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Trump comments aside...

Can some of the same experts on Japanese political history here please name the “best” 3-5 Japanese PM’s in postwar Japan? How about in post-bubble Japan?

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I care that there have been no missiles flying over japan the past few years. I think most Japanese people are happy about that. People in Guam care too. And people in Seoul are really happy— and really care.

Say what you want but the only person who has done more than Trump to make peace with North Korea was Dennis Rodman. And his trips to Noko were ignored by Obama. Did Hilary do much to help with this when she was Sec of State? Did Kerry? Did anyone else?

Little Rocket Man was a simple agenda. Not to be killed. After that- he probably wants to have Apple Stores and Coke machines in Pyongyang one day. And he’d like to visit Disney world some day. Maybe have a Disneyland in Noko.

Trump probably told him in Singapore, that if Lil Rocket Man doesn’t want to die- and wants to have any hope of his country not being blown to smithereens- his only chance is to trust Trump and the “process.” And not to worry about what the media and the haters/doubters say. And between then and the next US election— the problems will be sorted out.

It’s not easy to reverse 70 years of war and expect that suddenly the hermit kingdom is going to become a fun loving democracy like South Korea or Japan. Kim’s nukes are their only bargaining chip.

(And people seem to ignore China’s perspective on “things related to the future” of the peninsula..)

Wars are easy to start. But communicating, as proven throughout history, is the only way to stop or prevent them...

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