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Posted in: What do you think about the current disclosure of information by the Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) concerning the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant complex, comp See in context

I see several good points here...also some real ignorant comments. I live 129 KM or 80.6 MILEs from Plant #1 I check the hourly Radiation readings for Utsunomiya area, I Also watch for the Water & Food contamination reports. If I cant trust these, I have nothing and should leave. I like what "bogva at 01:14 PM JST - 13th April said" "I think the main problem here is that both TEPCO and the government also don't know! How can you expect them to tell you everything? They just don't know and it is better to tell what they know in the moment than speculate and make people panic". Everyone needs to trust somewhat in the things that Tepco and the Japan Government is doing. Continue to educate yourselves with everything that is available and YES be prepared for the worst, Just DONT panic. If you cant do this, then you need to make the ultimate decision to leave Japan or "get to higher ground", if you feel you are too close. Currently I am comfortable at 129KM away. However all of the other foreigners in my area went back to their foreign homes. I also have a Japanese wife and family in this area...it makes a difference...I cant see just turning and running away. I dont feel the Risk is that great here. I feel terrible about those that are within 20-30KM...when is this going to get better...When can those people re-claim their lives and property if ever??? Thats the real issue here.

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