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J.T.K.K.H. comments

Posted in: Student in Japan misses week of class after school won’t let him wear sweatshirt on snowy day See in context

Absolutely backwards with no common sense any where to be found. I have a daughter in Jr highschool I made sure to tell her to wear her warm winter coat to school especially on these really cold days and if anyone tells you to take it off tell them to talk to your parents. never ever any words from her teacher or principle. I hope japanese school board can fix this ridiculous problem in the futue…… but thats me just being a wishful thinker. cmon. we talking about jp.

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Posted in: Metal bottle falls from U.S. Marine Osprey onto residence in Okinawa See in context

How about we (American Miltary) leave Japan all around. Then China or maybe North Korea with their missile shooting over jp can over run jp. Then there would be no more jp. # 2. I’d like to see proof that it was actually a canteen that fell out. Could have been anything. Base is in a residential area. I highly doubt that it fell from a aircraft and landed on someone’s lawn. Lawn?!? Really?!?! Lol if it really happened as they say then soldiers need to be more careful. But don’t get all bent outta shape about spilled milk. My opinion, n I’m ride’n wit it. A couple of bad apples in the bunch. Doesn’t mean we all mess up. To my jp citizens. You should be glad that a strong nations military has your countries back. If not. It’s a whole different story here in jp

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Posted in: Olympics chief says cancelation unlikely with 50 days to go See in context

So. Since this COVID bs. Iv been going to a jp bar in Chiba city it’s open daily 11am-5am the next day. They have a contact tracing system in place. And not one person since the beginning of this bs has gotten COVID. COVID is real. But something else is going on. For the jp government it’s ok to have the olympics. It’s ok to have super packed trains in the mornings and in evenings. The olympics if they must go on is pure about the revenue It generates. But no wait….. let’s shut down bars and stores at 8/9pm. In some countryside places up north it’s business as usual bars/night clubs/ izakaya’s…….. A lot of things here in jp is backwards……. But who am I. Just anot

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy left in car dies from heatstroke See in context

Very very sad. R.I.P lil man. Sad story all the way around. But I would like to know the parents reaction. Guilt for not taking the child to daycare themselves.... or angry as in mom how could you forget he was in the car? I have mixed feelings about this. As I know many Japanese younger families rely n depend on Bachan or jichan to watch kids almost as in forced. But I say you have kids you watch them yourselves or do what you need to do so that you can watch them. I'm American married to a Japanese woman. I always get on my wife about asking her mother to watch our kids and my wife doesn't work. So it really bugs me that she does that.

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Posted in: Reaching out to young is key to suicide reduction in Japan See in context

I'm an American living in Japan with my wife and two kids. The "no expression" faces on The train was the first thing I noticed here in jp. Always frowning.... and for what? I tried to launch a project called "Team Smile" where as me and my friends would take a video cam and be on trains thru out jp and just walk up to people frowning and get them to smile from first contact. The ones that did smile got a free t-shirt that said I smiled today. Hahaha

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Posted in: Abe says Japan, U.S., S Korea must have unity on dealing with N Korea See in context

It's all a Bs game. Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia are much bigger countries then North Korea. All bs trump would have to do is make up a lie. The American people would back it lie or not put some boots on he ground in North Korea and kill their leader!!! Oh. But wait. North Korea has nothing the u.s. Wants. The u.s. Supposedly found n took out bin landen. They found saddam. Tried in world court and convicted on war crimes from 1986. So why the u.s. Just won't go n take out the small minded leader of North Korea. All I hear from these leaders of the u.s. Japan and S korea. " we must be unified blah blah blah this and that". Do something about it already!!! Don't talk about. Be about it. As I understand the jp fishermen are angry (as they should be) the N korea missles falling into their area of work. Sooner or later. Someone is going to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Then what will jp u.s. Do?

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Posted in: Company president arrested for slamming employee's 6-year-old son's head on floor See in context

Hope lil guy ok!!! Company boss huh..... Him slamming my sons head into the floor would have been his last thing he'd ever touch in his life... And the boy's father!!! What the heck was you thinking!!! I would have jumped on company boss right then n there!!! President.... Ceo.... Chairman.... You put a hand on one of my children you will pay.... And pay big trust me!!! Smh. Hope the kid is ok.

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Posted in: Man arrested for strangling wife in Kanagawa See in context

Let's hope he gets a real sentence..... 25+ years to life in prison.... Instead of a bs 6-10 years suspended sentence. He'll have some excuse.... They always do. Hahaha smh

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Posted in: Man arrested for posting false tweet claiming lion on the loose after Kumamoto quake See in context

If y'all payed attention to detail and actually looked at the pic. Anyone who lives in Japan would/should of known the pic wasn't even no where near Japan. Wake up y'all n stop living in La La Land. I really really hope nothing serious happens in Japan i.e... Terrorist attack..... Ther will be lots of casualties cause people her don't pay attention to detail. Smh.

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Posted in: Man arrested for posting false tweet claiming lion on the loose after Kumamoto quake See in context

Guess the police have nothing better else to do... Lmao arrested for a joke? What BS.... Lmao hahaha. Smh

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Posted in: Man wanted for murder of ex-mother-in-law captured in Hokkaido See in context

He will get off lite sentence cause maybe he had a difficult up bringing blah blah this blah that. COWARD!!!!!

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Posted in: Man assaults ex-wife, fatally stabs her mother in Sapporo See in context

Crazy!!! I really wonder how the Japanese police are trained in handling domestic disputes the ex husband should have been picked up right away. And what a weak minded coward to be hitting on a woman. Then stab her mother to death. Smh. Sad. Very sad.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested over fatal abuse of girlfriend's 3-year-old son See in context

R.I.P. Lil one!!! The mother she is apparently about nothing in life her damn self!!! And the BF. If I was the lil boy's father that punk ass dude wouldn't see trial. He think he tough cause he's a part of some low level crime syndicate. Coward!!!!! If this was u.s. He'd be fighting for his life "literarily" every day in prison.

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Posted in: Suspect says another man in his van killed 13-year-old girl See in context

It's all on the damn parents!!! Kids those ages should been in the damn house at that hour!!! I hope he get killed in prison. One thing I absolutely hate is crime against children!!! Japan is still much much safer then the u.s. But bottom line kids shoulda been in the house.... Shame on both parents!!!!

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