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Some readers may be wondering how a rich country like Japan has a healthcare system that is at "full capacity" despite Covid cases being relatively low vs other rich countries. The reason is that Japan's healthcare system is actually 90% private hospitals and 10% public and only the public hospitals are accepting Covid patients. This means 90% of the capacity is not available and cannot be forced to help even in the face of a global pandemic. The real problem are these 90% of private hospitals and the outsized control that the Japan Doctors Association has in this country. They are simply putting the profits of their own hospitals before the broader good of society. If these hospitals were fully open to Covid patients, you would be hearing very different statistics (i.e. less than 8% of hospital beds are occupied by Covid patients). Instead we hear that the medical system is "buckling" and hospitals are over capacity... well, that's because only 1 in 10 are being used to help fight this pandemic, while the private hospitals are more than happy to give you a JPY 40,000 covid test or a government handout when it comes to administration of vaccines. Dig deeper into the Japan Doctors Association and you will find this is a hugely flawed system and much of the blame should fall on these private hospitals for not stepping up in this time of extreme circumstances.

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Agree with Kipling and Tobia. What foreign national is dying to get in Saudi right now... does this announcement impact anyone? And why is Japan Today bothering to report this? Seems very out of place.

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This place was so overrated. They totally went for the shock value + sensory overload and many tourists felt they had to experience it. Waste of time, money and tastebuds (the food was barely edible). Tokyo and Japan overall should see this business as a hallmark of the type of tourism to avoid, not attract. Unless you want to become a backpacker trail like Thailand or the rest of SE Asia catering to the lowest of the low.

It won't be missed.

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Further solidifying the already widespread belief that political appointee ambassadorships are nothing but payment in arrears for one's dirty work done for the Party. This guy has zero knowledge about Asia or Japan and will make a fool of USA (again). The State Dept has real career diplomats that would be far better suited for the role.

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Oh my, the irony of a Japanese news outlet doing a hit piece on "systemic racism in America" is just amazing.

Is this a satire column I didn't know about?

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I’m not sure why everyone is trying to keep an exact tally on the government figure for reported cases? They are irrelevant vs. reality.

Japan has stated they are only testing 900 people a day currently while it’s neighboring countries in the region Are testing up to 10,000 per day. Naturally this is going to have an upper limit on the number of cases reported per day. Walk into any medical clinic in Tokyo and ask for a coronavirus test and you won’t be able to get one. I did this at Tokyo midtown clinic for example. That tells you all you need to know.

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