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Japan is turning into a place to be raided by wealthier Asian business players seeking to capitalize on the declining yen and declining purchasing power of the Japanese people. The government seems to have no issues at all with this, but the relationship is starting to become "lords and serfs"-like. Just look at the number of large portfolios of rental apartments that have been purchased in recent years and is perhaps one of the most sought after strategies for cash flow generation in the entire world at the moment. Foreign capital (and the largest Japanese corporations) have essentially become the landlord for salarymen across Japan's major cities. Each year demanding higher rents despite stagnating wages. It's a grim picture of a nation getting poorer, ever so slowly.

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Commercial RE professional here - In case you're not paying attention this is the most clear sign yet to get out of the Tokyo residential property bubble... it's totally over inflated and entirely predicated on increasing rents. First you have zero wage growth for decades within the rank and file salarymen and second you now have a gov't initiative to stem the flow of population growth in Tokyo... time to EXIT that trade if you or your company is in it.

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Yaesu side is the wrong side of the tracks. Dorchester or not, the choppy land ownership on the east side of Tokyo station will take decades to consolidate and then you'll just have one bland Roppongi Hills after another. Isn't anyone getting sick of these yet? Hikarie, Hibiya Midtown, Toronomon Hills, Kyobashi Garden Square, "Torch Tower", THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.

NEWSFLASH: Shiny developments are not what makes Tokyo an interesting place. The more this real estate bubble goes on, the worse Tokyo gets.

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@kurisupisu find Very simple. Get a job in Singapore. Find a company that seeks your talents apply. Assuming English is a fluent language for you, there's 10x more high paying employment opportunities in Singapore vs Tokyo. Will you have to move, probably, but that's the cost of securing your financial freedom.

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QE endless money printing only works when everyone else is doing it.

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Given the plummeting yen down -35% YTD vs the USD, combined with a whopping 55% top tax bracket, high healthcare and pension "tax" (that combined add up to another 10% that you'll never get back), there is virtually no reason to choose Japan as an expat destination if you are a foreigner with no connection to the country looking to gain financial freedom outside of Japan. I chose to leave Tokyo during the extremely xenophobic Covid policies of 2020-2022 and relocate my source of income to Singapore. Between the 50% higher wage in Singapore, the 70% reduction taxes, and a 35% gain in currency my take home pay is up nearly 4x in yen terms. Get out while you still can folks, Japan is a nice place to visit, but a horrible place to stake your financial future and yen at 150 is just the beginning -- it can and will go back to 200+ if the BOJ does not loosen it's Yield Curve Control (YCC) policy.

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If it wasn't already obvious, the Japanese gov't is slow playing the reopening to tourists because inbound tourism is not popular with the Japanese people.

Outside of someone with direct business interests in tourism, the Japanese people don't ever want to see mass tourism here on the scale it was in 2019 - and I don't blame them. It was too much, too fast and risked destroying the places heavily frequented by tourists. Selling out to tourism under the perceived threat of losing GDP is not worth it. Just ask Thailand, the more you cater to the masses, the worse it gets. Keep tourism to Japan exclusive, high-end and overall low in quantity. It's better for the local people and the environment.

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Pooh Bear's sad someone else got attention instead of him. What a loser.

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most of the leaders of the South Pacific banana republics would sell out there own country for a few million bucks and a luxury condo in Singapore or London. This is child's play for CCP and China well understands the benefits of splashing out some illicit payments. Why does the West try to play a transparent game of checkers where they telegraph their every move and feel a need to justify it to the media? If the West doesn't start playing chess with the Chinese and thinking 30-50 years ahead instead of their next election, the West will lose control of the world in the long run.

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The cure for high prices is high prices.

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End the arrival quarantines now.

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4 years playing in Japan on a high end expense account at the US tax payers' expense. A handsome reward for his loyalty to the failing Democratic party and for running the notoriously corrupt, and also failing despite taxes that will make your nose bleed, City of Chicago (just check the city's net migration stats if you disagree).

What an utter insult to the importance of Japan and its people to the Biden admin.

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"...until AT LEAST the end of February"

missing these key words implies borders reopen end of Feb. False.

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More people told me they had covid this week than the entire rest of the pandemic. This is going to hit almost eveyone and vaccines do not stop this variant whatsoever yet everyone says it is no more than a mild cold. Time to end 14 day quarantine in all countries and especially Japan. Covid is burning itself out and quarantine is pointless now that omicron is inside your borders.

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@El Rata which metaverse and NFTs you selling? Have some more fake real estate or digital apes I could buy or have they all sold out? haha

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after just one local transmission, the entire concept of a border closure is illogical and absurd. Trying to ban something that's already within your borders and spreading. Prediction: in February Japan will hit new peaks of cases, and it won't have anything to do with foreigners.

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Japan treats its so-called "permanent-residents" like temporarily visiting trash. After 13 years, I grew tired of it and the Covid foreign resident "lockout" last year was the last straw. I'm still a PR holder, but I moved my job and tax residency to Singapore in 2021. I'll never formally work in Japan again and they will miss out on millions of dollars in tax revenue if they hadn't made it so difficult to be a foreigner in their country. No hard feelings Japan, it's just business - and I as a high earning tax payer was just another customer you lost.

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The goalposts have officially been moved ladies and gentlemen.

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Once a single case of Omicron has successfully crossed the Japanese border (and it already has), the entire concept of shutting the border is pointless. The variant they fear is already amongst us. Like every other variant before it, detection lags too far behind detection to stop it.

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After years of Western "cancel culture" taking down everything from comedians, to business people, athletes to historical figures one has to ask... how on earth does global cancel culture not take aim at the Chinese Communist Party. It has committed eggregious crimes against humanity including mainly its own citizens, but it also is a group of homogenous Han Chinese men with virtually no real authority in the hands of China's women or its many minority groups. It's simply disgusting and hypocritical that the world of woke, cancel culture internet ethusiasts decides to give these people a "pass". Even more mind-boggling to me is that the Western companies that kowtow to the CCP in order to do business in China also are getting a pass. The irony is that these companies are some of the most outspoken and progressive on western issues such as Black Lives Matter and liberal American politics: (I'm looking at you Nike, Apple, Google, Airbnb all Beijing 2022 Olympic sponsors and many more), but these companies have absolutely nothing to say on the human rights violations committed by the CCP. Simply hypocritical, shameful and disgusting.

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@carpslidy please post a link because JT here is just not doing their job if that's true.

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Ridiculous. This will get abused immiedately. I anticipate a lot of totally unnecessary "business trips" are suddenly going to be cooked up by people from all over Asia, Europe, US or wherever. Next, their family and friends will all become "coworkers" (not hard to do if you own a business). The reality is these "business people" will use this as a backdoor to enjoy Japan meanwhile Japansese citizens and permanent residents (read: second class citizens) get shafted AGAIN by the Japanese govt with never ending 10/14 day quarantine to return there. Getting PR in Japan is about as desirable as getting covid itself.

And humor me, what scientific evidence does a 3 day self quarantine in a hotel provide? What is less risky about a business person eating in packed izakaya on Day 4 vs. a vaccinated resident or citizen?

How is this anything other than an arbitrary BS to keep the business association happy while making it look to the public like they are still being vigilant. It's total bs at this point and never has been about science. Another reactive, never proactive policy from the Japanese govt which is clearly just reacting as other countries start to reopen. Shame on these people to put citizens and PRs behind business folks looking to come enjoy Japan on the company dime.

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How all of these gov'ts could allow their entire supply chains to be controlled by one country that has capability to dominate them is beyond me. Perfect example of placing short term profits over long term protection of their own people.

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Japan may have the highest spread on Earth between what the average salary man pays and what the average Ultra High Net Worth Japanese "business owner" pays. I know because I've been on both sides of it. As a salaryman trodding through station everyday in a black suit, I worked my butt off to eventually have the privilege to pay 55% (!!) income tax + another 6% in healthcare and pension, leaving me with less than 40% of my earnings to actually spend! And there are no longer any legal ways to meaningfully reduce this rate. This is absurdly high and needs to be reduced.

Most people won't admit this, but last year, I became a business owner and I was able to earn a similar amount of money and was allowed to deduct so many expenses it brought me down to ~20%. Use offshore accounts and I could have reduced it to nearly 5-10%... in some cases 0! This is absurdly low and deduction loopholes need to be closed in Japan.

So reality is business owners in Japan are scamming the tax system (legally) while salarymen are getting crushed. Think again when you hear rich business owners complaining about taxes. Sure, the gross amount may be high, but they aren't paying the % they want the public to think they are. THEY PAY MUCH MUCH LOWER % than you think.

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Went to Greece and Cyprus all of last month. Great to travel again, but it's miserably hot there.

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"Zero covid" was a good plan in 2020. Now it's clear that we need to live with Covid and get on with our lives. Covid cases will happen, some will die, while the vast majority will be OK. Calm down and get back to normal, folks.

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If I was Australian, I'd be seething. "One rule for you, none for me"

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The woke-lympics strike again! This event is a money grabbing corrupt, virtue signaling circus. I LOVED the Olympics as a kid, but this has been hijacked by the globalist woke crowd. Cancel it.

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Humans doing what humans do when a society starts to break down. So much for the so called "Rainbow Nation", this is pure tribalism.

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Best prepared city except for the failure to vaccinate the vast majority of the population in the host city despite countries of similar wealth accomplishing this months ago.

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