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...perhaps the police should be confined to their stations/police boxes and forbidden to drink. "What's good for the goose..."

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I was there for the speech. Astonishingly good. No politics included whatsoever. Made me proud (regardless of political party).

I was also here for "Tomodachi". Although "my" duties kept me here on base, I know that my role was large, and I'm proud of it. So is my "Family", both in America and here in Japan (wife and children are Japanese). Mother in law is Japanese as well... they, as well as the countless friends I have here (of many nationalities) "get it". "Oracle", I hope some day you do too.

This is my third tour of service in Japan (by choice; rarely have I been in a more beautiful place). I (we) don't do what we do for medals, or glory, or honors. We don't "just" do it because were ordered to do so. We do it because people need help. Not Americans, or Japanese, or any nationality; just "people".

...and we'd all do it again. Tonight.

You can bet on it.


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