them.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist freed from Syria says sorry for involving gov't See in context

People know going in that by reporting critical views of the right-wing or monarchy will possibly end in violence in Japan as well. Does that mean that they should not report such perspectives or news?

It's good that you know his type. I'll go ahead and be satisfied with that empirical evidence.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist freed from Syria says sorry for involving gov't See in context


"Prime Minister Shinzo Abe thanked Turkey and Qatar for their help in freeing Yasuda, the Japan Times reported."

"Some have accused the Japanese government of paying a ransom for Yasuda's release.

The Japanese government however, has denied the accusation."

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Posted in: Japanese journalist freed from Syria says sorry for involving gov't See in context

Kenji. What makes you think Japan paid any money for his release? Even if they did (and they didn't from the literature I have read), the Japanese government pisses that money away in far lesser ways on a daily basis than to save a human being's life. And what about this whole ordeal makes him a coward?

I think we are ALL very lucky we don't live in "feudal samurai times"! I'll agree with you 100% there Kenji 'ol pal.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist freed from Syria says sorry for involving gov't See in context

He has absolutely nothing to be sorry for.

If only half of the journalists in Japan had his dedication to journalism and the truth in the face of risk to themselves we may not be looking at a country that has had the same bumbling narrow-minded government in power for multiple decades basically consecutively and making a complete joke of even feigned democracy.

Well done sir. We owe you a round of gratitude.

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Posted in: In major policy shift, gov't OKs draft bill to open door wider for foreign workers See in context

So let’s recap shall we?

Blue-collar (ie low-paid) workers only but must be at least educated enough to communicate in Japanese and have other unnamed skills to be enrolled in the exploitative and scandalous “technical trainee” system and cannot bring their family for up to five years

Those who are higher skilled (not blue-collar level??) COULD bring family and EVENTUALLY get residency

Did I miss anything. Are there plans perhaps to force them to volunteer for Olympic services as well?

So a racist (crime and welfare?? AND classist debacle already? Well done old men!

Why, pray tell, would people want to come to Japan to be treated no better than where they presently struggle?

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Posted in: Gov't kicks off Warm Biz energy-saving campaign See in context

You could start by lowering the heat on the a smidgen under roasting conditions. That'll get those sweaters on (and me not in need of a second shower when i get to work)

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