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Posted in: 8 years into 'konkatsu' boom, lifelong single population continues to grow See in context

One of the big problems is the Pretty Princess Syndrome that many of the women have here. Well into their late 30s they sit and dream of their wedding day. They will look like a Disney princess and all their friends will envy them. Day after day they sit and blab about this.

I have many friends like this! Many women in their 20s still hang around in their circle, go on vacations and working holidays in hopes to meet gaijin, and have high expectations! They don't have the motivation to find a great job because they know they will probably become housewives, but the salaryman's income doesn't compare to what it used to be. Raising a family takes two incomes, but not only do women now have much motivation, careers and jobs are very limited. Big companies don't want to hire women with the expectation that they will leave soon to have babies. Anyway, that's a whole different problem. I was just so surprised that many of my friends cosplay at Disneyland, take purikura, go to Guam and Hawaii, etc. all in their little "circle". Even when they find a guy and go on dates, the circle will talk "yabai!" "dame dame!" Even if I tell them to give the guy a chance, t's so frustrating to hear them talk about guys like "he's from XX college. He's in XX company"

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Posted in: Japan says U.N. envoy retracts remarks on schoolgirl sex See in context

We're missing the bigger picture here! Sure, the stats were unsupported, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. The fact that enjo kosai is happening should be addressed nonetheless.

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